Waiting for the Dawn

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We all go through hard times, each in a different, horrible version. This isn't about my stories, but about those I call my friends. Enjoy(:

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013




Waiting for the Dawn


I know what hate is, I’ve seen its ugly face

I’ve also have found people who come and find their place

In my heart and in my mind

I’ll love them till the end of time


But behind every smile I know we all have some secrets

Some that you would have to sink deepest

Past the glass that we put in front of the truth

The things that we say behind the tooth

Not supposed to be heard but yet still said

I doubt they keep it like that so they can cry in their bed


In the deepest part of our heart everyone wants to be okay

But it turns out that in the end we’re just getting through the day

I’ve had some rough times

Where no one else would really seem to mind


But this isn’t about me

No it’s about the ones that hold the key

To my being and my hope

The ones who help me cope



Let’s start with my friend whom I’d consider the best

She’s always putting herself under a test

A test with no answers

It only leads to a sad banter


Her sister moved and now she feels broken

A family of five that’s been coping

Through the hard economic times

And the shattered nursery rhymes


She grows silent, thinking she’s a pest  

I know the thoughts in her head must be a mess

I guess I’d be the same way

If I knew that any day I could die

And that only three people would truly care

While the others only pretended to be there


A new soul, a new story

She plays it off like it’s boring

Like freak accidents are just a part of life

But I can tell it hurts like the blade of a knife



Her dad, there one day gone the next

Maybe if she had just sent one more text

She could have got in one last I love you

Before a drunk driver came and put his life to rest to soon


A new backdrop, a different setting

I bet he’s off somewhere betting

His life, a maze of rights and wrongs

I still think he just wants to belong


That mask he wears

Pretending he doesn’t care

Cursing like it’s no big deal

But I know he just uses that as a shield


He raps with near perfection

He understands city life with clear perception

He could be great, no exceptions

But he doesn’t want to get caught unprepared

So he stays in the bad areas, where his act needs no repair




Fixed lens, new target

Think she’ll still pay attention to me? Forget it

A new Beacon was lit

And like a fly she flew to it


I know she doesn’t mean to hurt people this way

Going from friend to friend like it’s okay

Known her since age five

So I know it’s been hard for her to survive


Like a thief in the night

Relative after relative left her life

Talking behind her back

She knows there is something she lacks


On edge all the time, is it worth it?

Always trying to be perfect

For a group of friends who she’ll one day lose

I wonder how she’ll take that news  





Change of story, different point of view

A darker one than those of me or you

The light at the end of the tunnel

Now disappears down, down the funnel


I wish I could help him but no one is let in

The key must be at the bottom of the ocean, somewhere hidden

We all know he isn’t doing alright

But all we can do right now is pray he’ll make it through the night


The stories go on and on

Each ringing the tune of a new song

In the end we’ll all just be waiting for the dawn

Holding each other’s hands till the pain is all gone

© Copyright 2017 Destiny Waits For No One. All rights reserved.

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