Forgiving The Unforgiven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Maanvi's life was in for a change after she got the job she had dreamt about her whole life. Her life is never going to be the same again.

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



It was due to her DREAM job that changed the route of her life.Maanvi was excited as she was going to join her dream job after enduring three years of rejection and despair, at last, she was hired for the spot of assistant editor at RG publishers not what she aimed for but it was a start, a small step into the life she had dreamt about for so long. She had to leave for Dehradun the next week to report for her job. It was 23rd of August 2017 the day she left for her new life, teary eyed she waived her parents and brother goodbye, consoled her mother that she will visit her during the vacations. After 7hrs of train journey, she arrived at her destination her friend Esha who also had landed a job in the same company as a writer was present there to receive her. They both went to her friend’s home where she will be living for a few days until she finds an apartment for herself. 

The next day she reported to the first day of her job. For her first assignment, she was assigned to visit Kalineshwara forest which was on the outskirts of Dehradun and do a story about the age old stories of ghost and spirits that had evolved around it for centuries making the locals to completely desolate the area surrounding the forest and heavily barricading any entrance to it due to this not much was known about the forest as not a single person had been able to visit the forest in years or document anything about it as the locals there had completely banned any outsiders from entering the forest, as it might disturb the spirits that reside there.Maanvi along with Esha and two cameramen(to record statements of the locals)went there .The villagers there were not happy to see them and they didn't answered any of their questions and made it very much clear that they are not allowed there for any kind of investigation. But Maanvi was adamant and she made a plan to enter the forest without anyone else knowing about it (her greatest mistake which she is going to regret for many years to come.).it was past midnight and Maanvi and her crew stealthily sneaked into the forest (not knowing the danger they were getting themselves into).as soon as they entered the forest the air around them suddenly became chilled and trees started swaying violently as if warning them to not enter here.But nothing could stop Maanvi as for this job she had waited for 3 years and she will not let it go on the basis of some tales of superstition.


As soon as they set foot in the forest they heard the cloud rumble and the winds howl wildly as if signalling the lingering darkness that surrounded them ready to engulf them any moment. They went deeper into the forest and noticed a blue scarf hanging from a weirdly bent tree as if protecting something, they went near the tree to get a closer look but something stopped them in their track as they heard loud screaming and crying voice coming from a distant .They ran towards the voice but as they keep running towards it ,it kept getting fainter .At last they reached an old makeshift type house there was light coming from inside it.they were sceptical whether to knock or not but , Maanvi  went ahead and knocked nervously on the door (or what it seems like an aluminium sheet cut to make a door).There came footsteps towards the door and it opened but no one was there,  Maanvi and her team were sure that they heard footsteps coming towards the door but no one was there at the door it opened on itself ,at that moment a shiver went down their spine as they heard a heavy breathing just behind them and as soon as they turn the saw a woman with a half rotten face staring right at them wearing a bridal attire. Her appearance was not like a human at all .Then that woman suddenly disappeared right before their eyes and following it came a blood curdling scream from nowhere that made every hair of their body rise up with fear. At that point also Maanvi was not ready to give up and wanted to investigate that ramshackle, house which appeared centuries old. Her team straight up refused to enter it as they already had seen enough and they were not ready for other scare.


So Maanvi went into the house alone despite her team’s constant plea to her to return .But something was drawing Maanvi to enter the house something so strong as if enchanting her mind with curiousness to enter the house as if something was calling her to come inside as if an old memory of hers  was linked to that house. She felt like in a trance and felt her feet moving on their own towards the house she lost her control over her own mind once she was in the house the door slammed shut snapping her out of her trance and she noticed that she was in the houses it was filled with cobwebs and had an ancient aura to it as the dust laden chairs and other furnitures seems as they were from a totally different era, the era of kings and queens .suddenly she saw a vision a little blurred of a   mahal then fire then that screaming from before.She went further into the house and saw portraits of different  married couples across the cobwebbed wall, she looked closer and saw that the bride was different in every picture but in each and every picture the groom was same and he appeared to be a king of some province by his appearance.


She suddenly felt some heavy breathing behind her she turned and saw the woman from earlier encounter she was looking at Maanvi with eyes full of vengeance and also as if she was waiting for something to happen  then she raised her hand and pointed towards the table behind Maanvi .Maanvi turned around and saw an ancient manuscript lying there .She held it in her hand ,even though she didn’t knew Sanskrit she was able to read each and every line and understood what it says.The script was the answer to all her questions she read it .It contained all the secrets of  Kalineshwaras forest.What had gone over the land centuries ago.


She started reading it.She read how this kingdom called Kalineshwara was ruled by Maharaj Vikramshesh Raj a very cruel king who treated his kingdom worse than animals. He was extremely blinded by wealth and power and in desire of a son (who will continue his family and reign) he married multiple times but each time his wives bore a daughter instead of a son and he would take them to this forest and would kill the babies and his wives at midnight and would select another women to be her queen .and would repeat all of his horrendous actions again if it was not a boy. And no one was able to raise a voice against his crimes as they knew what outcome will be for those who oppose the king, either he would be thrown in the dungeons or he would get trampled by the elephants. 


But as the saying goes every evil has its end nearing with every crime he commits so his crimes ended when he married Dakshyani daughter of a poor farmer but little he knows that she was his end, the day she was abducted from her house she decided that she would put an end to this gore game that the king has been playing for so many years .She just have to wait for the right time.


It was during Holi that there was by the order of the king a huge feast was organised. She saw her chance as the king was heavily under the influence of alcohol she led him to the same forest where he used to kill his wives and took him in a small hut and then put the hut on fire and hence putting an end to his atrocities for once and all not at all worried about the consequences of her action. As Dakshyani was leaving the forest something groped her feet she looked down and saw a charred hand holding her feet slowly a charred face looked towards her from the ground it was the king he was not completely dead he tugged her foot hardly, making her fall on the ground.

She quickly got up and ran away deep into the forest away from him she kept on running until she came across a small hut she then noticed her feet becoming numb and saw that the king when he held her feet had injected a venomous plant twig into her feet slowly the poison kept spreading in her blood she then saw a manuscript lying there. At her last moment she wrote everything about the king and wrote that her soul would only rest in peace when each and every future descendant of the king would be dead and she would wait here for centuries until the king is reincarnated and come to the same forest and she will be able to complete her incomplete task. And only the descendants and the reincarnation of the king would be able to touch this manuscript and would be able to read it but anyone else who tries to touch it would burn till death. And the souls of the king’s previous wives would guard it until the day they can avenge their death.


The manuscript fell from her hand as the realisation dawn over her that she was actually the reincarnation of the evil king. She slowly turned and saw the ghosts of the king’s brides each and every of them half rotten in a bridal outfit in the small room they were constantly chanting we want justice we want revenge they stared right at her with their dead eyes she suddenly remembered somethings from her previous life that how she in her previous life killed them and their babies and buried them right here in the forest. She was overcame with guilt and remorse she fell down on her knee

She begged them for mercy and forgiveness and said that she would try everything to make their soul rest in peace and asked them why are they going to punish her for a crime she had done in her previous life would it not be injustice .She saw the eyes of theirs soften a little bit and one of them was about to say something when…... Suddenly the old door flew open and in came Dakshyani the woman from before she was carrying a dagger with her and mumbling some Sanskrit mantras to herself.She at last would get her revenge and then only her soul would rest in peace with a blood curdling scream she attacked Maanvi

But was stopped by the other wives right in her tracks .Seeing her chance Maanvi ran as fast as she can into the woods meanwhile Dakshyani with a bolt of lightening broke herself free from them and  went after Maanvi.She will not let this chance to kill the king slide away from her so easily.


Maanvi was running desperately in search of her team but they were not to be seen anywhere she also had lost her phone while running suddenly she saw Esha’s bag lying on the ground it was stained with blood she began crying thinking that she had lost the forever right then someone tapped on her shoulder she turned and saw a very old man with kind eyes he signalled her to keep quite and motioned her to follow him she followed him to a quaint small riverside house which was situated right in the middle of the jungle. She went inside the house with the old man when she enters the house she saw her team already sitting there huddled together slowly whispering among them.When they saw her they all rushed towards and they all broke into a big team hug. She began telling them about the horrible things  she had just witnessed  they all listened to her with a dumbstruck faces when Maanvi finished she asked them how did they ended up here to this they told her how the ghost of Dakshyani appeared before them and warned them to return as she had nothing to do with them but they would not return without Maanvi with that Dakshyani took out her dagger and attacked them but they were lucky that this old man came right at the moment and sprinkled some holy water on her and made her go away from them and brought them here to his house.


Maanvi turned towards the old man and asked him who he was and how come he lives in this godforsaken haunted forest.

The old man introduced himself as the descendant of the Rajpurohit of King Vikramshesh Raj, pandit Gyanishankar .He then brought out an old book and gave it to Maanvi and told her to read it as all her answers lied there .He told her that since generations this book was guarded by his family waiting for the right time to be given to the right person when the right time comes.


Maanvi opened it and read:

After Dakshyani tried burning the king he somehow managed to return back to his castle and while on his deathbed he asked the Rajpurohit to come in his chamber there he narrated the whole incident and told the rajpurohit to find a solution to break the curse as he was to be blamed for all the crimes he had committed not his innocent coming future generations .Rajpurohit menacingly told the king that he had bore the seed of the fall of his empire by his exploitative nature towards his kingdom and the only thing that could break the curse was that where and when he reincarnates in his next life he had to come here and have to ask for forgiveness from the souls of all that he had ruthlessly killed and it was the only solution


Maanvi decided to end all of it for once and decided to go out and face Dakshyani and end all of this .

As she went outside the wind started blowing and out comes Dakshyani right from nowhere holding her dagger . Dakshyani started moving towards her hissing and spitting with vengeance .Maanvi instead of backing down moved right towards Maanvi looked right into her eyes and asked her to impale her heart if that would help her soul rest in peace but then she would become the same as the king she once despised.would killing her be enough to end all her suffering or all the souls who are restless to this day.this startled Dakshyani she took a step back


Maanvi told her that the only way that she could be at peace is to FORGIVE THE UNFORGIVEN


With that Dakshyaani dropped her dagger and started crying loudly Maanvi  sat by her side and asked her for forgiveness for the heinous crimes she had done in her previous life .

Slowly sun started showing a small faint smile came on Dakshyani’s face and with that she held Maanvi’s hand and started fading as the sun started rising .At last Dakshyaani was at peace she had forgiven the unforgiven and attained peace along with the many women who were trapped here.


When Maanvi stood up she saw a strange mark left at the place on her wrist where Dakshyaani had held her hand Maanvi thought that it will fade out soon (But little did she knew that from now on she will not be able to lead a normal life again as Dakshyani had transferred her powers to Maanvi making her capable to be able to see ghosts and relieve them of their pains)


They quickly left the forest it was an experience they will never forget and it’s just the starting of what’s to come next in Maanvi’s life..


To be continued……..

© Copyright 2020 DEVIKA YADAV. All rights reserved.

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