The millionaire and the violinist

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A pompous millionaire gets his just dessert at the hands of a simple violinist

Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



A millionaire and a violinist were having drinks in a bar.

The millionaire asked, "How much do you make per programme?"

The violinist said, "500 dollars"

"Hah, it takes me just 15 minutes to earn 500 dollars."

"So be it. But I will bet you everything in your wallet that I have more power than you." "

Hah, that's a ridiculous claim. I employ 8000 people. How can a poor musician like you, who goes from town to town in search of work, be more powerful than me?"

"I' ll show you", said the musician and led the millionaire outside to the street.

It was a chilly night and a lot of pedestrians, covered from head to toe in woollens, were rushing home. "You see all these people walking by in this biting cold? Can you make any of them stop for a minute?"

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy", said the millionaire.

He took out a one dollar bill from his wallet and placed it on the sidewalk and put a pebble on it for weight. In a few seconds, a woman passing by, noticed the dollar bill, stopped, picked it up and went on her way.

"See, now that was easy", grinned the millionaire.

"Okay. Now, can you make ten persons stop?"

"Oh sure." The millionaire took ten one-dollar bills and placed them on the sidewalk one by one. People passing by stopped and picked them up and went on their way.

"Good", said the musician. "Now can you make a hundred persons stop?"

The millionaire paused. A hundred persons meant a hundred one-dollar bills. He had a thousand dollars in his pocket, but in 50s and 100s. He didnt have any more one-dollar bills with him.

"I am out of one-dollar bills, man. I just have a thousand dollars in 50s and 100s."

"So what, is there any rule that you can make them stop with only one-dollar bills?"

"I am not going to throw out 50s and 100s man, do you think I am mad?"

"So, you accept defeat then?"

"No way, I am not defeated. Atleast I made 11 persons stop. Can you do better? I don't think so, because I dont think you have more than 5 dollars in your wallet, hahahahha"

"That's right. I do not have more than 5 dollars. But I do have this." He brandished his violin and started to play Mozart. In a few seconds, the sweet strains of his music started to stream into the street. A couple passing by them stopped, hesitated for a second, then made their way towards them. They listened in awe to the wonderful concerto. Within a few minutes, a crowd had gathered around them. Someone started a fire and people warmed themselves around it. By the time the musician had finished his piece, the sidewalk was filled with people. They clapped vociferously, threw down some change and asked for another piece. The musician politely obliged.

The impromptu concert went on for a full 15 minutes before dipping temperatures forced everyone to abandon the street for the warmth of their shelters. The musician collected the money the people had thrown at his feet and he and the millionaire returned to the bar.

"3 dollars and a quarter", he counted and smiled at the millionaire. The millionaire was red-faced, more from humiliation than from the cold. But he wasn't ready to give up just as yet.

"Hah, you just spent 15 minutes earning 3 dollars and a quarter. I would have earned 500 dollars in that time, and that too, just by making a few phone calls, without having to shiver to death like you just did."

The musician said, "I have earned more than you in 15 minutes."

"Man, don't you know 500 dollars is way way over 3.25 dollars? Didnt they teach you math in school?"

"Yes they did. But don't you see? I didnt earn just 3.25 dollars. I earned 1003.25 dollars in 15 minutes."

"What, where does the extra 1000 come from?", asked the millionaire.

"It comes from you. You have lost the bet, now give me the 1000 dollars in your wallet, please."

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