the EndGame

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short story I started about a battle for survival between two alien races.

Submitted: October 29, 2012

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Submitted: October 29, 2012



The year 2135


Star base Alpha 4 blasted a all points emergency communique SOS.

Any and all responses were met with silence.

Star base Alpha 4 remained silent....dead.


The nearest star ship ,even at high warp, was 72 hours away.

Star ship Romero was directed to go to the coordinates of Star base Alpha 4 and render aid.

The last radio transmit heard from Star ship Romero was a garbled sos including a tag about alien forces many dead....send help.

Star ship Atlantis was dispatched with a special forces swat team to investigate....



11 Days Later

Even at full warp and putting the engines ship and crew at risk of the ship falling apart. It took nearly twelve days to complete the journey and quietly drop out of drive on the far side of the planets moon.Star ship Atlantis dropped out of warp well out of range of any sensor devices at Alpha Base 4 and immediately cloaked.

The Captain ordered a cloaked sensor probe to be deployed to the last known coordinates of Star ship Romero. waiting for any results from the probe ,Captain John Marsalis asked his number one to get the science officer and medical officer and himself to join the Captain in the ready room to discuss plans for planet fall of the marine team when enough information was gathered. as the various personell gathered in the ready room reports from the probe and the ships scanner began to filter in.As details from the probe began to be gathered the Captain asked for the Swat team leaders to join them in the ready room.

Shortly three men entered the room and waited for the Captain to begin.The captain cleared his throat and spoke to his people "People Let me introduce the swat team leader,Ted Debarge,and I'll let him introduce the others."

Debarge Nodded at the captain,cocked his thumb at the man beside him saying " My number two Gordon and my med and info officer Bishop."

The Captain nodded to his number two to open the discussion and he bagan, "Gentleman,it appears that starship Romero and Alpha base 4 have simply disappeared. We cannot find a single trace that either the Starship or the base ever existed.



The transport carrying the twelve marines and three flight crew dropped out of the star ship,cloaked and dropped into the atmosphere of the planet closest to the area of the once Alpha base 4 . .Free falling towards the planet surface.

Inside the transport,the copilot turned in his seat to look back at the marines strapped in for the flight.....he turned back with a grin on his face. The pilot glanced over saw the copilots grin and asked him what was so funny.

The copilot nodded his head back towards the marines." Our big bad Marines...I'd say most of them will loose it before we land."

The pilot glanced at the console checked that all was grin and still several minutes before he would take it of auto pilot,He looked back at the marines and agreed with his marine was already blowing chow,two more looked close and a few were looking a little greenish..... but two sitting side by side were deep asleep,heads leaning against each other,The number two was leaning back,eyes closed,a jungle knife in his hand and the other hand running a stone back and forth on the blade edge...And their leader DeBarge was calmly field stripping and cleaning his assault weapon...somehow never losing a piece as the transport was buffeted about as it descended thru the atmosphere.......and the mans eyes were closed!!

Hearing a warning beep from the console the pilot turned back ran a eye over the gauges . Most of the board was green ,suddenly several turned yellow..a few red and warning bings and bongs softly alerted the pilots that the ride down had just got serious.

The pilot muttered a clear oath and told the Copilot to warn those in back to expect a bumpy ride,

"Captain we just lost cloaking......"

The captain replied they had no choice but to continue......The copilot turned and screamed at the marines to strap tight and hold on...

The pilot switched off the autopilot just as a louder warning bong began...the computer voicing a warning just as the copilot shouted they were being scanned....and targeted....the computer warning getting more strident warning that the ship had been targeted and locked on.......the copilot frantically worked his side of the console trying to get shields up and ready the weapons grid.......all hell broke loose...warning bells screamed..the computer warning of weapons fired at the transport...multiple targets screamed towards the transport.

The captain screamed at the copilot to switch the weapons over to the third flight member because he needed all the help he could get from the copilot....

The Gunny quickly used all ready defense systems to fire at will at the approaching targets and watched the radar screen at the green blips of the approaching weapons and then red blips of the transports defense fire watched as the to sets of blips converged with flashes but two green blips continued towards the transport....

the gunny screamed at the flight crew that two made it thru...the captains hands raced across the console throwing the transport into a full drive speed twisting down towards the planet telling the gunny to read out the distance of the green blips...hearing a scream from the gunny that they were so close he could not target them with any weapons.

The pilot screamed back at the marines to strap in and hang on tight and prepare for impact,not getting a response,he glanced around and was shocked to see the marines slipping on air chutes and realized also that DeBarge was standing right behind the captains chair,.

DeBarge bent over to shout to the pilot..." thanks for the ride,but whoever is down there knows about this ship,so we're gonna take our leave,go our on way and try and stay unknown to whoever is down there.....Good luck man"

The craft was was rocked by a explosion from the port side and the crafts controls became dead in the captains hands.

The captain looked at DeBarge and grinned,saying...."this ship just ran out of luck...she's going down,but I'm not going down with her...i think it'll take my chances down there with you guys."









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