The Greater Power

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A man discovers a Greater Power upon the strange, dry surface of X-32.

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



The Greater Power


"You are all to be deported to planet X-32 of the Tarsonis sector at exactly 139:5520 Universal Galactic Time."

Those words echoed in my head as I fell asleep in my cold hibernation cell I was assigned to on my journey to the Koprulu sector. Weeks before, I promised my kids that I would return back home safely and bring them rocks of the planets we used to see every night when we looked up into the peaceful night sky.

For the first time in my life, I was unable to keep a promise I made with my family.

A ranking officer going by the name of Mengsk had accused me of treason against Homeworld Earth, claiming that I was traveling to the Koprulu sector to bring back rocks that would cause nuclear fission and ultimately destroy the planet when mixed with the high oxygen levels of the Earth's atmosphere. I was ultimately sentenced to exile with criminal convicts to another far away sector, approximately 59 light years away from Koprulu called Tarsonis. Without a warp gate like the one in the supercarrier I was on back then, it is almost impossible to travel between star systems of such distances apart.

With my new inmates, I was sent through warp space and I arrived at the other warp gate on planet X-32. I checked my watch and it told me that it has been exactly 15 galactic seconds since I arrived: 139:6035 UGT.

I looked back. The warp gate we came out of shut down. There was no way to leave this forsaken planet.

I looked around. It was a bright, desert planet, yet the temperatures were a low and chilly 303.15 Kelvin, unlike other deserts I have visited in our solar system. We could find small furry animals that resembled mice yet had arms like crabs. We decided that they would be our main source of food until we find a way out.

We started to catch these "mice" and in an hour's time I had the most, with 15 of these mice in my arms, while the inmates had none. They took out and brandished their knives, threatening to kill me for the mice. Startled, I dropped the mice.

Then something strange happened. All the mice started to scurry towards a large hole we didn't notice in the ground in the middle of the desert. We looked down and we saw an extremely large warp jump initiator, nothing like we have ever seen before. We approached its awesomeness. It seemed to have been made by some alien technology unknown to us Humans. Or perhaps this was an experiment, to send inmates and give it a test run?

Suddenly the initiator started to scan me and the inmates. A large portal appeared above us and sucked all the inmates in. Only I, for some reason, was able to stay unmoved upon the sandy surface of X-32.

Then, another portal appeared below my feet. I was immediately sucked into it and, before I even had time to react, was thrown onto the cold ground next to my hibernation cell on the supercarrier.

I don't exactly know what happened that day, but it seemed like the initiators were some alien technology used to judge between right and wrong, justice and injustice. I must go back to that planet one day and study the alien technology.

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