Living under Loves Spell

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This is about when finding your love it may come around in a strange way.

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012





I wonder everyday, about how it feels to be in love. I think of what I would be like if I was in love. Is it a good feeling or an amazing feeling? I’m Ariel Marie, and IV always wanted to be in love. I’m only 15 years of age but just seeing so many people in love just makes me wonder. I haven’t had my first kiss before nor have I ever had my truly first hug. It seems as if every time I’m with my friends they always talk about how there relationships are.  But I just wish that my turn will come so that then I can say I love them. Don’t get me wrong IV been in a couple relationships but they weren’t so successful. People tell me that I’m to nice for what they’ve done to me in the past.

I’m a sweet girl but when some one had done me wrong I just let them go in the sweetest manner, most of my friends would have cursed them out, but I’m different. Two days ago I was at the mall with my friends Unique, Tiffany, and Jeffrey.  And there so many people couples holding hands and kissing one another, and I just felt as if I should be one of them. Like I’m so nice, sweet, genital, and caring. But it’s like no one wants the nice girls. I have an average girl figure, brown skins, and average height. But every cute guy out there wants a big booty, hood, and real chic. Unique and her boyfriend say that there in love, but who knows. I think its just “infatuation”. My mom always tells me “no young teen ever is in love, like adults are”. But my how would you know how people feelings are for one another? Exactly, know one knows how there felling are unless something magical happens. Jeffrey was in a relationship but his ex girl friend broke his heart by cheating on him with the most popular guy in school. She’s more like a hoe in my opinion but I’m just a tab bit jealous because every guy would die to be with her. Jeffrey was kind of dumb for going with her because she always treats the guys she goes with dead wrong. But anyways let me stop hating because I can’t keep a decent guy even if my life depended on it.

Now Tiffany is the get HOP girl out of our 4 of us. She cheats on every guy she goes with, to were it’s not even funny. I and Jeffrey always ask her why cheat when all you have to do is stay single. She tells us, “I like to stay cuffed because I can always get what I want from who ever I’m with”. All my friends aren’t all that bad; it’s just some of the stuff that they do. Now, my mom and dad has a loving caring relationship some times they argue nut most of the time they work things out, I hope once I get older I’m just like my mom and dad.  But Let me tell you about me now instead of every one around me. But lets get to the present day. Today is a sunny Monday afternoon summer just started and I have nothing to do with my life at this moment. Until, my mom came in my room with some bad news about my grandfather. He had passed away with cancer this morning. I broke down so bad that I passed out, I didn’t wake up until 8:00pm.  The first person I called after my mom gave me the horrible news was Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the kind of guy who drops whatever he’s doing and comes to help or give you the warmth that you need when you’ve been hurt. At first I thought he was just coming to my house because when his ex broke his heart I was there to comfort him, but Jeffrey comes for anything. When Jeffrey got to my house and I told him what happened, he gave me a hugest, soft, genital hug that I have ever had. It made me feels so good inside, like I have this one person who comes and cares for me in a sad moment. And then he gives me this sweet hug and it makes me feel so much better. Even if I though that if something bad was to happen my boyfriend would be the one doing this, but its okay if my best friend Jeffrey does this. After a minute of silence went by I moved a little back from Jeffrey because I was getting wired out that my best friend had me feeling so  good deep down inside. And I have a feeling he was feeling kind of wired out to. I mean we’ve known each other since we like 6 so why should we feel this way about each other. But Later on my mom told Jeffrey he could spend the night since he was getting later. I and Jeff watched a scary, and I stared to get a little freaked out, so I leaned on Jeffrey and he put his arm around me. But I was feeling like a rose just bloomed in side of my chest and I didn’t know what it was.

The next morning I walked Jeffrey to the door and we hugged and I thanked him for coming over and being such a good friend. He gave me 3 more hugs before he left and kissed me on my cheek and said “your welcome Ariel and I love you”. I blushed so hard as Jeff walked out the house. I have never ever felt this way before when Jeffrey told me that he loved me, but it was something about this time that just touched me. Later on in the week we had my granddad’s funeral and Jeffrey hung out with me after and we went out to the movies to see “Medea’s big happy family” It was so funny. But when we was living Jeffrey turned around towards me and said “Ariel Marie, you are the most beautiful girl I have every met and you mean so much to me, I have always like you as a friend but I also have always love you as well. But we’re both old enough to you that our felling for each other means more then what we really think they do.” I stood there froze as if some one was shocking me and I could not move at all. I didn’t know what to say because Jeffrey was telling me all of his feelings for the first time in our lives. But he snapped at me a couple times and asked me was I okay. All I could say was I LOVE YOU TO.

For the past 9 years that I’ve known him I’ve always been in love but just never knew who it was. But now I’m 21 years old and Jeffrey and I have been dating since 9 grade and we continue to till the day we die. Living under Love’s Spell can come in many different ways, sizes, and shapes. You just wait till it comes to life.


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