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Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



Hello, let me introduce myself I'm DeYtH Banger first of all I want to share that it's difficult to enter in such worlds like "It's not a happy" or "The story in the Jail" in which rape is as a first feature... I really don't know why I put rape as a first!

I have already few short stories which are short and have feature rape, strange thought for horror?? Horror this days even the truth is horror... that tomorrow you are going to die ( The fear of dead), from the way how the life will end in this planet, how the planet is going to die, that you are getting older and older you can't recognize it or feel it but with seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and years it goes on the surface,... haven't done anything wise (Is it okay to use "You".... off why do I even ask silence doesn't answer), after all you could be afraid that you will be remembered as a junkie or badass or poor guy or as the spy angents which after changing to much identies they don't know who in reality are...

But now as for honesty I have feeling like playing games I kind of waste my time… aand doing that and doing that… I know going outside the results… but somehow I want to be social… not to be at home… even then I have strange feeling of "Wasting time"

(When is about truth,  mostly hurts me that I like torture it's kind of the weakness, I like to watch it to feel the pain... to laugh and even I like women feets... my dream is to live in a body and to feel how is it also and to suck a lovely woman feet!...) - Sounds like half pervert and half serial killer, I am but what to do about that?

(NOTE: You should  be glad  that I am back…)

In other words die as "Nobody", even the fear of that you will be alone when you..., die… after all sociable or not… doesn't mean that somebody who knows will die with you…, the addiction is another horror if you are addicted in killing... after all you will end in jail... where you could be in the case like Jack and Bill's crew, probably you will die!

- From here I can say I know everything not from real experiences… ut something more near o VR experience.

The truth that this awesome series have reached an end, that this people  treat you as a trash, the problem that you don't see difference between a dream and real world, have you ever had very real dream?? Like you are getting married , ... you feel it, you taste it..., you are there and when you wake up you find it as a dream, or a dream in which somebody is chasing you or a dream with a life with a whore... or who knows what... after all they all end that they were very real but when you wake up you find.. and feel a bit of odd and also as a dream.... If we think little more deeper, now is tomorrow dream!

Tomorrow, by it's own way is again a dream… bbut why do we sleep so much?

(But let's "I"  to be not so selfless guy to think for the other people and to don't think about me, I had a nightmare in which I was a fucking a woman which was very young probably 18 years old and one moment I thought that it was real when I woke up I found it as a dream, I had and a dream in which I was talking to Stephen King... unbelieveable! I had also and a dream in which woman wanted to get fucked she was saying "Remove your clothes and let's start the fun"... but I was afraid with  going with somebody who I even don't know... I don't know about you...)
After all tomorrow for now was a dream...
But in the end… I am not the same character which I see myself when I am wake… I reach the whore and I feel strange and I even want to dream how I am woman and suck sperm - WTF, WTF AND WTF is really happening, it will be great to tell me….

Sounds like paradox, but it's a fact!

The truth that this girl doesn't like you,...she is there because of your dick, when you can't use it which will mean 70 or 80 years old and you can't fuck she will say "BYE, BYE" and you are alone, the truth that after all… ccan be something more simple time kills it's students, the truth that it doesn't matter that somebody is near you.. he is also on the ride to die, the truth that somebody is annoying you, the truth that somebody is fucking your wife, the truth that you don't have friends.... it goes endlessly so far this should be a horror.
But to don't forget about
- That you have a brother... and after all he wants to fuck you.

- It's sick… you are a girl he is a boy… you arr female he is male… you get inage… if there is a female around a male, logically it will end up on the male dick… or who knows… probably it's rare, but for god sake it's 2016 year.

But when we talk about sick brother… there it comes and tge moment your brother… fucks his brother's wife…. Sick and twisted juicy.

My fucking mother tells me… share naked image or give a picture of your dick… then want from them that…. It's fucking sick…. 

So "she" is here because of my dick??????


- To don't forget the truth that some people even ignore you... they say "GIve something for contact"... you give and after all they don't add you when you add them they even don't write you that's fucking horrible. To write to someone 14 august and he to answer 23 august for god sake what a friend is that??
- If you ask me the world is ignorant, wants a lot of in less time, wants to do something and to know something in less time.

Like to learn hacking or to read 23455 books just in about 1 hour -Wow, wow, you should be god to do that in about 5 books max can be read in that time but 23455 books, impossible - So far my "Now".. probably if you are going soon to bbe born or you are already for your "Now" probably it could be possible.

- I hate when I heard situation like "It's not a happy" the short story about how a father abuses his wife when she dies and then he starts with his daughter and after all it goes in horrible way, so far I'm not sure will I continue this story with the father abuser, I had some thoughts about the story how to continue, but I really don't know!


I would give everything for silence, if you lived my world you will make investment in silence, no doubt about that 3 times large and big walls, which have purpose to block the sound.. it's going to be awesome. The interesting fact is that silence can concentrate you,  that's a normal way. That somebody else starting new noises to read means that something going on, there isn't silence... so to block these noise he uses the noises from the music.. and after all it goes awful!

Music + Reading Book

- Noisy example!

If you ask me what I like?

My answer is I like short horror stories, famous as creepypasta I like reading it, listening to it. I like also and books and films.


When there isn't silence it comes the feature stress, depression from there comes and the jerkoff or masturbation in other words, which is bad!

Let's end all this and start with the story!


The Woman which was pornstar

I still remember when it started, I was 17 I looked like  a model at this age which was advatage for me, after all I could say I was born even like a pornstar. What I had? nice body there isn't doubt about that not fat not skinny a normal body which is very sweet as  from opinion, big and large boobs if you had those at this age you could become a pornstar or a model without a problem after all people searched for people with natural boobs, but this doesn't mean that all women around the world have like mein and are real without any surgery and so on and so on.

If you had fake most cases it could cost a lot of money and even putting them you just play with dead… I had from the old place where I lived friends like me…. They died all of them = 5 them, mainly wanting to be like me but with fake boobs… 2 of them died just from surgery going wrong the other just were unlucky and just from the first time sex… they died…

Very unlucky people!

But this is very fucked up…playing with dead… however people wanted to be like me… I mean the women… everything was natural  and some people even to ruin everything their whole body to be perfect, but not and me… I was born wirh redhead… it was awesome I am one lucky girl that I had redhead it was rare to see natural redhead girl, hot feet ….Oh my gosh, oh my gosh to don't talk about my feet there were incredible smooth and very sexy, my lips also are fantastic at my age… still I haven't tryed sex… just following my code… it was said to me that I am going have one boyfriend… one husband and that's all…in which, I am not huge fan of going to shop and giving all my money for clothes I like to buy few and to be suitable and to show respect  and also I to like them, not something very open and not something very closed!

 I liked to go not as a nerd but as a woman which is average at dress, I really never had sex, mainly because my family was on the opinion that I should be smart and have with one person sex that means that I am a loyal woman, if I had with many men sex that means that I am a biatch not a loyal woman. I was still studying at school, I was a person which hated to be late or to have in mind to leave school and continue with something else...


The Brother!

(The story continues please calm and relax!)

I still hate that day in which nobody was home I was sleeping, my brother was 3 years younger than me, he was huge fan of pornography and He had dreams in which he was fucking a woman... How did I knew??

He was talking very often about this, he was rejected by a lot of girls and so far he looked from my point of view average guy, but he with this crazy thoughts about the world of sex, nobody wanted him and so far it was kind of junkie our parents were disgusted of him and where he studied this which he was telling there most girls said that he is crazy and he should be dead! 

Or he shoud mental institution, Our parents were working 12 hours after all they were average class, which explains most of the stuff around our family. My brother and  I had different rooms and we could do anything... I won't doubt and I liked  to watch porn it was calming me and it was the best moment for masturbating to enter,  I was doing it at night when everyone was asleep, I liked to live my pants wet somehow it was sexy and I liked to play with my pants when they are full of cum,… but still this vibrating dick made of

… plastic something which could feel like you are getting fucked from something real… a dick made of meet… Whatsoever, I liked also and to play with my boobs, so far from my research done on the topic masturbating, I found that for women to masturbating a lot of it's okay, which was awesome... So I didn't found it as a addiction but as a game which I was playing at night everyone asleep… I was alone in the room and turning on the porn. I liked it and to make and some not very loudly noise but silent noises of groan. 

I used my hand so to block the noises…I liked to suck my fingers after I finished masturbating ... it was a bit of lesbian but I like it, after all I didn't had somebody to fuck me and it was difficult to find the perfect person who will be liked from my parents and I will also like him.

You know that the perfect man! - From my perspective

When I finished masturbating and playing with myself I go to sleep...It was awesome… that I could allow myself such extra… but somebody probably could find out about this and it wasn't going to end well, but who gives a fuck???It was after few years my brother probably was thinking in how to do all and to make all the corauge, but if you ask me you could ask me at night and I could agree at that after all nobody will know of course our god, he will know about our sins, but sex is all about sins isn't it?. I was kind of on drugs with that masturbating at night and so far it was and even the perfect moment for rape, I thought that I was dreaming but it wasn't he put his dick in my mouth... after a time I could feel it it was very strong, large and big it was very sexy dick,... When I found out about that I didn't wanted to make him scared and he to go away like the mouse, I wanted he to continue so I was making that I was sleeping and when he finished with my mouth he started playing with my pussy, h e even found that it was wet so  he started playing first with the tongue to make it hard and to  clean my cum and then he inserted his dick in my pussy, the dick was wet so I made my pussy and inside wet he decided, he started slowly fucking me in the pussy... very slow... out.... in... out... in... out.... in.... out.... in.... out... in... it was very gentle from his side and even made very wet and inside... then he decided to move his sperm on my feet and jerk off on them, after all he didn't wanted to make me pregnat and to make me to suffer with this baybe which after all I should remove because I can't handle a baybe, can I, so he done it few times on my feet i could few my pussy wet very wet... my feet were also wet it was incredible the feeling it was one of my best moments in my life I haven't felt any better so far from this years... all alone at home... and can't have somebody around me it was nerdish... but my brother kind of make my dreams true and his dreams also, the sweetest thing ever was to kiss me after fucking me right on my lips which were little wet but the kiss very romantic...

So far I felt it like a dream, when I was awake, but I found my pussy wet not only pussy but and the pants wet which so far showed sign that there was something true after all,... then I found something white... then I thought I to have played with my feet in my pussy... oh, oh no, no it's not possible is it??? I'm so far such lesbian... so I decided to believe that this was sperm from my brother on my feet... I thought it's Impossible... it's not possible dream to go true...But I even found and sperm on some places on my bed and also some on  my lips which I decided to removed with my tongue so... unfortunately I ate for first time man sperm after doing it I found my throat kind of dry it was difficult to swallow, so I went to drink water, then I decided to clean myself so I went to take a shower, after I finished this I went to check out my brother he was sleeping. I was almost naked and clean he was his dick was out of his pants so I decided to suck it, so I started sucking it, slowly so to take the best out of it... I wanted man sperm for breakfast, I want it to taste it in deeper level... when I finished with the first stage I decide to check out how much flexible am I... so I made the best flex position in which thete was chance to make feetjob... so to take his dick and to play with my feet on  it and then to make my feet the whole with sperm... when I finished the two games with him it was Friday 11:20 am, my feet the whole was with sperm... from my point of view it was very sexy so I eat the whole sperm on my feet with my tongue and then I bited my lip after having in mind the time and desire to do it one more time so to wake him up and to start feel the wetness of his dick... To make this happen I used my tongue wet his balls and my feet to play with them, then I started with my tongue to touch his dick in special way.... when sperm was on the way I found it this time a lot of... So far from my conclusion it was from the respect... if you respect dick you get more.


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