in the limelight

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i liked a guy that only thought of me as a friend

Submitted: December 24, 2006

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Submitted: December 24, 2006



Some people will ask you

To "give me a reason

To end this discussion

But I wont ‘cus I love

The sound of your voice


And then I can't see

Why people tell me

To feel the rain on my skin

Only I can let it in

When I like it nice and dry


Wait don't get me wrong

No this an't on hate song

This of you and me and

Our little story

Of our love


And win I looked above

To see the tree

That you sat beneath

Reading this note it

Made you wonder who wrote it


Still you can't see

The eyes gleaming with greed

Wanting you fore my self

Now that note's on a shelf

And I cry my self to sleep


This is life in the limelight

Don't know  why it's so green

Maybe ‘cus that ho is so mean

Maybe ‘cus I care

But you don't know even though I stair

Fore hours on end

But I'm only your friend


OK maybe I lied

There is hatred inside

No, this isn't a game

And I love you the same

This is all kinda' strange

Feel like I'm on a stage

Waiting fore you

But you missed your cue

So, I have to move on

Like nothing's gone

But there is and I'm lying

There's no need for trying

To under stand me

You're too late

And I'm free

Like a bird in a breeze


But if you weight for a wile

The breeze will be too vile

And I'll crawl back to you

But I've missed my cue

And we'll make a circle again

And the song will never end


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