Her Greatest Fan

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Tatiana is beautiful. A model. But when her greatest fan says hello, her whole world turns upside down... It's my first story so any criticism is appreciated. Thanks.

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011




Her Greatest Fan


Yeah, she was good looking.  No.  She was gorgeous.  A model.  A rising star.  Long brown hair with almond brown eyes, high cheekbones and a tiny nose, a strong jawbone.  She had chiseled abs and planned to keep it that way.  Usually, she got up early before school and went for a thirty or forty-five minute swim in the pool out back, switching from free style to breast stroke somewhere at the twenty minute mark.  After dinner and homework, she went for a three or four mile run, and before her shower did two hundred crunches before going off to bed.  That helped keep the weight off and kept her abdominal muscles defined.

All the boys were after her, but she wasn’t promiscuous.  She was celibate in fact.  She wore a promise ring for her parents and was waiting for the right guy.

Being that she was into modeling, however, she was all over the internet.  Really into the social networking thing.  She had to be if she wanted to be a success.  As well as Facebook and Twitter, she had a Linkedin profile, a Model Mayhem profile and pictures all over websites like Lockerz.com and Caveman Circus

She accepted anyone that requested her friendship on Facebook, Twitter… well… all of her profiles.  And she would get comments and messages from people she never heard of or seen saying how beautiful she was and if she ever found herself in L.A., New York, Florida or wherever to get into contact for a night on the town.  She never returned those messages and sometimes deleted those “friends.”  But she kept them most of the time.  She never showed her parents the messages. She was afraid they would restrict her from using her online profiles.  And she would, of course, obey.

Her parents had instilled religion in her since early childhood and she remained faithful, always giving a short prayer before bed and whatnot.  And she slept all the better for it.  They attended church quite frequently, but she honestly doubted she would continue to attend once she went off to college.  She was a senior in high school after all.

She had done a few shoots for Seventeen Magazine as well as Cosmopolitan and had submitted pictures and applications to Elle and Vanity Fair amongst other magazines.  Her agent was working hard to get her new gigs and asked her about Playboy.  Because of her aspiration to excel in the modeling business the idea caught like a fire in her mind but soon went out like a cub scouts first attempt at a campfire.  Her parents would not approve.  So that idea was out.  But she was sure more opportunities would present themselves, they always did.  And finally, one day during Thanksgiving break, the call had come.

“Tatiana, it’s Steph.  How are you?”  Stephanie could hardly keep the excitement out of her voice.

“Good,” Tatiana replied.  “What’s up?”

“Oh nothing in particular.  Just got an email from Elle Magazine.  They want you for a shoot up in New York!”

Tatiana’s heart leaped.  Finally a trip to New York for a shoot.  It was all coming together, she thought with a smile.  “Flippin’ fantastic!  When’s the shoot?”

“In two weeks.  I hope you can make it.  Everything is turning out better than I’d planned.”

“Of course I can make it.  My parents will let me take a day or two off from school for a shoot.  Absolutely.”

“Great.  Happy Thanksgiving, I just wanted to call and let you know.”

“Thank Steph.  You’re great.  Can’t wait to see you again.”

“See ya, Tatiana.  Congrats!”

“Thank you.  This couldn’t have happened without you.”

Stephanie laughed.  “No problem.  Good luck to you.”

“You too, Steph.  See ya.”

Tatiana slammed the phone down on the receiver as joy swelled up in her chest.  She ran to her parents and told them the good news.  They would be New York bound in just two weeks.




My Love, Tatiana

You might not know who I am… But I know who you are.  I’m your greatest fan.  I’ve known you for the past year since your first shoot at Cosmopolitan Magazine.  You were breathtaking.  Beautiful.  I want to meet you.  No, I need to meet you.  I want to bring you home with me and make love with you.  Don’t think I’m crazy… I’m just mad with love.  It took me a long time to gather the courage to send you this e-mail but finally I have.  I have.  And soon I’ll have you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you’re perfect for me and I’m perfect for you.  Don’t neglect me… I need you.

With all my love,



Such were the contents of the e-mail Tatiana received from her greatest fan only two months after her Elle shoot.  Anonymous people had always told her she beautiful but no one ever confessed love to her… let alone the need to… make love.  Besides, she was waiting for the right guy.

Should I tell mom and dad, she thought.  No, I’ll just ignore it… he’ll forget.  But he didn’t forget.  Those kinds of guys don’t forget.  Once they set their minds on something, particularly a brown haired beauty, they don’t forget.  And neither did she for the next week or two, but eventually the troublesome thoughts of Lou as a secret admirer dwindled away into the back of her subconscious, never (she hoped) to be triggered back into her cognitive mind again.




Lou, or Louis, had always had secret crushes, or rather obsessions, with girls ever since grade school and he never forgot about a single one.  The first was in kindergarten.  Maria was her name and Louis thought that Tatiana must have looked something like Maria back when she was younger.

Louis had been an early bloomer and his hormones had been raging like a wild animal since kindergarten, never knowing that in four short years he would be taking his newly found love—for the lack of a better word—of girls to a whole new level.

Anyway.  Maria.  Maria was a bright young girl, bilingual and already planning to be a veterinarian.  She loved animals.  All kinds of animals from the smallest to the biggest.  Maria’s parents even bought her a little bunny to practice her mommy skills on.  She named the bunny Bugs and let the tiny critter have free reign around her room whenever she was home.  She didn’t mind picking up the tiny beads of shit at the end of the day; that was her parent’s one and only rule about little Bugs.

Her parents were high school sweet hearts back in Columbia and decided to move to the U.S. when Bella got pregnant.  They rented out a small apartment in the suburbs of Detroit and began setting the bricks for a new life in the States. 

Then Maria came.  She was just how they’d imagined, and when they took that tiny bundle of joy back to the apartment, it not longer felt like an alien place.  It was now a home.

They raised her right.  Taught her to chew with her mouth closed, keep her elbows off the table.  And when the first day of school came around, they never felt more proud.  Their little baby was growing up.

Maira and Louis had been in the same class since kindergarten, but they never talked much.  In fact, Louis never really talked to anyone much.  But he kept his eyes on her over the next few years, until fourth grade when Louis started turning his fantasies into reality.

New Horizons Elementary was an A school with a great bunch of kids.  No bullies or tough guys—well not too many anyway—and a great faculty and staff.  They trusted their kids, so when Maria asked to go to the bathroom one afternoon during lunchtime, they didn’t think twice.  Maria slid out from the table and made her way into the adjacent room where the restrooms were.  Louis was not too far behind as he scooted himself out from his own table and followed Maria across the cafeteria, around the corner and to the unsupervised restrooms.  Only he didn’t go into the Men’s room, he followed Maria into the Ladies’.

His heart began to pick up tempo as he poked his head into the bathroom to see if there was any people inside.  There was none.  Nobody washing or drying their hands on a brown paper towel.  He shuffled in and peeked under the stalls.  Only one was occupied.  Maria.  Now he was getting nervous.  He wanted to see the pale skin where the sun don’t shine, under that red dress.  He had known he was going to do it.  It was just a matter of time.  And the time had come.  He moved quickly but silently, and he could hear Maria urinating only a few feet away from him with only a door in between them.  He got down on his knees and his belly began to feel warm.  Then he shot his head under the stall door, ravenously staring at Maria.  He caught a quick glimpse of his prize before she squealed and kicked him in the head, back out of the stall.  She recognized the face.  Louis.

She quickly pulled up her panties and flung open the door.  Louis wasn’t there, he must have run back to the cafeteria.  She was surprisingly calm, washing her hands, drying them and walking back to where all the kids were to tell a grown up about Louis.  She did and the supervisor strode up to Louis, pulling him aside along with Maria and asked him about what he had done.  He denied it, but he didn’t convince anyone.  He looked guilty and his voice was a little shaky: all the proof the grown up needed to make proper assumptions.  The supervisor told Maria and Louis’s teacher about the escapade and in turn the teacher called Louis’s parents and told them about what he had done.  Upon returning home, Louis got a spanking that he never forgot.





You haven’t replied and I’ve given you two weeks… I tried, Tatiana.  I tried to change.  Tried not to touch myself.  But I can’t handle it anymore.  I’ll give you another week to reply to me and if you don’t I guess I’ll have to rethink the way I feel about you, but I know I will have you.  Think righteous thoughts my love.




The e-mail sent cold tremors up her spine.  She quickly wrote back with trembling fingers.  This was the first time she ever replied to anyone she didn’t know, but she knew this guy wasn’t wrapped so tight, so she decided to go ahead and reply.


Lou, I’m sorry you feel that way but I just can’t drop everything and go off with you.  I have responsibilities.  I’m almost done with my last year of high school and I need to focus on that.  Then I’ll be off to college.  I’m afraid we can’t get together.  I don’t even know who you are and I usually don’t reply to… well… strange messages.  I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused you, but thank you for being a fan.  I hope both of us can live in peace.




P.S. I always think righteous thoughts.  Haha.


She hoped her innocent, but mature, disposition would cause him to cease sending his grotesque e-mails.  She needed to go for a run.  She ran five miles and did her two hundred crunches before she took a shower and went off to bed.  That night, she drifted off to sleep with the omnipresent thought of Lou in the back of her mind.  But that didn’t keep her up.  She was hopeful and had a peaceful sleep.



The incident with Maria was the first—but definitely not the last—act of perversion in Louis’s life.

After the Maria affair, he had calmed down a bit.  He would have gotten another spanking from dad if he pulled another one of those acts.  Four, five, six years past without an incident.  He wasn’t totally innocent however.  All the girls in his class found their way into his nighttime fantasies where he ripped off their clothes in some public place and had his way with them.  But ever since the Maria affair back in the fourth grade, he hadn’t transformed his fantasies into reality.  Until the tenth grade.

This time it was Olivia.  Olivia wasn’t the kind of girl that really cared about what anyone thought about her.  She had her small group of friends that wore mostly black clothes and studded belts, and those were the only people she cared about.

Her parents were virtually nonexistent.  They smoked pot openly in the house and had loud sex late into the night that kept Olivia up and in an awkward place until the couple in the master bedroom got so tired they couldn’t keep at it any longer.  They fed Olivia, clothed Olivia and kept a roof over Olivia’s head, but that was it.  And when Olivia asked for a puff of the joint that her mom was smoking, she gladly handed it over to her fifteen-year-old child for reasons that were her own.They didn’t ask what Olivia did on the weekends, never cared.  She was out until two or three in the morning, sometimes four, and sometimes never came home at all.  Where she spent those nights when she didn’t come home, they didn’t know, nor cared.

So when Olivia went to the party one night back in tenth grade, nothing was out of the norm.  She wouldn’t go home that night; she would spend the night at Chuck’s house, the party house.  She was planning on getting belligerent.

The party was fun, as much fun as you can have when ignoring the other twenty people and just hanging out with the same four kids.  But it was alright.

Louis was there and keeping a close eye on Olivia, just like he had been for the past six months.  Back when he first got an interest in Olivia, he knew he would do something.  The question was what, and when.  He had heard about the party and hoped Olivia would be there.  She came to the parties to get free booze and nothing more.  And when she walked through the front door in her frayed black skirt and black top, his heart stopped for a second and knew tonight was the night.

She was downing beers.  She would have to go to the bathroom soon.  And when she did, he would make his move.

He laughed when he was supposed to laugh, nodded his head when he was supposed to nod, but he never tore his eyes away from Olivia.

He waited until late in the night when most people had trickled out to go home.  Finally she left her small group of friends.  She walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway.  Louis was in the interconnected living room and followed her with his eyes.

He began counting.  One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand.  He would wait thirty seconds before he would follow her in.  No one would suspect anything.  Twenty five-one thousand, twenty six-one thousand.  Fuck it, lets go.  He excused himself from his group of acquaintances and slowly weaved his way through the remaining people and into the hallway.  He knocked on the bathroom door and heard a muffled “I’ll be out in a minute.”  “Take your time,” he said.  He could wait here forever.

Finally she opened the door, and when she did, Louis pushed her back into the bathroom and onto the tile floor.  He hovered over her a moment, relishing  in every subtle attribute that was her appearance.  Her legs were spread and he could see right up her skirt.  He dove on top of her and she screamed, but no one heard—the music was still blaring.  He tried to kiss her mouth but she turned her head away.

“Get off of me you freak,” she said with an acid tone.  Louis did not reply, but pinned her arms over her head with one hand as he unzipped his pants.

She was thrashing about, trying to free herself from his horrid grip, but to no avail.

He had her on the cold tile floor and when he finished, he tore off her panties as a souvenir and left the crying girl in the bathroom, darting for the exit.  He had succeeded.  Even if she told somebody, nobody could take those precious moments away from him.  They were his forever.

He left the party without saying goodbye, and Olivia lay on that floor for what must have been an eternity until Chuck came in.

“Woah!” he said when he saw right up her skirt.  “Had a little too much to drink, eh?”  She didn’t say anything.  “Okay, lets get you into a bed.”  Chuck helped her up and into a soft bed.  But it felt rock hard to Olivia, as hard as that tile floor.  She lay in bed the whole night with intermittent sleep; the memories of the rape seared her mind making it hard to get restful sleep.  In the morning she was tired.  She told no one of the previous night, and made her way home without saying bye or thank you.  She went home and asked her mom for some weed, which she gave her.




Now, eight years later, Louis felt a mixture of pure ecstasy and nervousness as he prepared.  He would have Tatiana like a fat kid had cake.  He vaguely knew what he would do.  A little preparation, then he would he would play in by ear.  He always found these kinds of things more pleasurable when he acted on a whim, in the heat of passion, when he had complete control of the situation.  Just a little planning.

He still lived just outside Detroit but had made his way east to Jersey to keep an eye on his prize.  He figured out her daily schedule and formulated a plan.




It was a bright, cool morning.  Perfect for a morning swim.  Usually she dived right in and started her workout, but today she used the steps.  Maybe she would cheat a little today.  Only a few laps to loosen the muscles, enough to wake up.  Waist deep in the water, she waded out into the deep end, took a deep breath and dunked her head under the water.

She didn’t push off the wall to begin her swim.  The pool was short; a push would carry you almost to the other side.  So she didn’t push.  This morning she would cheat but it would be an honest cheat.

The swim was peaceful and she actually spent more time in the pool than usual, just floating on her back and watching the water flow through the contours of her stomach.

She got out, dried herself off and went up to change.  She didn’t shower after the pool; they had one of those newer pools without chlorine, a more salt-based solution to clean out the water.  She smelled a little like a pool but not so bad.  She didn’t care, and no one else did either.  She changed into her school clothes and followed the banister down the stairs on her way to the kitchen for some toast and over easy eggs.  Just when her foot touched the hardwood floor a long, hairy arm clothes lined her and shoved a sweet smelling cloth in her face.  Tatiana immediately felt dizzy and nauseous, and began feeling her knees buckle under her, letting herself fall into the arms of her unknown assailant.  Her peripheral vision began to close in on her and she began seeing sparks and stars dancing around her field of vision.  She passed out into the man’s arms.




She woke up with a headache and was still feeling kind of dizzy.  Then her vision started coming back.  She had trouble adjusting her focus like when you just wake up and can’t seem to get that blurry spot out of your eye.  Then, with a blink, everything shot back into focus.

She was in her living room, back to the fireplace.  The coffee table had been pushed aside and she was sitting on a chair in the middle of the area rug.  She was tied to the chair.  A rope bound her wrists and arms together, which were tied to the back of the chair in some seaman’s knot.  A rope was tied around her abdomen to the backrest of the chair, and her knees and ankles were securely fastened to both of the front legs of the chair.  She vaguely remembered the thick, hairy arm that assaulted her and rendered her unconscious only—what was it—five? fifty minutes ago?

A muscular man came around the corner with faded Levi jeans and a blue button down shirt.  He was wearing a black ski mask and gloves.

“Ah, you’re up.  Good.  I’m sorry it had to go down like this, but you gave me no other option.”  He paused.  “Do you know who I am?”

Tatiana didn’t say anything, but she knew.  She knew who this man was.

“I’m Lou.  Louis actually.  Glad to see me?” he said with a broad smile on his face.

Again she didn’t respond.

“Not gonna talk, eh?  Not a problem, I figured you might turn into to one of those stuck up bitches.”  He took a step closer.  “Oh, wait,” he said as he turned back into the kitchen.  He came back.  “Forgot my sandwich. I hope you don’t mind, I helped myself to a little ham and cheese.”  He took a bite and stared at her.  Some crumbs dwelt on the periphery of the mask’s mouth.  He smiled and started talking with his mouth full.  “Parents aren’t home, eh?  I figured that too.”  He swallowed.  “Gotta get to work on time, eh? They leave about six-thirty I think.”  He paused, took a deep breath.  “I’ve been keeping a close eye on you, Missy.  And now it’s my turn.”  He threw his ham and cheese on the coffee table off to his left.  It landed perfectly.  “You ignore me all month and now it’s my turn… So what shall we talk about?”

“Fuck you,” she spat out.

“I see, little miss sensitive…  Well I’m sensitive too.  It’s good to be sensitive, eh?  Sometimes at least.  We would have been perfect with each other.”

Her mind was racing as he kept talking.  How am I going to get out of this?  I’m tied up.

“I tried to change my ways, Tatiana.  I tried not to get all weird again.  Yes, I admit it.  I’m a little different.  But different isn’t bad all the time is it?”  He began pacing, thinking what he should do next.  His mind was racing even faster than hers.  “I know.  You’re going to do me a little favor and we’ll part and never see each other again.  Deal?”


“Okay.  I didn’t gag your mouth for a reason.  Can you guess what that reason is?  We’re going to be friends for a few minutes then I’ll be off.  And if you don’t behave, there’ll be hell to pay.”  He took out a knife and stepped closer to her.

Well if I can’t get out of this situation, I’ll just make it hell for him instead, she thought.  Let him put something in my mouth.

He let his pants drop around his ankles and she noticed a perfect heart shaped birthmark up on his right thigh. She bit down.  Hard.  Enough to break the skin and she tasted blood on her lips.

“Fucking bitch!”  He slapped her hard enough to make the Whap! sound reverberate in the small room.  Louis took the blade out of his pocket, flicked it open.  Just as he was about to carve something into her cheek, he stopped.  “You know what I have a better idea.  I’ll be back soon.”  He slammed the door as he left.

Okay, I’m all alone she thought.  How am I going to get out of this?  She closed her eyes to gather her shambled thoughts.  Louis did his work.  She was tied tight.  Couldn’t budge.  And he took his knife.  With all of her energy she pushed with her feet of the floor and made the chair bounce an inch or two to her left toward the glass door, leading to the pool.  She bounced again, two or three inches this time.  But the couch was blocking, so she would have to go all the way around the room to make it to the door.  And when she did that, then what?  Scream for help?  She didn’t like it, but options were running out.  He would be back shortly.  She kept scootching  closer and closer to the door and finally reached it, but the handle to the door was about halfway up her back.  She tried to reach it with her hands tied behind her back but couldn’t.  She tried her head, and she thought that would have worked, but it didn’t.  She was helpless.  Then she heard the door open, and Louis walked back into the room.

“Hey,” he said with a long breath.  “You’ve been busy, huh?  Come back over here.”  He walked over to her, leaned the chair on its back two legs and dragged her back onto the area rug.  “I have a surprise for you.”  He went back to the front door and returned with a red jug full of gasoline, which he poured in a circle around her and splashed some on her legs.  “I’m about to leave and you’ll never see me again.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think you see anybody ever again.”  He laughed, sparked a match and threw it onto the gasoline, which sprang to life.  “Well, I’ll be leaving you now.”  He walked out.

The fire took no time to spread up to her legs, and it hurt—if only for the first few moments until the fire melted away her nerve endings.  It seemed like an eternity.  The fire ate away at her legs.  Not only did it eat away at her legs, it ate away at the rope too.  And soon the rope blackened and grew weak enough for her to pull and free her legs.  She quickly ran away from the fire in a hunchbacked waddle and ran to the pool, dove in.  That put it out.  At that time the gasoline on her legs was pretty much burnt up and her skin was the only thing keeping the fire alive.  She had trouble getting out of the pool like an upside down beetle but eventually used the steps to get out.  She hurried into the kitchen, found a knife and cut the binds around her wrists and torso, then called 9-1-1.

The fire wasn’t too bad, but it did spread around the rug and onto the coffee table.  Argon-based foam would put that right out.

Tatiana’s legs were scorched and cracked.  They brought her into the ER and spread after-burn on the wound.  The police took down information, even though they had no physical ID on the guy.  Only that his name was Louis.  But they took down everything they could and reassured Tatiana that they would do everything in their power to prevent this from happening again.

She was devastated.  No more bikini shots with nasty scars like this going all the way up her legs.  Thank God she would still do head shots.  But mostly she thanked God she was alive.  She would go home and spend the rest of the day trying to gather her broken will and fuse it back together into what used to be her confidence.  She would try.




Three years later, Tatiana was emotionally and physically healed from the event that had occurred three years prior.  She was a junior at NYU now and still had a modeling career.  It turns out she had nice hands as well and took up hand modeling which turned out to be more lucrative than any of her other modeling gigs.

But best of all she had found a good guy.  She found the right guy.  But she waited.  She waited for the perfect day, the perfect night, the perfect moment.  And that moment had arrived.

After a perfect date complete with Pizza Wagon pizza and gelato, she asked if Mark wanted to go back to her dorm.  No, he said, come on back to the apartment.  She’d been there before and gladly followed in his wake back to the Upper East Side.

“Coffee?” he asked.

“No thanks,” she replied and moved in to kiss him.  The long kiss seemed like an eternity, but a much different eternity than the Louis incident.  She pulled back from his lips and pulled him into the bed room here she lay on the bed and, like two opposite ends of a magnet, their eyes, they gravitated towards each other and he put all of his weight on top of her.  Finally he paused and asked the question that had been burning his mind ever since he had first laid eyes on her.

“Do you want to do it?”

She nodded with a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

“Okay.  Should I take these off?”

She nodded again with eyes that seemed to shimmer like the evening’s stars.

“Okay.”  He stood up and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans.  He stood there in his boxer, thinking whether or not he should slip off his underwear.  She did it for him.  At first she didn’t notice it.  Maybe she ignored it but seeing it there definitely flooded back memories that had been locked away over the past two and a half years.  On his right thigh was a perfect heart shaped birthmark.  Just like the one on Louis’s leg.

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