me and my bunny RP

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

my and my bunny wrote this and we had fun^^

devini "love you and i never want to let you go"says the gloomy ange"i don't want to go!!"the crys to him.she doesn't want to leve him and she hopes he'll never lever her she wants to grow up and start a fmily with him and build a friendly foundation for thier children bc he means every thing to her she trulycan'tfathum her life with out him any more "did you mean it when you said you wanted me to have your kids?" she looks into his green eyes and hlods his hands and stands very close to him.bunny"" he sighs, tongue tied, "you...i...i love you angel...i do want you to have my children... but it...wasn' who said friend...i would never say something like that. I...I just don't talk like that. I...don'," he really want sure what to say, "leave me...not now, not ever...i love you..." he moves his hands around hers, holding her hands tightly. nothing could pry her away from him at that moment, and he couldn't let go of her.

devinshe rests her head on his chest and nissles him a bit and kisses his chest throught his shirt."i...i want to...have you kids i mean...i would love to ...cince were...together...then we should because...your my erevr thing...and i cna't beleve how much this all is working for me ...and i'm sorry that it hert you ...i love you" she felt selfish for wanting this so badly but it hert him . she wasn't shure what to do "..i ....i really do...i never want to go...i never wan't to leve...ever...i could stay in your arms untill the sun doesn't shiine any more" she blushed and her eyes terned a little red and watery

bunny:sighs, "i...i don't know what" he moves his arms around her, one hand resting on the back of her head the other on the middle of her back, "i never want you to leave, you are so beautiful" he swallows hard, "i am just kind of confussed that you like me is all..." he starts moving the hand on the back of her head, playing with her hair just a little, "i love you," is all he can say.devinperks up to look into his eyes and smiled still blushing she pressed her forhead aginst his "well i hope we can think up sumthing soon i hate missing you" she kisses him and runs her thumbs aginst his neck behind his ears with both of her hands "i love you because your personality is all that really matters... and your perfeckt...even in your looks you are the moste hansum man i've ever love me for me and don't really expect any thing elts you?" she wraps her armes around him tighter and she holds him cheek to cheek with herself she has one leg on ither side of in and is sitting in his lap.

bunny :sighs and smiles, "i don't need anything else but you, you are amazing, everything i could need you are, or at least that is how it seems to me..." he kisses her cheek softly, "i don't think there is another girl out there like you, my love..." he can't help but smile, he looked into her eyes, then moved his hand to her cheek, "you're just to much," he says quietly just before kissing her lips softly.devin:smiles wiledly (i can't stop :) "god i love you SOOO much i'm glad we feel this way" she smiles "i don't know if anything could go wrong any more" she pouses and looks down "i wish i could say sumthing as wonderful as you have...but i'm not good with words"

bunny:holds her close to him, nuzzling her cheek, "you don't need to be good with words, just tell me how you are feeling the best you can, if it is your best then i could not ask for more," he kisses her cheek, "i love you, that is all that matters..."he tightens his grip just a bit.devin:"your amsing, you make me sooo happy" she kisses him and returnd the tight grip and nuzzling she then nibbles on his ear "i feel so safe your arms just with you and this is all so perfeckt, i love you"

bunny : wrote: [i like these, they let me find out what you would is nice]

moves one of his hands to the middle of her back and starts rubbing her back softly, "you..." he shakes his head smiling, "i could never describe you correctly in words, you're...perfect. i can't think of anything else...just...perfect, and i love you," he kisses her cheek, "i don't want to share you with anyone, i want you," he pauses for a moment, "and only you."devin:smiles when he put his hand on her back it felt good to her. "your every thing i could ever want your my lover and you love me and you say these things and i feel so good when you say those things it makes me feel beautiful and just all around great when you say that..."she rests her head aginst him and cuddles close to him "you know that you my perfeckt man right? i just really need you to know that."

bunny :he kisses her forehead, "i love you too, Ange," he moves the hand on her back just a bit more, "i want this to last till the end of time, and i am willing to work for that..." he just can't contain him self, he lifts her chin and kisses her and holds it for a long time before breaking it for a split second, "you know, i hope you like romantics, because i can git a bit...involved in these kinds of things..." he kisses her again, closing his eyes and pulling her closer, never wanting to let go, never wanting to say, 'goodbye,' always wanting to live in this moment.devin:
kisses in return so happy that she's with the most amasing guy on the planit! she felt so lucky and so safe there in his arms she never wanted to return to the real world. when the kiss simotaniously ended for a breef moment "i love every thing about you every thing" she smiled and started to kiss him agin she wraped her arms around him tightly.bunny:pulls her close as he can, still kissing her, he keeps rubbing her back, breaking the kiss for a quick moment he whispers, "i love you, i will do what ever i can for you, just ask," he smiles looking at her, "you really are beautiful..." he mutters.devin:"oh god i want you" she gives a kind of nervous shy look ", so badly just... i'm craving you" she tugs at his shirt cutly and smiles and kisses him over and over agin some slow and pashonit. she stops and moves away "i'm sorry"she sighs and frowns "i don't know what i want really just sumtimes i just want you so much i hate not haveing you touch me and..."bunny:puts his hand on her cheek when she trails off, "it's ok my love, relax," he looks into her eye smiling, "nothing is wrong...with any of this," he kisses her cheek and whispers, "young lovers, let it last forever..." he back his head back a bit then kisses her, holding it as long as she could bear.devin:"i like that you said that" she humms at his touch and looks down but faceing him. "do you want it?" she bites her lip not shure how to think about the whole sichuation and smiles thinking about how great he it and the conversations over the phone that they've had together. it's still kind of srueeal "i've been writing a story about you and me about sumthing i would plan i want to give it to you on your birthday"bunny:kisses her cheek, "my birthday isn't for a while, September, so you have a lot of time to work on your story." he puts a hand on the top of her back and rubs her back gently, "Ange, just do what you want, I'll say something if you should stop, if you think you have crossed a line, remember, the other person sets their boundaries, you just have to know when to stop." devin:"ok , thank you bunny" she rests her head on his sholder "i'm glad i met you , i'm so glad your myn i can't belev that i got so lucky you ...your just amasing" she takes his hand and gently passes her fingers over the back of it.she smiles as thoughts and memories of all the great things he's done for her. tears fillher eyes but they were happy tears. she was very happy just to be their in his arms for a while.

bunny :kisses her forehead, "why? why are you so...perfect?" he pauses, "everything...everything you do, i love, everything you've done have made me, and anything you have done...when...thinking about me i...never...has some one and so...having you...a perfect girl after no one is...just..." he stammers for a moment then says, "everything you have done...i love, i don't care about anything right now but you...i want you...badly. you so much. i...can't take all of this, i never want to leave the comfort of my love, i never want to be mad at you..." he was holding her very close as he talked, his grip was tight, almost to a maddening point.devin:she shifts so he doesn't strangle her with his tight grip "I'm so glad to here that...i don't think any one really felt that way about me before..if they did it didn't take long for it to be a Leigh ...but i think it wont be the same with don't seem like you don't mean it i actual feel loved by you ...i like that feeling :) and yet aging i say it's almost surreal" she kissis him long and hard but not over powering she likes the feeling of not haveingtotal controleas long as the one with the power can be trusted
bunny:breaks the kiss looking into her eyes, "i do love're amazing...and yeah, it is surreal i know what you mean..." he closes his eyes for a moment, thinking about everything she had said, he was smiling slightly as he thought, "you're something else..." is all he mutters not sure what he should do next.

devin:she smiles and slowly moves to his bed "do you want to start?" she lays there staring hopefully at him "i...i need you ...i want to feel you ..." she bites her lip as her cheeks turn a rosy red .

Bunnylooks at her for a moment, "ange...i...i don't know what i," he fallows her, "i...want you, but...i...don't...know what to do..." he was stammering a lot.devin:smiles at him understandinly "then ...come lay with me ...and ...and if it feals right...then it's right"

bunny: blinks a few times, "ange...i...i love you," he sighs and sits next to her, "thank you..." he whispers, "i...just thank you," he says laying down. devin:she smiled to him and placed her hand on his cheek and rubbed her nose against his "i love you and i don't want you to feel uncomfortable about this , i want it to be right, i want it to become a mutual decision" she just layed next to him for him to make the first move if he wanted to.

bunny:closes his eyes for a moment, "thank me so much and i...want to give you something..." he sighs, "i just don't know how i should start anything... I've never been in this situation and..." he just trails off, still not sure what to say for a while till he says, "i do...want this, i do...feel like this is right."devin:"ok bunny" she smiles and kisses him and places his hands around her down by her hips

bunny: he swallows, " just want me to do what i want?" he didn't want to do anything she didn't want, he wasn't trying to stall...really.devin:"yes just do want you want ...if i feel sumthing's wrong then i'll tell you ok...but chances are you'll do just fine it's suposed to be just natural insteinkt" she smiled feeling that he seemed less shy..orinsucure. he shoudn't be insucre around her because she loved himand he rally couldn't do much to get her upset "i love you...just do what you want" she kissed him agin .

bunny:he swallows, "i just...don't want to do anything...wrong," he puts his arms around her, "but tell me if i do something right," he smiles and winks jokingly. he moves both of his hands to the small of her back and lifts her shirt just a bit, "i don't know why you don't like your tummy," he kisses her cheek, felling surprisingly relaxed, he wasn't worried about her judging him or anything he could just...feel, feel it all working. one of his hands moves up through her shirt, not taking her shirt off completely but he put his hand on her back, feeling her bra, than moving his hand under the back strap, what ever he was going to do with that, it seemed he gave up and takes his hand for under her bra and just takes off her shirt. once he takes off her shirt he puts the hand that had not moved along her back and puts it on her hip, then moves under her belt level, still outside the pants, he moves his hand down to the outside of her left leg, then, taking a slight risk in his mind, moves to the inner side of her leg rubbing that area, "th-this feel good?" he whispers kissing the nape of her neck.devin:she smiled and bit her lip. she looked into his eyes as she slipped his shirt over his head .she was kind of shaking she wanted this but it had never actuly happend befor she was excited and nurvious at the same time "Austin i love you" she kissed him on his lips and then moved down to his neak and kind of suckled on him.her hands moved across his chest and her leg sliped inbetween his .bunny:"i love you too, Ange," he held her close for a minute, before moving his hand first to the top of her back then sliding his hand down her side, till he got to her hip, he would move down her leg, then move his hand between her leg and his, "this good?" he says moving up her leg and starting to finger her through her underwear.Devin:She got pleasurable shivers all over her body when she started to 'finger her through her underwear' she kisses him "yes it it feelsvery good" she breathed softly. she then moveda hand down his chest and then slipped her hand down his pants andgently wrapped her fingers around his cock. she bit herlip and kissed his chest(because she can't reach his lips) she then gently moved her hand back and fourth along his penisBunny:he breathing in suddenly but then continues to breath normally, except a little heavier. he stops fingering her for a moment, puts his hand down her underwear, takes if off to a point, then starts fingering her again, he barely knew what he was doing, "ange, i...i love you, please...please tell am i doing?" he started moving his other hand along her side, stopping every other moment. his hand moved up her skin, till it reached her chest and he started massaging her breast lightly.Dvein:"yes this is amasing" she hummed "your amasing ...your...your ...OH GOD!!" his fingers felt amasing. she had never been in a sichyation like this she never wanted this so much. she wanted him so much, her brething became unstedy. she wanted to do something but wasn't shure what . so she broght her leg around to his hips and kind of pined there hands there for a moment. she then ran her free hand through his hair. and kissed what ever she could reach . then she poused and bit her lip and brought her self to ask him some thing she's wanted. "w...will you ...pleas...take me" she wanted to give him her self and she wanted him so much.Bunny:"a...ange..." he looked into her eyes, "ange...i don't know then...yes..." he stopped moving his hand and took off the remaining clothes she was wearing, and he took off what little he was wearing. he stopped at this point though, "ange...i...don't know what i should do..." he had never done this before, and it was sort of shocking him. he looked along her naked body, " so my god..."he really didn't know what he should do.Devin:"it's ok i'm not exactktly shure ether ...but just do what your instenkt tells you...i think....that's all i can help you with untill it all happens" she sliped under the covers just incase for some reson some one came in us expecktedly or some thing. if he followed her she would press herself aginst him 'till he started the "process" "i know you'll do great i promis if your doing any thing wrong i'll tell you ok" she smiled and kissed him.

Submitted: May 22, 2007

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hmmm. seems familiar. oh thats right! ive read it before XD love ya

Tue, May 6th, 2008 6:43pm


dork...talking to people...

Wed, May 7th, 2008 5:11pm


Is it supposed to be like a script? Because you put
Bunny: ".....
But overall, very good. Nice job :)

Mon, August 16th, 2010 4:20pm

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