No Love Lost. Only Found

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Imani Brown is a young girl. The remaining off her senior year is ruined by a life changing experience. Read along to see how she coop with a pregancy and a new man in her life.

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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Submitted: December 08, 2012



Part One ?

“You are gonna take this dick and you’re gonna like it, you little hoe!” That was replaying over and over again in my head. I felt so dirty. Could this have really happened to me? I didn’t want to believe my body and mind. I had just recently left my so-called boyfriend’s house. I say he is my so-called boyfriend because he raped me. We had only been together for about two weeks. Now we are already over and done with.

I thought for sure that he was really into me. He did cute, little things that made it look like he had some sort of love for me. Apparently I was wrong I don’t know if there was like little signs that may have help me realize he didn’t like me. We had been talking for almost four months before he asked me out. I thought maybe he was just a sweet guy. Two weeks later, I found out that wasn’t true. It wasn’t even two weeks before I started to realize he became more physical and sexual.

“Dirty slut, Dirty slut!” He was saying that the whole time. The day he raped me started off like any other day. It was May 5th. The sun was shining and everything. It was just a peaceful day. Seemed like it was just gonna be that perfect day. I went to school, go out, met up with him, walked to get some food and then walked to his house. It was really just like any other day. I didn’t notice anything suspicious. There was nothing that barked RAPE to me. As we got into the house, I ran for the fridge like I normally do. I sat down with some Cap'n Crunch. After i was comfortable, I started on my homework.

He sat down next to me and stared down my neck. I felt his hot breathe creep down my neck like it was death creeping on an elder person. Then I felt his gigantic hot lips press against my neck. He had hit my weakness and he caught me in a trans. I was caught and didn’t know what to do. It felt soo good, but my conscience knew better. I tried several times to get him to stop. Trying to get a 198 pound boy off a 110 pound girl is impossible. I was struggling to the max. He started to grip my wrist tighter and tighter till it was unbearable. I still attempted to get away, but he threw me to the cold, hard ground. He took out his pocketknife and shredded my clothes.

"Ahhh, that feels so good!" Apparently he was enjoying every bit of it. I wasn't at all. It was so painful. I was crying out for anyone, but realize that wouldn't be any good. We were in the house alone. Who was going to hear my ass? I tried once again to wiggle myself from under the powerful beast, but he gripped me tighter. I just had to lie there and take it. He got off of me and went looking for something, I tried to get up and run, but I couldn't move. I had completely lost control of my body.

He came back with ropes, duct tape, and other things. He tied my legs to the bedpost and tied my hands behind my back. "Who's your daddy?" He asked viciously. "You, it's you daddy." I pleaded. I was so scared to say anything else at this point. He threw a thick slab of duct tape across my mouth and sat back and looked at me. Then, he took his dick out and put it in front of my face. He slapped it across my face and started to laugh. Then, he got down and starts raping me. He won't stop. It seems like hours went by. I just laid and stared off into space. I mean, what else could I do? After a billion of hours, he pulled his friend out and climbed off of me. As he walked off, he said I was lucky to be in the presence of the "Love Machine". I was just lying there tied up, crying, bleeding and naked.

"Get out bitch!" He untied me by cutting the rope and shoved me out of his house. All my clothes were completely destroyed so I had to drive home naked. I was almost home when I saw the blue and red lights flicker in the rear view mirror. Oh shit! This isn't what I need right now. I pull over and the cop comes out. Once the cop came to my window, it only took her all of 30 seconds to realize I was in distress. She called 911 as she walked back to get me something to put over my body. She told me to explain everything that happened. I told her everything. About how Dre abused me and raped me. I couldn't breathe. My head was spinning and my heart keeps beating faster and faster.

When I arrived at the hospital, I had to explain my story to six different detectives, a police officer and my mom. Everything was a blur. I didn't know what was going on! Things were were just all inside my vagina once again. I flinched every time anyone came near me. Some hours later, I woke up in my bed. I don't know how I got there, but I could tell I was in so much pain. My mom and Chloe, my best friend, was standing over my bed watching me very carefully.

"What is going on? Why are you looking at me like that? I exclaimed weakly.

"Mani, you're pregnant." Chloe told me. My face dropped and my hands trembled. In barely a whisper I asked my best friend to explain it to me more.

“Apparently, you were at Dre’s house for two months before he let you go. He drugged you so that you could only remember the first couple of nights”

“Well do a rape kit; give me a pill or something!” I interrupted. I could barely process this. I thought I had only been there through the day after school and the night time. I never realized it was months. I heard my mom ask me what I was gonna do with the baby. I just shut her out. I couldn’t deal with anything at this point. My mind was light years. I couldn’t think. How could Dre do this to me? He claimed he loved me from the bottom of his heart. He said I was his world and nothing compares to me. I guess actions speak louder than words.


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