Till the End of the World

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Don't usually write poetry, I usually cringe at the thought of having to write it, but I decided to go for it. This is about my best friend who is as close as a sister, and how her life changed. For better or worse, this is how it went.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Till the End of the World

Can you see that girl with the emerald eyes?

The girl who hides behindthat smile

The one who's beauty does not cease,

the one that just needed a place to be?

Can you see her need to be wanted?

Can you tell that she just needed some attention

And instead of coming to a friend went to the bed instead.

I saw her on that fourth of July

Fireworks going up in the sky

A leather sturdykiss she planted on the boy

This night, he promised, was one they'd enjoy.

One night of fun, was it really worth it?

She hides the life that is now growing inside

Ashamed to say what now derived

From that one night with that pretty boy

Do you see the girl with the secret?

The one you'd be surprised to hear

From this good girl from this good family

Now she feels like she is nothing but a tragedy

I thought to myself the day before

Before I found out what had transpired

How weird it would be if one of us got pregnant

Since we were the models of moral perfection

I heard of her case not from her

But from her dad who was my martial arts teacher

My best friend, my sister, why didn't she tell me?

Had I done something wrong? Maybe

I tried to get her to tell me

But she was to ashamed

I waited five whole months

Of playing the "I don't know" game

My sister now more like a stranger

Wouldn't even bother to make eye contact

who needs that when you can just turn your back?

Away from the truth and away from her friend

Our close friendship was coming to an end

Months past and it became evident

That hiding it was pointless

The belly came out and the baby started kicking

Just like her mom, the tae kwon do black belt

Due date is close

Sophia Hope is the name chosen

I still haven't received that baby shower invitation,

Oh that was last week? Guess I was just listed missing

It's clear that we aren't as close as before

And I just wish I knew how to express mysupport for her more

But I've been blocked out and that is okay

We all have our bad days

Maybe I'm just a reminder of the past

Or I'm now on the priority list last

But I know one thing for sure

She'll be my best friend till the end of the world

Whether she wants to feel the same way

Well, the choice is hers

I'll stand here with my arms wide open

Just waiting for hers

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