ranting on love and hate

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i poem starting about a personal "love" ending what love means to me

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



the simple touch of your hand in mine
you come and kiss me from behind
your strong arms lock me close to you
but quickly release me because we both knew
it won't work
I feel like a jerk
for trying to steel you
and call you mine
but you were with her the whole time
I can wine and I can beg
but the only thing that works is imagining you in my bed
in replace of the belongings you trusted to me
I’m selfish and spoiled and rotten I know
but I want you for me and I want her to go
to get out of my life and farther from yours
I want to touch like we did that one time
when we were alone
but I don't want to hide
I’m scared of it now I want to cry but you can go hide and try to convince them that this real that were only kids that lie cheat and steel
I love you for ever but you have to choose think about this you kissed me not I kissed you
my love was real but were you?
I can have a happy ending if you won’t be faithful You wan to know something?
I have three back at home
in the place before you
and there hearts are gold
as true as we can stand each other
they say I love you
and they make it true were teens
but the love isn't less true then it seems
when couples fight
an come together again
to me that's truly a man
in love with a girl
a girl truly in love with a man
to come together again is forgiveness and compassion
these elements fading from the human nature
to love is to want to give and receive but to not demand
that these things are always up held
means that they agree to disagree about love life and learning
but to not let it come between them

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