space between two words

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Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016




When her visitors departed,the doctor stood for a time on her balcony watching their figures fade.She had spoken  to them for two hours continuously,they had just listened and not replied.The next day she was surprised to see an article by her visitors on something she failed to realize. Studying through those words, ”The most basic need is to be listened and understood.Underestimating the listening ear can pull you to a level where there is nothing you can speak about.The art of listening or the trust bringer should start from schooling,the act of which most students fail to understand.For example,there is a science project to be finished and one of your friend says its black hole,other says its constellation and in the end both regret for acting like scientists when the project was announced.Then comes the hero or  the listener who saves your life helping you in the project.

Listening is like gap between two words which have no meaning without that space.A person who remains silent when you are speaking is like a clean road that doesn’t stop your progress.When a person listens to your problems,it means he is making silent promises of understanding you, which is the ultimate demand .Those who understood this, have a colourful life.” she finished reading as tears welled up in her eyes.She immediately called and apologised to them.

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