The Church during Recession

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The Church scene and reactions during recession in a nation

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



The Church during Recession

By John Jimoh

No one escaped the bite of the monster

Even the rich touched down the clinic

For a treatment but no medic in gaze

The blood of the nation became the

Water to assuage the thirst of the masses

The rush had left a drench in the bowels

Who would dredge the tears to refill the

Bowels? Both rich and poor in shilly-shally


The authority bled utter derision

When not in the niche a panacea in the

Empty bag of nothingness a cry like wildfire

They fled to self and more in wantonness

In their confusion they saw the olive oil

Dripping in the tabernacle with the candle

Light oscillating in grinner direction


The voice of the pastor drills out hope

So bright and shining, revealing truths

Underneath the cuts in the veins and cracks

Gazes in anxiety skipping lines with no idea

What the solution should be

When he nudged the scroll, they all saw it divine

Smiles from the squeezes as good as cries

He reeled the prophecies out and the people

Rejoiced for all what their creator deciphered

Assurances muttered as though real

Wounds healing with no medic in sight

At dawn crawled the hope of a cut down tree

The church has healed the bite of the masses

The Nigerian authority refusing a truce with the

Church’ efforts of tranquility and canonization

As if there’s something cracking beneath

Someday, the day shall expose the nocturnal!

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