Plastic perfection

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they say "I want to be like barbie, she has everything" but is everything what we really want?

Submitted: January 15, 2011

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Submitted: January 15, 2011



Hi I'm barbie yes I know I have everything, but that doesn't make me perfect.

Sorry Mr. Mattell if this affects sales but heres a little secret...

I don't even like pink sometimes I want to be bad and where something salmon color!


Rumor has it that I'm anorexic. But don't hate on me because plastic food has 0 calories.

And people are always saying blondes are dumb.

Well theres lots of smart blondes out there like her her um her and OPRAH .. I REST MY CASE


I may look young but I was born in 1959.. that makes me like what... 51?

How much longer can I keep this 36 18 33. sit ups and push ups will only take me so far.


I'm having an identity crisis.

Do you know how many careers they've put me through.

I've been a doctor

A teacher

A ballerina

A firewoman...

WHO AM I ????

With this flawless smile, you think I'm happy.

You call me the lucky one.

But my choices like my life have been made for me.

You have choices.

You can cry.

Quit your job.

 Have a bad hair day.

And even though it scares you you can die.

I cannot .

I will always live in this so called perfection.

There are days I want to drive my prettty pink car over a pretty green cliff

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