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Wrote one night while on myspace...

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008




Another painted masterpiece crumbled under the brush of a frustrated artist,

Paradise on canvas destroyed due to boredom,

An epic poem never written because the poet lost the words,

Letters to lovers torn to shreds,

Journals full of secrets flicker in the flames,

Pens bleeding ink on the empty pages,

Holding on and praying that chaos is found and controlled,

All at the whims of writers,

The creators of worlds unknown,

Destroyers of discarded pages,

Never to be seen again,

Crumpled and thrown into the trash,

Only the rats will read their mistakes,

Tearing at my bindings,

I long to be free,

Release my pages that you have read so well,

Don't put me on a shelf like you did the other volumes,

Only taking me down to read me when you can't sleep,

I'm not some fairytale to be turned on,

At your convenience,

Ink may run through my veins,

But your pen no longer controls me,

You may have began my story,

But I am no longer written for your pleasure,

I am what I am,

Not what you dreamed up and created one night,

I rescued myself when you decided to dog ear my pages and close yourself to me,

So why do you think you can come back to the beginning and rewrite it,

I gave you a chance to love me and read me,

But, Baby, you turned to the back and ruined the ending,

You took your pen to my pages,

When you saw that your name is no longer

Written on me.

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