Dancing in the .Rain:)

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Two lovers who are willing to capture every moment together. Whether in the clear skies, or the rain.

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



Dancing in the Rain

Can’t stop the giggles

as the wind teases my hair

Like the two is doing the Tango

His eyebrow dances along

As he wonders why I’m having a “moment”

I just had to laugh out loud

Stepping in to do the honors

I place my hand in his

As if destined to touch

His feet moves with mine

My head on his shoulder

His hand on my waist

As he moves me closer

He eliminates the space between us

We move to our heartbeats

One beat. Two beats. Three

My eyes close automatically

Pausing, listening, waiting

Oh, what a beautiful song

As a raindrop strokes my arm

I shiver violently

Smiling, he places his lips to mine

Taking in on what’s been missing

The taste of his lips

The touch of the rain

On a wonderful, sensual night

The feeling of being in his arms now

Leaves the rain to be ignored

And to wait for a standing ovation

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