Emotions, Thoughts and Ideas

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Simple free verse poetry that I came up with, you'll see and relate to feelings,emotions, thoughts and ideas all that flow through mind, body and soul....

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



How is like to like you.. By DAvid Lais 12-12-2011

It's crazy how we met but I'm glad, happy that with every moment you and I have spent time together even for a bit you are you,  who you will be,  and prove what I saw in you... Not the same point of view when we first met, Now I like you...  liked it when you kissed me,  made me feel me free, talked honestly most of all make me feel curious to know more about you, the mystery in a man's eyes and words and times that i've spend time with you nothing else mattered... Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet someone like you...

Little Kid - by David Lais

I'm sitting here thinking, thinking about what your doing, how you've been and if your ok, with much to see and nothing to say, I see that your doing well and then I exhale and smile, I open a new message and want to tell you how I miss you, and the refrain comes in, it holds me back it tempts not to, for I don't know what return I'll get back, and at that time I find my self laying there thinking if you're thinking about me and if you wonder what could be of the two of us... And to my surprise you message, a smile fills my emotions and then I feel like a little kid, to know that what I expected has come, \"I miss you\" you say, might not make a difference ,but to me it means that I'm still there...and then I hope that the way I want to be there is the same.... I mean I barely Know you but I feel the connection, that little spark that I have long waited for  and hope that it's the same....

Why Now?- by David Lais 

After all the thing that have happened , you still bother to message, with no comments and idea what to respond you're still there... Why now I ask ? I feel like an idiot , ready to fail what I've tried so hard to do now you give me your hand but should I take it?

Hope and Love- by David Lais 

With everything and nothing that is gained or lost , nothing seems to last, for hope and love is there but never really shines or sparks until you find the one and think that it will surpass, the fights the love, the care and compassion  for one thing you know it will have an opposing reaction, people can say that it will or will not last, that it will happen or not,but what they don't know is the effort that is made to get something back may never come or even may come when you least expected,from the people that you never sought it from or have... So what to do? Just ignore the fact of loneliness or go forward with everything until the last drop, the last of your tears, sweat, and gasps that comes out of you? The nights that you stay up thinking if this person is really seeing what your about and what do you do ? ....nothing but hope that it will happen sooner than you think until the last day that you give up......hope and love ...

My Life As Is - by David Lais

Sometimes I wonder sitting laying standing or falling about the what if's, thinking what steps I need to take in my life as a person, a lover, a companion...and then I realize something... Nobody who I'm with wether my friends,family, relationships, I and only me can be happy with who I am and what I'm about...sometimes doubts come in and sometimes it all comes out but if you wanna be there like I'm there for you than my cheer go all out for you my peeps this is who I am and this is how I'll go out....

Beautiful Entity- by David Lais 

Like the song says \"putting on my shades on to cover up my eyes up\" I saw you with  no shades no defect no loss no gain and nothing expected but a simple smile simple hi a simple look of those beautiful eyes and all I saw was the true beauty the true spark something that gave me the feeling of comfort and serenity and all I see is a beautiful entity, I saw you... 

Love With a Heart- by David Lais 

Don't get fear for giving in to it  Don't  the slightest of fear for giving over You'd better know that in the end Its better to say much of Than never to say what you need to say again to know that the pain is still there and know that the person still exist and not being able to talk or even cross words when you meet again that awkward silence fills your heart no heartbeat no breathing no thinking and all of a sudden you come back to life  heartbeat rising, still hard to breathe, thinking, lost in your mind , you know its over but in your mind and heart you dont wanna give up, give up on what you think the happiness of your life is and then for a long moment all you get is loneliness....loneliness that can and will exchange, the fact for someone leaving you should not give you the option of putting shit to the side, because all you get is a tide, a tide of feelings, emotions, a tidal wave with strong motions, some that will tip you over and some that will make you fall, and all you gotta do is get back on your feet and stand up tall, is all u can do, is all you cant think to stand, because no matter what you got friends that will give u a hand......  

Tired- by David Lais 

Tired of the bullshit,tired of my life, all of this is nothing but an angry strife, battle between my life and everything that opposes, Half glass is empty but never has losses , losses of faith losses of hopes and at the end everything that comes is nothing but slopes, curve balls that hit some that miss, but in the end of times it's really a bliss, bliss of mist , clouding over my life, with no meaning or intentions , life is nothing with a gained or lost proportions.... This is my life can and will deal with it, deal with the lies and all the fake friends and all you get is nothing but shit....

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