The Process Of IDC

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Infiniti Dance Center (IDC)

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Infiniti Dance Center (IDC)is one of a kind, there company is just like Economic Terminology because they try to out do all other dance studios . Their dance studio is an Monopoly. They provide different varieties like every worker that works there helps by putting in there own work which is like Human Resources. Tiffany and Kennedy our the owners of IDC. They started from the bottom now they at the top. They started out dancing at a studio called Precision Dance Center and now they own their own. Tiffany is 24 and Kennedy is 23 and they both went to college and they both got there degree in Dance, Choreographing, and Teaching. Tiffany has a lot on her mind because she about to get married and host a national dance competition in the same week. So she has a lot to do. So one evening her fiancé Eric told her about Capital, and how she could get a loan so that she could start her vision for the dance competition. She already has the wedding planned out but she doesn’t have the dance competition planned. So Kennedy has no worries about how she’s going to pay her half of the money for the dance competition. But Kennedy has to worry about the building process. She has a friend guy name Edward and he owns this huge building with a nice sized staged. But Kennedy just found out that the other women wants to rent the building out for a step show and is paying Edward a better price. So now Kennedy has to give him a way better price so that she can get the building. Scarcity, Opportunity, and Utility is what Kennedy is going to use to snick her way through the other women’s games, and get the building. Edward heard the price which was $150 and hour. The dance competition is 4 hours long which mean Tiffany has to pay $600 to rent Edward’s building. Which is a lot on Tiffany because she has a wedding to plan and pay for. Which is over one thousand dollars and have to pay $300 because she has to pay half for the building. Kennedy feels as if she should pay for the Consumer goods so that Tiffany want be stressed no more then she is now. Which covers the Shopping goods and the Specialty goods. Eric pays for most of the wedding for Kennedy because he knew that she had the dance competition to pay for. Kennedy gives her $300 to Tiffany and they get the building. Tiffany also got to buy all of the Consumer goods. Tiffany and Kennedy had the Competition March 9, 2012 and Kennedy had her wedding Sunday afternoon March 10, 2012 and Tiffany was her maid of honor. Kennedy and Tiffany competition was rated one of the best hosted competition in Charlotte NC, and now they host one ever year. Infiniti Dance Center is still one of the best in the state of North Carolina.

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