The Valiant Blasphemy

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Love vs God

Submitted: June 25, 2011

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Submitted: June 25, 2011



The Valiant Blasphemy
Sorry if I’d let you down for so long
It’s not what I had meant to do, no
It’s just that somehow somewhere something went wrong
And someone’s got to go
I never wanted to leave
But I had no other choice
Please do not ever forgive
My many sins and lies
I never wanted to face it
Not because of shame
But because of grieve
That brought me so much pain
Remember the valiant blasphemy against God
Which made the Devils turn us down?
The way we fell the cherubs, oh Lord
When I made love to you like a hound
In relentless pursuit of security
You found my hand and I yours in return
Together we chased down the Cupid
But you left before I could return
Tears that cascaded endlessly
Dyed crimson with my blood
Your ghostly whispers haunting me
Whenever I am off guard
The crow a harbinger of death and destruction
Brought upon me a drought of devastation
Leaving me in complete isolation
When you flew away with him in desperation
The messenger of peace, marriage and love
Choked up in the intensity and died
The pigeon lies silently on the earth
And never again shall it fly
The ethereal melody of your sick demise
Your broken body in my arms
The remains of your damned sacrifice
Highlighted my demented and twisted charms
The betrayal of your name to elope with me
Has marked our souls beyond that hope of salvation
Defying the sacred Virgin Mary was insanity
As we walked towards a new evolution
Guilt now fondle with my heart
As I reminisce with those three words that tore me apart
Two words I give them back to you
And one left behind to say adieu
The flickering orange ash
Like the fiery pits of hell
Together we unite in death
Finally all is well.

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