Fishing for Wishes

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Submitted: November 20, 2010

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Submitted: November 20, 2010



Fishing for wishes

Trying to dream wakes me up

look to closely and the big picture becomes blurry

creativity can only produce the highest emulation of truth

only acceptance of what is brings the truest form forth

wanting more brings more wanting

letting go lets more things in

my body aches from the wants it doesn't need

my mind aches trying to accommodate a broken spirit

my soul aches and cannot change without this gift

I wish for something that can only come from not wishing

I strive for goals that must keep me striving

I want to rest but rest will only bring more work for later

Playing favorites with two symbiotic forces won't get me ahead

This day feels like waiting

waiting for a better day that tomorrow can't ever allow

only today can anything change

only today can my soul flourish

only today can I appreciate

only today can I live a wish

fish aren't fish out on the boat

swimming in a cold scentless water

falling from high branches

a hawk seeks wisdom in it's prey

a mouse lives for each new bread crumb

a person crouches on couches flipping through air space

going nowhere to find what is everything

and going every place to see nothing there

wrestling through an endless corridor

breathing into a faceless paramount

passing one candle to the next finding flames

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