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How modern society has been manipulated.
My painting "Karloff"

Today, we rarely think about how our thought processes have been shaped. The distractions of modern life keep us looking down at our phones and devices, not paying attention to the horror and devastation of the corporations, who rape the planet on a regular basis. I look back to previous generations, and see the manipulation of the average person. At the beginning of the industrial age, people joined the corporate ranks for job security, not knowing that many of the toxic environments they stepped into would cost them their lives. 

In the mid century, it was convenience and the promise of a space aged future, full of life saving gadgets that would make each life easier. This all blanketed in the cozy ideals of Patriotism, fighting back the Commie hoards, who would come and murder us in our sleep. Which created a vigilance, a further need for more information. Like clockwork,  the establishment was more than happy to oblige. The Television became the new tool of the propagandists, telling us what to think, feel, say, and do. 

Three branches if this "Programming" was a veneration of each profession, Police, Lawyers, and Doctors. Each job is still considered a stable future, for those who pursue it, even women were sold the ideal, that these purveyors were financially sound partners to marry. These Programs still exist in one form or another today. Although, they innocuously began as entertainment, their true agenda was control, through Fear. 

These professions rule most people. Whether facing a Lawyer for fear of financial ruin, to facing the Police, for fear of incarceration, or facing the Doctors for fear of Death.

We the Fearful, willingly comply. Unfortunately this is a huge distraction from those who continually destroy our environment for greed and profit. No one pays attention,  because they're too distracted by the hypothetically mundane.

Lawyers are those unscrupulous sorts that will literally take candy from a baby. Many people have lost everything,  due to the verbal wrangling of these greedy practitioners. The professional in this field, has been compared to the Shark, who mercilessly destroys others.

Policing has become a tool of the Gentrified elitist, who uses white supremacy to control the minority class, many of whom are currently incarcerated by "for profit" prison systems, designed not for rehabilitation, but the profit of their shareholders.

The medical profession has become a complete farce. Where once doctors took the Hippocratic oath, to do no harm, and cure without promise of payment. Today they're little more than glorified drug dealers, who sell curatives, that don't actually cure, but do create a continued system of addiction and dependence, leading many to financial ruin in this same profit driven paradigm. 

Our other fears, unacceptance, failure, lack, uncertainty etc, are only exacerbated by these predominant programs. 

Once there was the TV, with only 5-6 options for information retrieval,  today, that has been replaced by a barrage of outlets, many still intent on the mundane distractions,  but others engaged in all out propaganda wars. Each side berating the others, while attracting complicit sycophantic followers, with extremists on both sides. 

This information age, is yet another distraction from what is actually going on, it's insidious programming still manipulating the lives of the population, creating division and control. 

All the while, we are forced to consume, to use the planetary resources at an alarming rate, unchecked by over use, and the sad reality of a disposable society. No worries,  just throw it away and get a new one...believe me, they'll make more. Gluttonous populations watch in horror at the brown people starving in another country, while they hover over their bucket of chicken. 

One idea that rarely surfaces in the media, is the concept of sharing, which only appears occasionally on kid shows like Sesame Street. 

The gross consumerism, that is an actual plague on this planet, is currently hitting the wall. Markets are headed for disaster, due to a ruthless pandemic, just like it did a century ago. I wonder if this time, we will finally learn our lesson, and learn to share.

I hope one day we can become an altruistic society,  where the unfettered greed of a few, is abated by the masses, who finally,  give up their programming, and learn like those tots to have compassion for each life, and share with one another. This is the only solution. 

"Umbutu" is a South African word, which has No English translation. 

Popularized by the activist Michael Tellingers movement,

Meaning- "I am, because we are."

It is the fundamental way Africans approach life,

with kindness, humanity, graciousness,  and goodness,

and unless we embrace this concept,  we are all

going to be doomed to a dystopian world. 



Submitted: December 30, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dewey green. All rights reserved.

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moa rider

Can't disagree with anything there Dewey, and very well put. Everyone seems to want to become rich to show off that they are rich, yet stuff doen't make anyone happier. Usianguke

Thu, December 30th, 2021 8:28pm


Umbutu is the key. Ta mate!

Thu, December 30th, 2021 6:30pm

olive tree

“Gluttonous populations watch in horror at the brown people starving in another country, while they hover over their bucket of chicken.”


Apt and cohesive summary of the status quo. Good vent, too.

Just like the Bible, children’s shows teach values that are incompatible with the vain and shallow lives of the average citizen, consumer, or “complicit sycophant” as you rightly say. We nonetheless maintain these values, but do so by employing doublethink, so we can have it both ways (because why not? You deserve it. Maybe it’s natural. Maybe it’s Maybelline.)

Maybe these conditions are willfully orchestrated by the ruling elite, who have found nefarious and underhanded ways to play God from the shadows. They circumvent the law and work in supranational networks with their own veiled judiciary system. To exploit us. Observe us. Experiment on us. Keep the ball in motion. Be suss this is precisely what they wanted. Division. Uncertainty. A deluge of mundane information (brave new world), altering and purging “sensitive” information (1984); the flow of information is heavily restricted to suit their precise narrative. The narrative of a common cause. A supposedly noble goal. Perhaps. Or maybe the perverted brain product of a perverse man.

“The flag, the Bible, and children,” are the three things George Carlin said politicians hide behind. The real unelected operators of diplomacy and domestic policy hide behind the politicians, and the politicians are led to believe they are in control. Their pride and greed are used to control them. Why? They are human like any of us. More human than their masters, at the very least. But seriously if the system is crappy, then of course what it produces is going to be crappy. This goes for all occupations. It’s pathetic, really. Only a sycophantic square has any real shot of rising the social ranks of any bureaucratic institution.

Speaking of bureaucracy, doctors are now bureaucrats, and like you said, do not follow the oath on which their entire profession is predicated. I suppose it’s just like how in a “democratic” system, we don’t have any say or choice. The illusion is all.

A life of hypocrisy necessitates constant distractions and mental gymnastics. Perhaps the only time these people challenge themselves are in these comical mental pursuits. Ways to justify cognitive biases where one is sure one is correct. Just like how the best way to manipulate someone is by making them think it was their own idea…

Sinister, remarkable, amusing, and sickening.

What I’ve been getting at is I think you did a good job highlighting the ridiculous (grotesque) nature of the status quo. I think this is the key, and humour, too.

A life of hypocrisy necessitates mental gymnastics and constant distractions…

…and in return deserves constant prodding and ridicule.

I wish Dante was around today. Jesus Christ, he would be a force for these cunts to reckon with.

Keep up the good work!

Fri, December 31st, 2021 5:24am


Thanks mate, I strived to reach the Bitch plateau eventually.
I think we are all unfortunate products of consumeristic programming.
The dingy twats in charge were probably preceeded by a more Intelligent lot, but now, the nephews are in charge, and have been dumbed down along with the rest of society, and are too stupid not to leaving the curtains open just enough, for ToTo to reveal the subterfuge. They don't even care if they're obvious anymore.
Dante would have leveled these cunts.
Keep speaking out and pointing at the absurdity of it all, you too, are a Force to be reckoned with!
May the Force be with You!

Fri, December 31st, 2021 1:12am

Bert Broomberg

A very interesting read indeed. I am afraid that the altruistic society you are hoping for will remain a dream forever. Our species and altruism don't seem to make very good bed fellows.

Mon, January 3rd, 2022 8:38pm

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