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Thoughts and driving

Submitted: January 27, 2010

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Submitted: January 27, 2010



I flexed my fingers around my disentigrating steering wheel and focused--HARD--on the road. Forty-two miles of head-light-glaring, grandpa-weaving, white-knuckle-grip interstate 83 wound through the mountains between me and home. I hated passing truckers and wedging myself between them and the suicidal concrete WALL, but I hated sitting behind them even more. So I lulled my mind back into subconsciousness and passed the reigns to my reflexes--THEY drove, not me.

I couldn't enjoy driving until I learned to stop thinking. My body knew the car--the quiet purr of the idling engine, the slight give in the brakes that told me my rotors were bad, the grip of my tires as they grabbed the pavement. My arms knew just how much the wheel needed turned--the engine's hum anchored my blood. It all knew somehow, just like it knew how to breathe or my heart knew how to beat.

So they took over, and my eyes glazed over, fixed on the hood, and my car chewed up the highway. And they got me home, like they always do.

Ready, set.


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