The Doll.....

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I wrote this one day at work...

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



The Doll

Don't stare at her too much,

She isn't real,

Don't look too deep in her eyes,

For they have long ago lost their light,

See the smile she had painted on,

Faded long ago,

Beautiful blushing cheeks,

Have taken on a melancholy hue,

Her once pristine lace dress she was once so proud of,

Tattered and torn at the edges,

 Dainty hands that never did a day of hard work,

Fractured and bleeding before her,

Paper fan she once held in white gloved hands,

Torn to shreds all around her,

They take one look at her porcelain skin,

And never see her cracked and flawed surface,

She was once the picture of perfection,

Now as damaged as the rest of humanity,

Formerly an Angel, her wings ripped off,

And all because he grew tired of playing with toys…

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