The Civilized World We Live In ?

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This poem is published in September 2014 issue of 'Reflection W&R' online Magazine.

Submitted: October 09, 2014

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Submitted: October 09, 2014



The Civilized World We Live In ?


What kind of civilized world do we live in?

Where wars have become barbaric than ever

Where killing women and children is no more a sin

The lust for power has crossed all heights

Aggressors choke humanity, day and night

And propagate lies as if it is their moral right.


What kind of development we brag about?

Yes, there is a lot of truth, still I have some doubt

The killing machines have done more harm than good

They bring devastation everywhere with ferocious attitude

Years of constructive hard work goes down the drain

With explosion of bombs that numb the brain.


What kind of education and knowledge have we gained?

Where injustice rules and innocents are chained

Despite knowing everything, all we do is just sympathize

And allow the demon of barbarism unhindered rise

To save our skin, we don’t speak, see or hear

And let violence rule as result of our fear.


What kind of advancement have we done?

When from the gory past we are not ready to learn

Learning the art of winning hearts is a distant dream

All we know is shedding blood like a perennial stream

When we’ll learn – “Divide and Rule” is a devil’s tool

While “Unity is Strength” is a golden rule.




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