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i cannot explain it without typing the entire script

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




Dylan: (Dylan is lying on his bed in near darkness. The only light in the room is the bedside lamp that eerily casts gloom over the bookshelf, bed, and dresser that accompany the nightstand in the meagerly upholstered room.) “I can’t even remember why I cannot fall asleep anymore it’s not like it matters anymore; all of the reasons seem to blend themselves together in the end anyways. This whole mess is entirely my fault; I can always find a way to mess everything up. Is it so wrong to want her to show compassion like I do? (He shakes his head sadly and exhales with a saddening expression ever increasing upon his face). I suppose I should have no reasonable complaint because we as humans should never seek what we give in return, but that is just not a possibility for me; I mean I love her and she loves me, but she has no empathy for me when all I do is show comfort and compassion on her bad days.”

(Tears begin to trickle down Dylan’s cheeks as the music from the lower levels of his house creep into his room. Dylan sits up and looks onto his dresser and speaks as if it is the girl he is talking about.) “I just want you to act like you care for me, I really only need you to do that. It hurts me so bad to know that you can’t show me that compassion because of a past boyfriend. We promised that we would never let anyone from our past affect our future together. I wonder if you even know that I have your ring. It will look so beautiful on you one day. (Dylan stands and walks to the dresser and opens the right top drawer and pulls out a small black box and opens the box. Inside the box is a simple white gold box with a small amethyst with small diamonds descending half way down each side of the band. He holds the box, open, in his hands and returns to the bed with tears still dancing their way down his cheeks.) I was naïve to think I was the only one you loved even though you told me from the beginning that I was your first, but I knew deep inside that you loved him too. My only hope is that we can build from this, my love; I don’t want this to ruin us. I love you more than it is thought possible, but yet I do and I cannot deny this to myself any longer. You are the only girl for my heart and I will do everything I am capable of to help us get through this.”

(Dylan returns the box to the dresser and lies back down this time in fetal position and begins cry more steadily.) “I finally understand it, I understand why this is affecting me so much, I have loved her for four years now and I have made her known to it and she said that she has always loved me to but she has never known love so she is afraid to experience it. Everyone else in her life has never taught her to love and I must be the one who teaches her to love because I know we are meant to be together and I know this in the core of my being.” (Dylan dries his tears and sits up to allow his face to be seen by the audience. And to the audience he smiles as if he knows how to cure the ailments of his heart.)

“I know what I must do! I must show her how to love and I shall show her how to love for if anyone can teach her to do this it must be me. It has to be me, out of all of the things in existence; it must be me to love her. And I will, I know I will if only she will let me. I believe in the higher power and if ever there was a sign it is this one. It is saying Dylan if you lover her she shall come unto like the flowers in the meadow during spring. And if necessary I shall shout my epiphany unto all the earth and let it be known that I love her. (Dylan stands up looking

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