The Emperor has no Brain

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The incompetence of the Elite, my painting "Rampant Destruction"

Submitted: January 08, 2020

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Submitted: January 08, 2020



I remember a bloke named Hans,

Who told us a tale of a man with no pants

Also not a stitch on him, although his tailors sad "We can."

The supporters in their madness lingered, and cheered him on

As he vainly mingled absolute in his belief that his clothes invisible 

Were for the Elite, nakedly indivisible. 

Now I tell you here today , we have a president with no brain, 

He makes up words and sticks to it,  as if their forms legitimate. 

(They must be made during Covfefe, and Smocking sessions)

Ignoring experts in their field,  for explainations quite unreal!

He Lies to cover up these missives,  while bloviating on his misses. 

His bigoting and arrogance,  that seem a childish happenstance.

A spoiled brat that folds his arms and turns his nose up to the stars.

He tilts at windmills, his great enemy, he says gives cancer to the many,

And as for walls, he likes them built, by all those he means to keep out.

As brazen as a orange stove, his comb over is the brunt of jokes

His tiny hands he waves about, while hurricanes he lies about.

Paying bribes to pornstars, whom she, can exactly discribe his little wee.

Witch hunts, and deep state hoaxes, are responses to his faux passes

No Quid Pro Quo is his retort, while ramsoming a country short.

To Putin he bows down in earnest, for of the Pee pee tape, we cannot learnest.

Epstein's death, and pedophilia, defrauding students and banks hysteria, 

Are nothing compared to his admissions of his criminal submissions.

He acts as if he is a king, answering to no one, as it seems.

One day he will get his comeuppance for tax evasion, ne'er paid a tuppance. 

His tweets a library of laughing stock, the ramblings of an ignorant block.

Snorting Adderall,  and sniffing madly, his insanity is demanding.

If we let him keep it up, we will lose, our minds made up.

The 25th was made to stop, the ramblings of a lifetime twat.



© Copyright 2020 dewey green. All rights reserved.

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