First Helix-Introduction

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This is my first-ever crack at a science fiction story. So bear with me :)
Welcome to the Viverse-First Helix.
An endless virtual reality with no limitations.
Ben is a new user, having just jacked-into First Helix, he meets his artificial intelligence/Personal Assist Interface Andromeda.

Submitted: May 02, 2012

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Submitted: May 02, 2012



Welcome to First Helix, Viverse user, I am Andromeda- Your Personal Assist Interface AI, how may I be of assistance?

“Andromeda- Cyberial H.U.D.” A holographic menu materialized around me, “Structure shift.” The menu spun around then stopped on a tab labeled ‘Terrain’, it then proceeded to open options until it finally settled on pictures of many different landscapes. “Give me information on urban, Andromeda?”

The ‘Urban’ terrain type constructs a city landscape in your Helix, allowing for accurate simulation and exploration of a true-to-reality environment.

“Engage.” My surroundings faded away to white, buildings pixilated around me then the textures briskly covered them in hues of brown and grey, splashing vibrant colors strategically on billboards and restaurant signs; the streets paved beneath my feet slowly cracking due to simulated years of use. As ‘people’ flooded in, they started interacting and commuting, living their seemingly routine lives.

Welcome to New York, circa 2012 Andromeda’s voice rang. I stepped from the alley way and into the bustling streets, I could smell car exhausts and food from the vendor carts, horns honked and people chatted, everything seemed so life-like, down to the last detail.

“True to reality, huh?” I scoffed, “No sirens, no litter…and all the buildings look brand-new.” I looked around this post-card rendition of my reality.

Yes, user, a perfect reality.

“But who asked for perfect, Andromeda?”

Searching databases.

“That was a rhetorical-“

Recent numbers show that 99.9 percent of the users request Utopia-renders in their Viverse experiences.

“Can you really blame them…with how things are out there?” I walked further into the streets, brushing past all the ‘people’ around me, bumping into most of them, all-the-while receiving no animosity for my complete disregard for their walking spaces. “So this is what people want, huh? That’s not rhetorical by-the-way.”

Yes, user, recent numbers show that 99.9 percent of the users request Utopia-renders in their Viverse experiences.

I laughed, “You may have mentioned that, and stop calling me user, I have a name.”

Updating profile, username requested.

”Call me Ben.” I answered, half attentive.

Profile updated, welcome to Viverse- Helix One, Ben, I hope you enjoy your visit.

”Thank you, Andromeda, I’m sure I will.”

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