A Cyber Crush

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i had som problems with that one

Submitted: June 28, 2007

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Submitted: June 28, 2007



"I Love You"
Three words used
To make a point
But the point is different to each unit

A cybernetic soul
Seems nothing to
A aged boy

A girl on the other end
Of the computer screen
She is honest and loving and true
She happened to be me

All I wanted was your approval
I thought I had it,
If I did it disappeared
Like a snowflake in worm breathe

I’m sorry for being a leach thinking that if it tried hard enough
You would see me as me
Not as this creature you representing my

I only wanted you to love me
When you "said I love you"
And you did that many times
I thought you were real

I'm still shaking in that corner
Shivering in just a wet towel
You left and the room is cold by now
I’m wet...
I want to die
I clung and I tried so hard not to
But I did...
So you left

Yet even smaller peaces fall apart
Tiny drops of blood
Is what my heart falls to
There’s no gap but there's nothing
Nothing to fill
The blood pours from everywhere
I can over flow in the dark ness
Through my eyes or my wrists but...

I’d be dieing for you
Are you worth it?
Will you cry?
Will you hurt?
Will you shake?
Will it work?

Why...how did I fall victim
To your broken heart's game
It’s sick joke of ups and downs
But you won

My last wish before I fall
Is for you to be true
To a girl who will take you blue
And your grey and make it
Happy the
Way you deserve to be

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