Jake the Zombie Killer

Jake the Zombie Killer Jake the Zombie Killer

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Follow Jake as he survives and kills in a world of Zombies!
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Follow Jake as he survives and kills in a world of Zombies!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Jake the Zombie Killer

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Follow Jake as he survives and kills in a world of Zombies!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 17, 2012



Laws For Survival
Trust no one
Never sleep
if it's dead,Kill it
If it dies,Kill it
Get bit,get Dead
Grow eyes in the back of your head
Lie,steel and cheat and maybe survive
Around every corner is a motherfuckin zombie waiting to rip you apart and eat you !
AND most importantly...No matter what,how desperate the situation is.....Always
Save the last bullet for yourself !

Jake had finally discovered his true calling. He was a bona fide damn good zombie killer.

He had traveled through life going from town to town,job to job. He never lasted at any one job for very long,getting bored with his duties quickly.

Then somehow the plug was pulled on all that was considered normal came to a abrupt end.

The dead walked and the living died as all hell broke loose across the entire world.

The economy,the election,gas prices,even racism and religion become moot.....the only concern or law left was for survival.
He needed little excuse to leave his present boring job. Once it was broadcast over radio and tv that mankind was facing a huge crisis and the president had ordered martial law for the entire usa.
Either go home and lock and barricade yourself in your home or go to the nearest civil defense shelter to be transported to safe zones. jake decided he was better off on his on so he headed for a friends place in his old neighborhood.

During his travel to his friends place he tried to make sense to what little he had heard.  It took him a few hours to travel to his friends place. Any time he detected signs of movement or people,alive or dead, he would take a longer route,avoiding anyone and everyone.
Finally arriving at his friends place ,he did a slow re con around the home,looking for any signs of entry by someone,or something, into the house.
Jake had already expected to find the home deserted...his friend would head for his 'hard site' in the mountains at first sign of troubles.....

Jake eased around to the back of the house,checked the area to ensure he was not seen by anyone/thing,found a concealed panel,punched in a code and quickly went to the rear door ,opened it and entered the house. He moved over to a door a few feet down the hall,opened it and felt around for another concealed switch,that once tripped would reveal another hidden panel.at this panel Jake keyed in a series of codes,setting up a security perimeter around the house....now Jake would know if anything bigger than a small dog ventured within 20 yards of the house.
He felt much better knowing he had a secure perimeter.
He continued down the hall and entered a large kitchen,crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator,opened it and was glad to discover his friend had left him a few items to eat.

Half a box of saltines,a chunk of cheese and a quart of cold milk later,He felt much better getting some food in himself.
He finished off the quart of milk and cleaned the counter and putting remains in trash.  Wondering how long it would be before he enjoyed cold milk again.
He crossed the kitchen to open another door to reveal a large walk in pantry.
moving to the back wall he reached up beside a shelve to trigger a small switch. A moment later a section of shelves swung out and a panel behind it slid back  to reveal steps going down into darkness.
Stepping down onto the first step triggered a sensor causing a series of utility lights to  dimly light the way down.
A dozen steps down brought him face to face to a large metal security door with a touchpad at eye level.
jake keyed in a series of numbers,hitting enter,he wondered what goodies his old pal Frankie might have left for him.  The door silently swung open ,lights clicked on.  Jake attention was drawn to something placed in the middle of the room. He entered the room and could see it was a white envelope propped against a small 'walkie'.
printed in large letters on the envelope he read
As he used a thumbnail to open the envelope,he looked around and was surprised to see several munition crates stacked against one wall.
From the envelope he pulled a single  page of paper,every line filled with Frankie's small tight script

Jake,I hope you are lucky enough to be reading this.
The sky has fallen,my friend,the fat lady may be singing any day now.
I have gone for the hills,headed for high ground. If you got this far then fit yourself with what I left for you and find your way up to the place.
The walkie has limited reach in the hills but it helps to have.
Gear up man and get up here...come to the backdoor.
good luck

Jake turned to the crates,popped the lids on all of them and spread the contents across the floor to clearly see what he had to chose from.
One crate was filled with all c-rations. The other crates were filled with camping gear,and weaponry,knifes,guns special forces rifles even a few flash bangers and such.
Laid out before him were some excellent weapons of destruction....but he felt that something was missing. Still looking for that 'something special'...he walked over to the rear wall and and found another small panel. He slid the panel aside to reveal another keypad,another command keyed in a moment later the entire wall slid silently to the right revealing a small room ,empty,except  for a speaker grille set into the back wall.
jake walked over to face the grill,chuckled and said one word  "Rumplestiltskin"
another moment and the entire wall split open from the center and opened wide. Lights flickered on to reveal one crate sitting on the floor in the center of the room. jake grinned,knowing he had found his 'surprise' left for him.
He walked over to the crate and pried the top loose. Laying on top was a harness designed to fit Jake like a glove. The harness was made of a special alloy,light as a t-shirt but bulletproof to anything smaller than a 50 cal. bullet..
He shrugged into the harness and continued his inspection of the crate's contents.
He emptied the contents of the crate onto the floor.
He had:
A Hawthorne Magna jungle knife
A Hawthorne mini-machete...like it's cousin the 'magna' the machete was forged with a titanium alloy,held a edge so well,a person could almost chop thru a 8" column of concrete.
next out of the crate was a duel pistol holder. Jake whistled when he saw the weapons held in the holster..

The weapon in the left holster was called  'the crowd killer'.
A quad barrel .18 gauge shotgun/pistol. It was a two barrel over/under weapon. A slight shift of a finger controlled the gun for single shot,double shot or all four at once.
It was the perfect weapon for tight quarter crowds.
Firing all four barrels at once could clear a path thru a crowd for several feet that a small car could drive thru..

The right hand gun was hands down  his favorite weapon.  A Glock 9 mil. The weapon had never been known to jam,light weight,side baffles to help control kick,the magazine was engineered to hold 24 shells.
the weapon could easily be adapted to fire other types of ammo.

Jake searched thru the boxes of ammo and was glad to also find his favorite ammo for the Glock. He loaded the glock and nine other magazines with carbonium 9 mil hollow point shells. He clicked one magazine into the Glock and put the other magazines in his vest.

Frank had left a supply of ammo much larger than he could carry so jake found a good hunters backpack in a nearby closet and loaded it with 500 rounds for the glock and 100 for the shot pistol. He also found and packed a dozen glow sticks, a metal hunters flint,a few tins of canned meat and then oh surprise,surprise...in the bottom of one crate,tucked in a corner was a small cigarette sized brick of c-6 plastique,...enough to level a city block.......

It was after midnight before he was ready to travel so he decided to stay in the safety of the vault until the next morning.
He was sitting on the floor,back against the wall,studying a topo map of the areas he needed to travel thru.
He had roughly three miles of suburbs before civilization would begin to thin out.  Another five to seven miles before he completely left the city
Once leaving the city he had app a 45 mile trip thru forest and woods with the terrain rising into the mountain range spanning across the western side of the state. the last ten miles would be slogging uphill on the mountain thru the woods.
He finally stretched out and got in a short nap.

The next morning he left the vault,checked the security system to ensure the house was still clear and empty. He carried his gear into the kitchen and ate a meal of cheese and crackers as he studied a topo map one more time of the area he had to travel thru....

Satisfied with his chosen route he put away the map,cleaned the kitchen...loaded his gear and moved to the security pad near the rear door,he cleared the rear door and quietly pulled it open and he quietly stepped onto the rear porch and stood there,looking and listening and 'feeling'. he decided it was as clear as he could ask for,stepped back into the house and armed the security system,just in case they ever needed to return they would know if the house was safe or not.
He closed the rear door,moved across the rear porch stepped down four steps and crossed the rear yard to a gate at the rear of the property that would exit into the alley.
He slid from the yard into the darkness of the alley and listened...running his chosen route thru his mind..he figured it would take maybe three days sneak out of the city and across country to frank's Last stand

Five and a half days later and still a good half day away from Frank's outpost.....Jake crouched behind a large boulder and tried to see in every direction at once...nerves firing like lightning...

Five days earlier as Jake moved down the alley to begin his journey out of the city,he really had no idea at how the world as he knew it had changed.  Yea,he accepted the fact that the rules had changed...Real zombies where running around attacking people....But Jake had NO idea what was really going down

He had thought that it would take him most all day to get to the edge of the city,then he would camp the night and start across country the following morning....Yea,best laid plans and such......
Jake stopped a few feet short of leaving the darkness of the alley to just look and listen,not really expecting much of anything...thinking he was being to cautious...without thinking he turned onto the street sidewalk and ran smack dab into a person,knocking them both back and flat on the sidewalk.
 Jake laid there for a moment,stunned to run into another person so quick....
Jake Laughed,raising his body up by his elbows and spoke to the


After the sobering close encounter with his first zombie,and nearly getting his ass killed,Jake began a slower travel thru the suburbs and the outskirts of the city. He eventually ended hunkered in the bedroom of a empty house at the very edge of the city. He was in a bedroom that overlooked the mile wide area he would need to cross to enter in to the woods.
He had pulled a chair over to a window so he could eat and survey the expanse to cross.
He felt like he had aged ten years in the last few days. The things he had seen were the reason for nightmares. It had taken him three days to reach a point he had though would only take a few hours.
Moving thru the city he quickly realized that the city pretty much belonged to the dead. Zombies seemed to be at every turn. A few times he had entered buildings to try and reach the roof to reconnoiter , but that was a mistake....the buildings had zombies trapped inside,eagerly awaiting any living human for them to attack. He finally spent his time going from doorway to doorway,cover to cover. Trying to keep a low profile from both living and dead.

He had finally made it to the edge of the city and he quietly entered a house and made sure there were no Dead to attack him.

In his travel across the city, he learned quickly that noise,any noise,could attract zombies and that was a Bad thing.
The best weapon to use and still be quiet was a simple baseball bat. It was one of his most prized weapon simply because he could nuetralize a zombie with little to no noise...and that was a Good thing. Also,using the bat as often as possible helped to save ammo for his other weapons.

When he had stumbled into his first zombie,knocking them both flat on their asses,he had reacted by pulling his glock and placing four shots into the zombie,the last bullet blowing half the head of the zombie away. As the sound of the gunfire echoed off the houses around him and faded away he heard the sounds of shuffling steps coming towards him. More zombies attracted to the sound of gunfire.
Lesson 0ne:guns make noise,noise brings trouble!
Two zombies stumbled into the alley just a few yards away and he emptied the glock into dispatching them. Further down the alley another zombie shuffled into site. Jake relized it was the gunfire bringing them to him so he holstered the glock ,got to his feet and walked towards the zombie. He reached over his shoulder and withdrew a long evil looking machete holstered between his shoulders. He walked up to the zombie and swung,cutting across the midsection of the zombie. The zombie barely paused as the midsection opened up and foul rotting guts spilled to the ground,the zombie stumbled thru the slippery foulness and Jake took another swing...slicing thru the neck sending the head tumbling to the ground.The zombie collapsed into a heap before Jake and He had to step back to keep from being sprayed by the blood and guts of the zombie.
Lesson two:Using a knife or machete was messy!
Jake cut thru a nearby yard,spotted a zombie across the yard and picked up a four foot two by four and bashed in the brains of the zombie and knew what he needed for quiet work.......he needed a bat.
Lesson three: using the correct weapon kept one alive!

He spent the next few hours avoiding and out distancing the zombies following the noise of gunfire. Finally he found a sports store and took a chance to enter and was delighted to find a great selection of bats and a small selection of survival food rations. Once in the store he wandered around finding golf clubs and hockey sticks and was not satisfied with any of them...until he entered the baseball supplies aisle. he lifted and swung several bats and decided on a good old louisville slugger and one aluminum bat as a spare in case the slugger bat got broke. He then went to the camping supplies aisle and loaded up with dried food packets.
He left the sports store,using the back door to cautasly enter into the alley behind the store. He lookedboth directions and decided to move towards the edge of town hoping to reach the forest on the far side of town from where he was at. He moved from alley to alley,hoping to find a solitary zombie that he could test the slugger bat and make sure it was solid enough to dispatch a zombie with one good blow to the head.
He was slowly moving down a alley and heard a noise in the yard next to him. Looking at the 6' high wood fence he looked of a crack or hole to allow him to see what made the noise. A few feet further and he found a hole big enough for him to see into the yard. He peered into the hole and saw some movement in the shadows of a tree . A few moments later a zombie,a young girl maybe twelve or thirteen years old shuffled out of the shadows and just stood in one place,slightly swaying side to side.
Jake checked the alley,looking both directions. Once he was sure he had no close threats he quietly walked along the fence and found a latch gate at the far back corner of the yard. He held the bat in one hand and slowly pressed the switch of the latch and was relieved that it quitly unlatched and he slowly pushed the gate open enough for him to lean in and check the yard. He could see the girl zombie still standing in the same spotalmost facing away from him.
Jake leaned back to ensure the alley was still empty. He pushed the gate open enough to slip into the yard. He slowly pushed the gate almost closed and studied the best way to approach the dead girl.
Not wanting to take any chances he moved along the fence,getting to a position of her facing away from him.
He studied the yard to make sure there was nothing to trip him up or make any noise.
He thought to himself that ths should be easy.....ghost up behind her and make a home run....using her head as a ball.
"Hell,she can't weigh more than a hundred pounds...and that's soaking wet."
He silently crossed the yard ,bat held in both hands,ready to swing.....he was just a few feet from her and he pulled the bat over his shoulder,ready to take a full swing once in range.
He moved into swinging range,telling himself "now,now,ok now!"
and hesitated for just a moment
That hesitation almost got his ass killed....... The dead girl either heard a noise or sensed movement because her head snapped around  (moving damn fast for a dead kid) saw him turned and reached out to grab him.
Jake grunted with the effort of force he put into swinging the bat around and impacted her head right at the temple crushing the skull enough that brain matter splashed in all directions even getting some on Jake.

The dead girl dropped like a rock,suprising Jake at how easy it was,also knowing it would not always be this easy.
He squatted and studied the girl and the damage done by the bat. Satisfied the bat would work well for a quiet kill he rose and crossed the yard towards the gate.
He pulled a rag from his back hip pocket and used it to wipe some of the blood splatter from his jeans. Not thinking about it (not thinking is what gets ya killed) he reached for the gate handle and pulled the gate door open towards him and almost walked right into a zombie standing  there dead eyes staring right at Jake!
Jake looked up to see the zombie taking a step towards him ...arms reaching out to grab Jake.
Jake screamed in suprise and stumbled back wards...tripping on his feet ...falling backwards......Jake rolled away from the zombie shuffling after him. Jake rolled a few more feet,jumped to his feet...got a good grip on the bat and frantickly began pounding the shit out of the zombie.
Several frantic blows to the zombie and Jake came to his senses.....He jerked to a stop,quickly looked around to make sure he was still alone,glanced at the zombie he had just pounded,thinking  "Yup,that works". He felt he was pushing his luck...got a grip on his nerves,crossed to the gate and peered out into the alley...glad to see it still empty.

Jake quickly moved into the alley and continued on his journey to get out of town........

Moving thru the town he came to the last block of homes  before he would cross a open field to enter the forest.
He found a house that had a back door unlocked...glad he did'nt have to make any noise to get inside.
The few zombies he had seen during the last of his trip to the row of homes had been fairly easy to avoid.
He entered the home,did a quick check to find it empty he returned to the back door...not wanting to lock the door,never knew when a quick noiseles  exit from the house would be needed.
He found several empty cans in a small pantry he placed a few at the back door knowing if anyone...zombie or living tried to enter the cans would fall to make a noise to alert him.
He went thru the house,room to room leaving a few bcans in spots that would again be knocked around to alert him.

He had found a few cans of dog food in the kitchen...he carried those into a front room with a big picture window facing out over the meadow he had to cross. He dragged a chair into the middle of the room.....easy to see out...hard to see in.
He shrugged his back pack off his shoulders and set it beside the chair.....he leaned the bat close to the chair.  He settled into the chair...glad or the comfort grateful to relax for a moment.
A rumble from his stomacke reminded him it had been many hours since his last bite of food. He leaned over the chair to open his backpack and dug around inside.....finding a some what clean spoon and a small army issue can opener.  He picked up one of the cans of dog food and jimmied it open.....just smelling the aroma of the dog food
got his mouth to watering....he scooped out a spoonfull of the jellied mass of dogfood he looked at it thinking how he had come up in the world................killing zombies and chowing down on dog food of all things....opened his mouth and dumped the food into his mouth. he paused...eyes closed ...not chewing......getting used to the idea he was eating dog food...(Lord ,what else would he be eating to survive) He slowly pushed the food around in his mouth with his tongue..and relized 'Hell,it did'nt seem to taste all that bad!" He slowly began to chew and it hit  him "Damn,it actually  tasted ok in fact it tasted damn good" He ravishly scooped the rest of the food out of the can and into his mouth a few seconds and that can was empty...he quickly opened the other can and finished it off. He leaned back in the chair feeling the hunger pains lessen somewhat. Without thinking he tossed the empty can aside wincing at the noise of the tin can bouncing and rolling across the wood floor.
"yea,thats it" he chided himself "just broadcast to the zombies where he was at"


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