A New Beginning and Life

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Lucy is Afraid. She has been abused and hurt. She thinks nobody likes her.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Lucy looks around the playground. She sits alone on the bench. She is six. Nobody likes her. She is alone. She has greasy blonde hair, hazel eyes, small, skinny and smells. She can't help it. Her mom told her if she took a shower she would get killed. The little girl has so much on her mind. She only gets to eat once a day. Her mom calls her fat. The girl looks up to see a teacher sitting next to her. It's her favorite teacher Mrs. Scott. She doesn't talk to the teacher because her mom told her everyone would tell her to shut up. Mrs. Scott is so pretty. Her hair is a dark black. She is a little chubby but not much. She looks Hispanic. Her eyes are blue and her teeth are white. She is everything Lucy's mom is not.

" Hello. How are you today?" Mrs Scott ask.

" I'm scared. " Lucy can't hold back anymore.

" What's wrong?" Mrs Scott ask with a smile on her face.

" My mom is going to take me home and hurt me. I haven't taken a bath in three months. I think she is going to kill me." Lucy is in tears.

" Come On. Your not going to be hurt anymore. " Mrs. Scott walks Lucy to the school door.

?The police arrive and Lucy is told she doesn't have to live there anymore. After that they take her to a Children Home. When she gets there everyone is so nice to her. She gets to take a bath. For many it wouldn't be so exciting but for her it is. She looks in the mirror. She smiles. Everything is going to be okay. Lu

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