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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Friends in a drill, a chance to decide. Heart getting soaked in blood, Adonis to bridge the gap during a peak period of pain. The enemies are not real but demons with swords

Submitted: August 02, 2013

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Submitted: August 02, 2013




The beauty of moonlight in the grassland region where breeze can be felt as a gentle touch that caress the soul can be related to that described as Garden of Eden. During a cool evening at the savannah grassland region, when leaves were moving gently, dancing to the tune of nature, butterflies whipping wings in satisfaction as they suck nectar from colourful roses and songbirds singing melodiously as the gentle breeze spread the good feelings, Adonis a young man in his late teens, moderately built, handsome, jovial with an uncontrollable laughter found himself falling in love with the site.

“Oh! I thought God reside in heaven, how come I can see Him in every living thing here” he screamed out loud with joy. For some minutes, he went flat on his back under a tree and started thinking about how sad it would have been if he hadn’t come out here for camping.

A fruit fell on his head and he brought out his pen to write

On a cool evening in the beautiful place

God sent a card and I am chilling in his yard

I can see his face as the breeze rub my cheek

I can hear his voice as songbirds run a new scale….

The next line was about an Angel whose presence he was yet to feel. “Maybe I should bring Athena tomorrow; we can make a romantic memory out of this God’s palace” he whispered silently to himself. Another fruit fell on him, but this time at a sensitive part “It’s alright, I got the message. I should go now” he shouted angrily. Adonis noticed a white parrot on a tree branch, this made him smile because he has always wanted a pet and he became happy again. He forgot the pain and stretched forth his hand thinking the parrot would fly to him but Alas! It flew away

He became disappointed and walked briskly to his truck. He rode home in sadness; the parrot would have been a perfect gift from the palace for his lonely heart.

Fifteen years earlier, Athena and Adonis had got married under the supervision of roaring sea. It was a bright day under an umbrella tree with two round candy rings to seal the union. So one would have expected their romance to be perfect after nineteen years but alas! Athena, the nagging lady with hatred for pet and love for photography, beautiful like sunset but not so cool to endure like a hot magma is always setting the young man’s skull into vibration, there canoes always travel in opposite direction and the things they always share without dispute are hot bath, romantic candle light dinner and a wave. They even do make a scene out of a kiss. Adonis despises Athena’s early morning dose, a French kiss

Each fight is Adonis’s inspiration for words, his pen always carry the secret to his jotter

Pain I can feel you burning up my soul

Anger, steer your source off my heart

I fell in love with the fairest of them all

The beauty is now my worst nightmare

I ate my own candy ring out of frustration

She still keeps hers all in the name of love

If I die today, what will be my faith?

Dear Heaven, I don’t want to make mistake

He smiled all through the night, Adonis met with a fairy who showed him the future in his dream that night after the wonderful experience in the amazing God’s palace. First was about a storm that would destroy all; second was about a music that would light up the heart; third was about an angel and the last was about a powerful decision. Maybe the God he assumed to live in that haven has sent the signs. If you can see the future then changing it shouldn't be difficult.

It was not easy to wake up from a promising night like that, so the next morning was magical. Adonis burnt significant calories of energy to force his lazy body off the bed and the day’s fortune cookie was a music he couldn’t sing due to his thick man’s voice but the lyrics forever dwelt in his thought. “Hey! No one is ready to waste time waiting for a psychic but I’m dumb enough to try all in the name of friendship” Nature, Adonis’s best friend shouted from outside and his voice rang a bell and travel in through the window. “Have heard u boy, I will join you in few minutes” Adonis answered and rushed into the bathroom to wash his teeth, “watch it naughty kid, I’m a man and by the way a strand of hair is now on my chin” he answered with pride.

Adonis narrated his experience at the God’s haven to his friend, his dream, the signs given to him by the fairy and how he planned to spend the whole weekend at the site with Athena. There was total silence at the mention of the name but shortly Nature broke it with a sneeze, “Tell me you didn’t just mention Athena” he asked and waited patiently for him to change his mind but instead Adonis nodded to affirm his words. “I just thought since you call the place God’s haven, ruining the beauty with your girlfriend’s attitude won’t be fair, we both know she’s not the camping type” he pressed further. This time around Adonis became worried but he convinced himself again by the lyrics that had been in his mind since he woke up.

I can see a wide road ahead

I can feel my feet shivering due to fear

I slept like a cat, I dream of a human who looks like a butterfly

I’m sure they all exist in my imagination

I don’t believe in Fortune tellers

It was just a dream

I’m going to make the best out of this weekend

Many complained that the week was fast but for Adonis, it was very slow. At last, the weekend came, he had called Athena few days before and the lovely girl was also prepared for the surprise. She was dressed like a queen, beautified with beads and her make-up was perfect. Shortly afterwards, Adonis came in dressed like a hunter with a hat on his head, “what took you so long?” she asked, giving him a faint smile. “I had to get all what we are going to need for the weekend, sorry I’m late” he pleaded. They both got into the truck and headed for the mysterious Garden.

As they were about to get in, Adonis asked Athena to close her eyes which she did without complaint. He led her straight into the Garden and used her hands to touch a four leave clover. “Make a wish dear, I heard what you are touching brings luck” he whispered silently into her ears. Athena did with a smile, still not knowing where she was or what she was touching, “Can I open my eyes now?” she didn’t wait for reply before she opened her eyes. “God of mercy, this is heaven. Am I dead yet?” Athena said with great amazement! Adonis stood aside watching abruptly; he thought Athena wanted to complain about the trees or any other thing as she always does but as it turned out, the beauty swept her off her feet and for minutes, she stood still admiring the beautiful work of Mother Nature.


Howdy dear spirit of serenity

I’m Athena the girl who u stunned

Share your beauty with me because I now feel ugly

Touch my sleeve and feel my worth

Touch my heart and measure how ready I am to embrace you

“Hero, hurry! Let’s make our camp here, it will soon be 10:00pm and I think it’s going to rain” Athena said lovingly with a touch on her man’s chest. Adonis ran down to the truck and in less than half an hour, the camp was ready. Athena brought out burger and they ate it together “what is that sound?” The rain began to fall heavily during the happy meal, what a perfect night for the two. They were both enjoying the meal, cracking jokes, laughing like there would be no tomorrow when a footstep was heard running in their direction. Athena was the first to notice. They were scared for they were miles away from town, Adonis summoned courage and he held her close to his chest “It’s just a sound, everything is alright” he tried calming her down.

During this time, Athena had began to cry, shivering like a cock, at first only the firm grip on Adonis showed her fear but as the footsteps were approaching fast, her entire body was in turmoil. “Guys! Is that you?” A voice called from outside in the rain. Adonis would have recognized the voice but the rain was too heavy that he only heard it faintly, “ok whosoever is in here, can u please share shelter with me, I’m dying of cold here.” The voice called out loud again but yet no response. This time around, he became convinced, and thinking the camp was empty, he made his way inside. But the first thing he got was a punch which tripped him off his feet “God! Nature I didn’t know you are the one, u never told me you are going to come” Adonis pleaded after seeing that the man he had knocked down was his best friend.

Athena helped him up and also assisted him in rubbing his jaw which was swollen. Adonis pleaded with Nature who narrated to them how he had managed to convince his mum about the trip. He also told them about the giant footprint he saw while roaming about looking for them. “It didn’t look like that of an elephant, it was bigger that I even thought it was a Jacuzzi” he said convincingly, “oh my God we have to get out of here” Athena said. “Not until we find out what it is, this may be another breakthrough in science” Adonis replied patting her like a baby.

They all agreed and Nature led them to the spot, “very big” she exclaimed with fear. Next they heard were footsteps of running creatures approaching them at high speed. They hid in the big toe of the footprint; Athena had started crying again so Adonis covered her mouth with a hand. Now everything was silent, no footsteps, Nature peeped and saw the footprint had been surrounded by ugly looking talking reptiles, dressed like gladiators. “What is your mission here? Your rotten smell is blocking our lungs” the leader asked. Now not just Athena was scared, Nature had wet his pant, Adonis had begun to shiver and they all fainted.

“Wake up aliens, time for judgment” a soldier called out loud kicking them with force. As Nature was about opening his eyes, first thing he saw were the reptiles that surrounded them. A soldier forced him to kneel and bow. Adonis and Athena were also forced to the position. After the greeting, they all had the privilege to look up. To their surprise, the king was a giant black rabbit seated on a Golden throne. He found them guilty and condemned them to death in the fighting ring against Gladiators. They were all stripped naked and given privilege to select a weapon each. Adonis chose a sword, Athena chose a staff and Nature chose a spear.

Fighting against trained gladiators was suicide to them so they all refused to fight. The king then ordered Athena to be seized and beheaded. “With true love, the weakest can be the strongest”, Adonis looked straight into his opponent’s eyes and he shouted “Victory!” At once there was total decorum as he swung his sword like a knight and his face signifying terror, Nature jumped behind him like a man he had never been and the fight began.

They were to fight against just one gladiator, Athena whispered a strategy silently and Adonis ear caught the wave at once. He dashed towards his opponent and flew, opposing the wind, with Nature’s spear backing him up, he slain the gladiator once. The king waved his hand and another set of four jumped into the arena, Athena twisted the hand of the lizard holding her and she managed to collect his sword too, she jumped into the arena and sliced one into two from above like a warrior princess. The three stood backing one another.

The fight wasn’t like video game, Nature out of fear loose his stance. His opponent took the chance and got him flat on the ground. “Watch out, behind you”, he shouted to save Adonis loosing concentration on what made him fall to his feet. Silence erupted as Adonis and Athena couldn’t see Nature’s head, just only neck with blood gushing out like water from the earth and the opponent screaming in victory. They both lost focus and the next strike was on Athena, the warrior princess. She was hit by a club on her head and mercilessly cut into pieces. As she was about giving up, counting her last seconds on earth she murmured “I love u” Adonis couldn’t help it, he wept like never before, roared like a lion and screamed like he was expecting a savior from heaven.

The king smiled and shouted to his soldiers “Finish him up” they threw knives which he dodged reluctantly. They aimed arrows at him, he blocked with his sword but one caught him on the shoulder. He screamed in pain and managed to cut a gladiator on the neck. By this time, the whole Arena had been filled with blood. Moving fast like a wind, he cut the second by the side and ended up with his sword in the belly of the third. Thinking the fight was over, he reached for Athena’s body and held her close to his heart saying “I’m sorry I couldn’t defend you, I shouldn’t have taken you out here. I love…” finishing it wasn’t possible, one of the gladiators wasn’t dead and he had taken the opportunity to stab him with a dagger. With blood dripping from his heart, he looked into the sky.

Music came from the sky and the whole reptiles bowed to the light, they were all scared. The king pulled out a sword and shouted, “show yourself o ye who has been scaring us for years!” like a nightmare, a beautiful Angel emerged from the portal with musical notes revolving round her crown, pointed at Adonis and he came back to life. “I’m Freya the goddess of this place, I keep the balance. Take my powers and avenge the death of your loved ones or take my advice, close your eyes and turn” He took the advice and felt a bright light on his face, and then a voice came from outside. “Hey! No one is ready to waste time waiting for a psychic but I’m dumb enough to try all in the name of friendship”, he raised his head up from the bed and realized it was all a dream. "There is a great magic in imagination"

© Copyright 2020 DeTruth_Mongerz. All rights reserved.

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