What does it take to out run the wind?

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this poem is meant to help its readers understand how we can all make it through "the wind"

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



What does it take to out run the wind?

“What does it take to out run the wind” a little boy asks

“I want to run faster than the wind

Escape the chill and be free of torrent!”

“Why do you seek to out run the wind?” his father asks

“Why do you need to out run the wind?

Why do you seek to escape what is natural?”

“Because I want to be faster than the wind,

I want to be the only boy to be faster than the wind

Faster than the sky its self.

What does it take to out run the wind?”

“Why do you seek to be the only one to escape the wind

Be the only boy faster than the sky

To me that would be a lonely existence.

Why do you seek to escape the wind?

The wind is just a part of life to be harnessed

To be used to carry us forward

My son, do not seek to out run the wind”

“But father, I need to escape the wind

I need to run from its torrent

What if the wind hurts me dad?

Do you want the wind to hurt your own son?”

“The wind is not a force to harm, my boy

The wind just is, it just exists

It harms as well as help

Please my boy don’t seek to out run the wind”

“But dad the thought of being hurt scares me

I don’t want to be hurt by something I can’t see

Or by something I can only feel and glimpse

This mystery of the wind scares me father.”

“My son, do not fear, it won’t seek to harm you.

It only changes, as it blows it changes

It sweeps away what is not strong enough

And shows us what is meant to be seen.”

“But what if it blows me away,

What if I am not strong enough to withstand the gusts?

Am I too weak to withstand the wind?

Will I be blown away because it is much more than I?”

“My son, you do not have to face the wind alone,

Like this house, you will build a strong foundation

The foundation you build is the key to withstanding the wind

It will be there for you to stand with while the wind passes.”

“But Father, how am I to know if my foundation is stronger than the wind?

How can I be sure that the wind won’t blow me away?

I am just scared that the wind will sweep me aside like the leaves.

What if I am the leaves in autumn instead of the stalks of wheat in summer?”

“My boy, all things will be blown around

Do not seek to change how the wind blows you

But just accept that it blows and know it will always blow”

“But if it always blows and I cannot escape the wind

Then how does my foundation help me against the wind?

How will I brace myself yet accept that I will still be blown?”

“My son, your foundation is to help you through the blowing

It does not exist to stop it from blowing

If we could stop the blowing then the clutter would pile up

With all the clutter we could not see what lies beneath our feet.”

“Will you be part of my foundation father?

Will you help me through wind?

I do not know what else to include in my foundation except for you”

“My son, I will always be part of your foundation

And I cannot help you with the rest of your foundation

That, my boy, will be revealed when the winds come.

So, now I must ask

What does it take to live with the wind?”

“I will find that out as the wind blows father.”


A poem by

Dylan Fender





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