Musa- a Prophet of Islam, Part-1

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My imagination of the life of Musa (PBUH) (known as Moses in the Bible), also a Prophet of Islam. PART-1, more to come later.

Submitted: August 30, 2010

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Submitted: August 30, 2010



I begin in the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious


My imagination of what it must have been like to live during the time of one of my greatest role-models. Tears will surely run down aplenty as I write this.


Let me tell you the story of a prince…the story of the greatest prince that ever lived.


The sun rose over the mighty empire of Egypt. These lands were ruled by the Pharaoh- a king who considered himself god. The descendants of Yusuf (PBUH), known as the Israelites were now nothing more than slaves to the rulers of the land.


The lives of the Israelites were miserable beyond imagination…sweat dripped from their tired bodies as they continued to haul the large blocks of stone…the sun showed no mercy and the desert sand burned their feet…the Pharaoh’s guards whipped an old man as he picked a hand simply to wipe off his sweat…he was not even allowed to do that…the man struggled to get back to his feet but was too weak…he was whipped again for his weakness…he fell dead. Another Israelite saw him fall and rushed to his aid…the guards did not bother, instead they whipped the man who had run to his aid…and the man had to get back to his work before he was killed as well.



Despite the rising dominance of Egypt over the rest of the world, the Pharaoh was deeply worried…the Israelites had been increasing in number. He feared that if these large numbers of men rebelled…his power might be broken. The anxious Pharaoh consulted his fortune-tellers and advisors…and oh! Just imagine his fear when his fortune-tellers confirmed that indeed- a son born to the house of an Israelite was in fact to bring about the collapse of the most powerful king of men! The Pharaoh and his advisors sat and discussed the situation…when the discussion was over the Pharaoh came out with a cruel smile…he had made a plan, Egypt would never fall.


The Pharaoh’s men rushed out into the streets to shout out the new law to the people- “All male children born to the Israelites are to be put to death.” The Israelites were terrified…but there was nothing they could do…mothers struggled in vain as their newborn sons were snatched from their bosoms and drowned to death in front of their very eyes! Fathers shed tears in silence fearing their own lives….after the child was killed the Pharaoh’s soldiers simply marched on to the next house while the screams of the mother rose up into the air.


The Israelites had long ago been promised to be blessed with the birth of a Prophet amongst them. The helpless parents, although hopeless by now, raised their hands in worship to Allah as their tears kept flowing down…”Allah, send to us the promised one!”


It was around this time that another Israelite woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She tried her best to hide him lest he be put to death. She was informed by Allah that the boy was to become one of the greatest men who had ever walked the earth- a Prophet of Allah! When she could no longer hide him, she was ordered by Allah to put her trust in Him and cast him into the Nile. The boy was called Musa (PBUH).


The tight box in which Musa (PBUH)’s mother had put him was watched by his sister as it floated across the Nile. I wonder how it was like then…I can already imagine the fish in the water and the birds in the sky fighting with each other to have a look inside the box…a single look! How fortunate would one have to be seeing with his eyes a true Prophet of the Almighty! So few have been so lucky! She watched in awe as the waters of the Nile led the box to the people serving the queen of Egypt.


Musa (PBUH)’s sister followed the people as they took the box to the Queen. She was just a slave girl, so naturally no one recognized her. The wife of the Pharaoh, Asiya (RA) was amazed at the beautiful baby…she decided to raise him as her own. So, the boy in whose search the Pharaoh had killed the children of thousands of others was in fact to be raised by the Pharaoh as his own son! The Pharaoh had executed his plan, now Allah was executing His…and surely Allah is the best of planners!


The Prophet Musa (PBUH) became awfully hungry. He began to cry out of hunger. The baby was handed over to a woman who was appointed to nurse him. He did not take her breast and kept on weeping. Every one was worried about what to do. The sister of Prophet Musa (PBUH) who was standing nearby remarked: “May I bring a woman whom the baby requires?”


She was directed to go immediately and call her. She rushed towards her house and informed her mother of the whole situation. She requested her mother to accompany her to Pharaoh's house. The Prophet Musa (PBUH was still crying due to hunger. The mother gave him her breast. He was much pleased and drank milk to his heart's content. Pharaoh's wife requested the mother of Prophet Musa (PBUH) to stay with them and nurse him.


The Prophet Musa (PBUH) grew up as the son of the most powerful man on earth. He had every luxury one could imagine in those times…he lived in palaces made of alabaster stone, he drank from cups of solid gold and people watched in awe and fear as his carriage made way through the streets- he was the prince of Egypt, one of the mightiest empires in the history of the world, it was the kind of life mortals like us can only dream about!


Musa (PBUH) had grown up to be a very good-looking and physically strong man. Despite the luxuries that he had, the indecent lives of his father and brothers bothered him greatly and he felt bad over their treatment of the Israelites. Although Musa had everything…he did not have contentment, something essential was missing from his life.


Meanwhile everyone else in the palace envied Musa (PBUH)’s talents, strength and wisdom. They waited for a time when they could devise a plan to ensure his fall from grace. A day finally came. Musa (PBUH) saw a soldier torturing an Israelite and tried to intervene…the soldier did not stop…Musa (PBUH) hit him with the stick but he was so strong that one blow was enough to kill the guard. Musa (PBUH)’s head was spinning after what he had done…he realized that he had committed a mistake and prayed for help from the Divine. The guilt that Musa (PBUH) felt was overwhelming, he was also scared about what his enemies might do to take revenge…in his pain Musa (PBUH) left the Pharaoh’s palace in pitch dark while everyone else was sleeping…imagine how he must have felt! The family of the Pharaoh was his own family…the palace was the house he had grown up in…he was leaving all these behind….he was so confused! All he could do was to put his trust in a Superior Being in whose existence he believed. And indeed- Allah did have greater plans for this man; he was to make him far more superior to any prince ever born.

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