The End (For the Young Writers' Competition)

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Carly is about to die of an unknown illness. It is the end.

For Mum.

Submitted: March 14, 2010

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Submitted: March 14, 2010



I have 3 months to live.

That’s what the doctors told me. When it first started happening they were smiley and happy – said that I’d be fine soon enough.

But then they started to grow pale and look at me in confusion. They very rarely spoke to me and most looked at me, their eyes filled with pity. Yesterday they broke it to me.

“Carly, you have 3 months to live.”

I haven’t done a lot in my life – I’m only 12 and my illness has kept me from doing things that I really wanted to do.

Like when I was 10 I wanted to be a runner but I tire quickly. I joined a fitness club at my primary school but ended up collapsing. I joined with my best friend, Zoey who helped me get to the hospital.

Zoey is really good at sport. I wanted to become a runner because of her but she’d thought it a bad idea because of my illness.

I always knew I was going to die young but I had hoped I would have turned 13 at least before it happened. There are so many things I would have done.

Like travel the world! I love visiting new places – seeing sights, learning languages. But again, this is something I couldn’t do.

Mum and Dad used to go on holidays regularly before I got sick.

Mum and Dad...

They always act so cheery and tell me I’m going to be fine. They support and love me but I can see the fear in their eyes. That fear in their eyes. I see the mixed feelings – heartbreak, sadness, anger. I wish I could spare them those emotions. I often wonder how they’ll cope when I die.

I also wonder what death is actually like. Do you see a white light? Do you go to Heaven? Do you become a ghost? At least, when I die, my enquires shall be no more and I may be able to see Grandma.

Grandma died when I was 9. I loved her so much. She went shopping with me, took me on holidays. I was extremely upset when she died. Shortly after she did I became this way.

I look in my mirror – Mum’s green eyes, Dad’s dark hair, black rings around the eyes, pale skin. I’m immensly thin – the doctors say I’m “emaciated”. I’m always tired, so tired.

* * *

It’s time now. Mum, Dad, Grandpa, Zoey and all my friends and family have come to say goodbye. Mum is crying and Dad is comforting her, Zoey is hugging me and everyone else is quiet. Silent. I hate it. Suddenly Grandpa breaks the silence.

“Tell your Grandma I said hello.” He smiled. I giggled.

“I will.”

I closed my eyes and then it was the end.

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