And they fell in love..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love story of an indian girl & firangi boy who is from london. The story is about how they met & fall in love.

Sameer : See i told u... Love can happen twice. I am so happy for you my friend. (Sameer smiles at Edwin & both hug each other)

Few days ago

**Phone call** Sameer : Dude.!! It's my wedding & you have to come. Edwin : Yes but i have lots of work overhere. Sameer : Look i know you are heart broken but i know you from last 7 years. We were roommates & we are like brothers.. So please come for me.

The wedding place ** Jaipur** The lavish & a big fat wedding is happening in a palace of Jaipur. In the entrance of palace a beautiful big hoarding is there..on which there are pictures of pre-wedding photo shoot of groom & bride. All the guests have arrived. A grand 5 day affair consisting of haldi, mehndi, sangeet,wedding & reception ceremony. Whole of the palace is decorated with beautiful flowers. The air is filled with aroma of delicious food which is to be served. Everyone is enjoying & having fun. The haldi ceremony of bride & groom in going on. Sameer is getting married to her long term girlfriend Naina. Both of them were childhood sweethearts & their friendship grew to a beautiful love & they decided to get hitched. (Haldi ceremony - in this ceremony turmeric is applied by relatives & friends to the body of bride & groom so that they can glow on their special day)

Ceremony was going on... Everyone is happy & enjoying alot. Sameer was busy in ceremony when he suddenly saw Edwin standing there.. Smiling at him.. Sameer got so happy.. He stood up & go to Edwin & hugged him.

Sameer then introduced Edwin to his family & Naina.

When Edwin met Naina.. He saw a girl standing besides Naina. The girl was wearing a beautiful saree... Dusky complexion.. Has big eyes with lots of khol... Perfect shaped lips.. A girl with perfect curves & beautiful hairs .. Edwin got mesmerised by her beauty. The girl was Naina's best friend "Anika".. Both of them got introduced.. Edwin was not able to move his eyes from her.

Slowly slowly in other ceremonies..both of them started getting close.. Edwin felt something for her & he was not loosing any chance to woo her. They both become good friends & started liking each other's company.Keeping a close eye.. Sameer came to know about all this & Edwin admitted that he is in love with Anika. Sameer : See i told u... Love can happen twice. I am so happy for you my friend.

On sangeet ceremony where everyone is dancing. The party mood was on everyone is enjoying, drinking, laughing & having fun. While dancing Anika & Edwin comes close to each other.. Both can feel each others breathe. Edwin planted a small kiss on Anika's forehead. Anika felt shy & she left that big room & come out in hustle. Edwin followed her.. It was night time & both were standing in a balcony. The sky was full of beautiful stars.. Moon was shining.. Edwin saw Anika & said you look like an angel in moonlight. Anika smiled at him without saying any word.. He then confess about his feeling for Anika.. Anika also felt for him & liked him. She also confessed. Edwin comes close to Anika.. Hold her face in his hand & gave her a small & cute kiss on her lips. Both of them are in relationship now. The wedding ceremonies got over. Edwin have to fly back to london.. Both of them promised each other to be in touch on mails, calls, facebook & whatsaap.

After 2 years... Both got married.. It took time to Anika to convince her parents.. But atlast she did.. Now they are living happily in London with their cute daugther "winika".

[Guys this is my first story so please comment whether you liked it or not or what i can do to improve myself.. Thank you :)]

Submitted: September 30, 2016

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very nice work my love.. keep it up

Mon, October 3rd, 2016 6:03am

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