Finally I Sleep

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Throughout all the pain I felt and all the anguish I was put through, all I wanted to do was sleep. My mind was shattered my body torn, yet I still held out a hope that it would all end and I could sleep.

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Finally I Sleep



I feel a stirring deep within my bones. In every rush of my blood as it supplies the oxygen to my body that I gather with each inconsequential breath I take.


The instincts of my ancestors are pushed in an attempt to break forth from deep within my subconscious.


Each flash of pain is another hit on the floodgates of the primal urges that make us predator and prey. The constant drip, drip of my life essence equals the drips in my mind as cracks begin to spread.


The manacles that hold my physical body still, preventing any reaction, don't quell the mental anguish being inflicted upon me.


A scream once again is ripped from my torn throat as my back begins to burn. The sensation of a thousand rivulets of liquid fire streaming down, across, and through the flayed skin and muscle that is what's left of my back.


I writhe as feathers fall to the ground speckled with crimson paint against the pearly white. The nubs of the feathers shine with that same paint where they were brutally ripped from my wings.


Arching my confined body in pain the tips of my feathered limbs brush the top of the ceiling as they strain futilely against the coarse blood stained ropes that bind them fully extended above my head.


This pain is endless and I desperately wish for it to end. Once again I screams, and I can feel myself drifting achingly close to that blissful darkness that rests just beyond my trembling reach.


My ears pick up a slight murmuring behind me, my mind too muddled and broken to process the words that undoubtedly spell out my fate.


There is a blessedly cold something pressed to the burning, slender column of my throat. Then an almost soft pressure is applied slowly tantalizingly drifting across my jugular. My cracked and bloody lips curve up slightly at the corners as a soft gurgle escapes my mouth, warm liquid dripping down my chin as I grin. That darkness I reached to reaches back to me this time and envelops me within it's cool embrace.



Slowly my eye's close and finally I can sleep.



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