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me and a cruch

Submitted: November 05, 2008

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Submitted: November 05, 2008



Ok so I went to his house the other day and he made cinnamon sugar biscuits (good) but my friend and his brother where in the other room. While we waited for the biscuits to finish. He leaned on the counter And he held me until they where done then he put the butter and cinnamon sugar on them and offered me one and took one for himself the he offered one to his brother and his girl the declined. We went into his room and ate while listening to music and talking when we where done he put the plated we where eating off of and put them in the top bunk and then we laid down. We talked a little more the we kissed fir the first time then again and again then I told him I was refusing to be on top while still making-out(no sex you pervs). Then he was like “what if I make you?” “Then I’ll try to get off” then he said “ but what if I wont let you off?” then he lifted me on top of him. “Then I wont kiss you anymore” so I was on top refusing to kiss him anymore the he was like “aww why do you have to be so mean” and I said “because I’m on top.” So after a while of begging and pleading he finally let me off. Then he got back on me. I held on to the bedposts for some strange reason and amid all the kissing and dry humping. He had looked to my hands and said “I should tie you to the bed” and I smiled and nodded and we kissed awhile and he again said “I should tie you to my bed” and I was like “ yes, yes you should.” So he went and got some belts and tied my hands to the bed then he went to go get his brother. But his brother was not to be disturbed
We made out for awhile whils I was tied up the he untied me and went to go get a lighter and tried to give himself a smiley (a smiley is where you burn yourself with the end of the lighter). At first it didn’t work then he tried again and it worked and went to go see if it left a mark. But then he came backand was like “I want to tackle you onto my bed” but he had a bunk bed so I would have like hit my head on the top bunk. It was a fun thought though. so he got on the bed and I strattled him and kissed his neck where he burnt it and it felt better. Stuff happened he said I dance to the music and sing to it to much)I like his music.)
Then my grandma called and said “it was late and I had better get my ass home” I thought “damn.”. I hung the phone up and said” but I don’t wanna go home” I whined to him he smiled and said” you should I don’t wanna get you in trouble” ” but I don’t want to” I said as I started dry humping him again his hands fell onto my ass to help with the motion. Then he tried to work his hands down my pants. I said “ you know theres this thing called a button on the pantsand a zipper” he smiled and nodded his head and undid them the came undone really easy. Then he worked his hands down my panties and started fingering me it felt so amazing and I couldent leave. He fingered me for like half an hour untill eventually we pried apart. He liked seeing me while he fingered me because he stopped kissing me and backed off and just watched me while he continued. but then I gathered up all my belongings and got my friend and went home and I got grounded for 3 days….but now he’s my boyfriend and I think I convinced him to kiss me at school

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