Dumb love

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my very close friend tried to kill himself and everyone was telling them they loved him and I did to but he did think I was serious that I was trying too keep him from depression... but he was wrong I did love him and I wrote this for him and it was hard for me but I never want to forget that time that moment in my life when I admitted I was in love with my best friend...I still am

Submitted: December 23, 2006

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Submitted: December 23, 2006



Your perfect

Your kind

Your smart

 Your sweet

 You understand.

Your life is not worth her love

She likes someone else

 She must be blind

If she wants him and not you

But you have to move on

Someone else’s love is true

 Be careful

Because she’ll come back

Cus he’ll cheat on her

Like he cheated on me

She was there

And she saw what he does

 And he WILL do it again

It’s his profession

It’s the only thing he can do

 But you?


You care when you write

And when you hold me tight

 I wont let you go

And be stupid again

I’m really your friend

Why wont you look at me

Like you did her

She doesn’t care

But I do when it hurts


When you took those pills

And saw things that weren’t there

She only knew

While I really cared

Who stayed up that night crying?

I did I swear


You think

There are too many fish

In the sea of tears

To be happy and free again

Just because you cant see them

There they’re in the darkest places

I’m one and I see your faces

I see you cry

And I see you pace

I wont to be there even when you arnt strong

Cus you were there to help me along

Why can’t I help you?

Up when you’re down?

You want to die

But I wont let you drown


This is my promise

Or maybe a threat

But I’ll be the friend

That will NOT forget

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