this thing called life...

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my life......

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



life is different for everyone some may have similarities but none are identical.

well im going to give you the chance to her mine...

i was a very well loved person at my old school despite all the drama at home i would always have fun at school i wasnt popular but everyone said i could be one.

i decided not to fall in that trap because i would have to change me an i wouldnt dare do that. my grades started to become bad so i would get pressure at school an home in 5th grade i changed my act an started to get better grades in 6th grade i was better than ive ever been but 7th grade somthing changed i went to a new school knew nobody got joked because i was dark got no respect had to change my wardrobe but i didnt change me on the inside if i did i changed for the better. my grades were outstanding people actually hated me because i passed all the math tests with 100's not one 99. i got joked for everything somepeople really believe theyre a good friendto me but they really arent so i just let them believe it an go about my day but what hurts is i have no one to tell my day about to. i dont have a mother my dad isnt into all the drama he mainly cares about school an the princaple is to chicken of the students. sometimes i fall in a depression state i wanna die an all that but somthing keeps me alive i still dont know what it is something inside keeps reviving me. i pray to die sometimes but people at school dont realize how much there words hurt, my dad doesnt get why i take what they say to heart. i tell em i dont care but deep down it eats me away. this thing called life is somthing that just wont go away. i guess im blessed i guess i should be happy but im not an i don know how to change it i get hospitalized for stomache pains alot they say i have pancreatitous and colonitous they also think it has to do with stress but no one listens to me soo i will i releave my stress writing makes me feel better but it can only do so much i have some good moments in life but the good seems to out way the bad in  reality its other way around but this thing called life isnt as easy as it seems its always a little foggy like the mirror after you take a hot shower you see some of the reflection but not all..... 

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