a cry for help fom the lost

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i don'tknow whair to go

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



a lost sole can schreem for help but can only reack the few who actuly listen

some soles are lost only because no one was there at the right time when she was happ when she only needed to have a symple laugh a symple smile she has nuthing to worry about it seemes. but she gos on and live life and the second she's alone she's dieing she can't handle the quite i need some one who will realy be there when she dies im terrified no one can hear befor it's too laght i need someone to hold on to someone that listens and ancers like they actuly try even if they have no idea .she feels judged she needs a friend to turn to even when she's not the best she can be she need help with every thing and she admits it some one told me every one has a dark ness and no one can truly escape it and i found my darkness and i'm terrified i've helped others fece there darkness but i can't face myne alown i need a sholder and i need armes and i need that voice to wisper it will all be ok but i can't find these moste importent things when i can give myowni need the help i've given for years but never receved i have no sholde no voice to turn to i don't have those eyes to ptty because they all laugh and mock and give me mean remarks i need to find them but the darkness is to strong i need to need to find them i've got to i must but i cant do it i try and they all stab me in the back in the end and i further behind then wair i started i ve reached the point of 3 or 4 agin i need someone to surive i cant do it on my own so yet agin i serch for the loveing and kind words i've so stupidly expeckted from those who said they would givr to me i reaching out for anyone some one anywair to pull my out to bring me into the place they like to call love i need thea worme body to holde close and tell me they love me...i need it i don't want it but i need it i need the friend ...the lover ...the mom ...or the dad  to fix it and meke it go away i've played the part it's not thet hard and not so complicated why wont anyone reach for me and be this one i need and i long fo do you know ....do you even kair IDK

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