Kyuuketsuki ( Cue - ket - ski)

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Model Aiko Jackson finds herself in a world she never knew existed a world of spirits, ghouls and myths and with creatures she thought only existed in the imagination.She is in love with a man both ruthless and gentle. Will she have the courage to stand with him or against him when the world is at stake and is she prepared to loose her family and make the ultimate sacrifice.

Submitted: April 15, 2014

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Submitted: April 15, 2014



Aiko was in a hurry, she had promised her grandfather she wouldn't be late. If only Ray would finish the shoot she thought as she looked at the camera and posed trying her best to look sexy for the casual wear shoot. \"That's it good girls. To the right and that's a wrap\".She couldn't have been happier as she dashed for the changing room where all the studio extras and makeup artiste were waiting to strip them of the delicate clothes.Aiko took off the black sheer dress she wore and pulled on her deep blue long sleeved dress and her thigh high boots. She run off to Margot her agent and kissed her on the cheek \" Gotta go.\"Just like that she was out the door. She always spent the afternoons with Paa in the park every week and he didn't take kindly to lateness. As she made her way down the street she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. She was used to it, she was a modle after all but this felt different. She kept looking back but no one stood out everyone was minding their business. She sighed and kept moving . It was all in her mind she told herself as she took out her phone to check the time.As she took the corner she bumped into something. She was in so much of a rush she hadn't look where she was going. Whatever it was it was solid,she thought as she knelt down to pick her phone and her bag. As she looked through her bag making sure nothing was missing she felt a shudder in her spine that feeling was back and this time she knew where it came from. She swallowed hard as she looked up. Her breath caught in her throaht, she had never seen eyes quite like what greeted her. Pitch black, gleaming and like an abyss endless.There, she was transfixed and frozen she felt crippled. What to do she asked herself.

His hand came down and helped her up.\"Are you alright?\" He asked with concern. He was pale, like he had never walked a day under the sun his whole life. His dark brown hair was cut in the crew cut style and he had the most adorable dimple in his left cheek. He was tall too.OMG was the only thing she could think of. \" I'm sorry did I hurt you?, Miss?\". He said in an accent she couldn't place. Recovering her wits she stuffed her phone in her bag \"No I'm good, I should have watched where I was going\".He smiled, bringing his dimple to life he looked so adorable yet there was a hint of danger about him with his biker leather jacket to his fitted jeans and black boots. \"My fault, I'm Liam by the way\". He said shaking the hand he already held. \"Aiko \". She said trying to sound cool. Her alarm went off \"Shitaki, Paa will kill me\" she said taking her hand out of his \"I'm sorry, I'm so late for an appointment. Sorry again.\" Before she could move on he held her arm \" Hey wait a minute, I almost hurt you the least I could do is take you where you need to be\". What was with her, he just held her arm and she felt like he had just given her currents of electricity. \" No need the park is around the corner\",. She lied it was a block away. \"It will be my pleasure\". He said in his charming voice. Who could say no to that. \"Ok\" she said with a little too much excitement.Before she could ask him their means of transportation,she heard the roar of a bike and it was heading her way. \"Here put this on, we don't want the wind messing up your beautiful hair.\"She took the helmet and stradled the bike with her arms around his waist. \"Hold on tight\" he said and they were off. 15 minutes latter they were at the park. \"Thank you but you shouldn't have\". She said handing him the helmet.\" No problem, for a beautiful lady such as yourself its no trouble my dear .\" He said placing a kiss in her palm.As she turned to walk of he called her name \"Aiko\" she turned \"would you like some lunch, sometime?\"He really, thought she was one of those damsels in distress who fell for every guy who helped her out. O boy was he wrong.As she was about to refuse his offer she had this sudden burst of sesations coarsing through her body like the way mercury rises in a thermometer she felt it rise and consume her mind and she found him completly intoxicating she was helpless as she looked straight in his eyes. \" Yes I would love to.\" \"Good\" he said as he put the helmet on.As he turned the keys in the ignition she yelled over the sound of the bike \" How will you find me?\" He turned and smiled and she couldn't help but notice how his teeth gleamed in the sunlight and said \" I have my ways.\".He stared at her and she couldn't help but feel like little red ridding hood staring right into the face of the big bad wolf. Maybe it was a warning.As suddenly as he had appeared he was gone, all she could hear was the far away cry of the bike.She shook her head and wasted no time in locating Paa. He was at their usual spot on the bench facing the pond. \"Hi Paa\" she said sitting by him and pulling a strand of stubborn curly hair behind her ear.\" Don't you hi me deary. You know I hate lateness.\" Paa said in his melodic country twang. \"Child you had me thinking you got hit by a bus.\" Aiko shook her head and placed her hand in his and squeezed it.Her hand stood out in contrast to his dark skin.He was her paternal grandfather, she was half black , half japanese.Her father William Scot Jackson met her mother Sakura in college.\"O Paa I missed you and I'm sorry I just had a little acc..- incident.\". \"What now?\". He said with so much concern she smiled \" I bumped into someone,nothing more\".she tried to sound casual but there was nothing casual about Liam.\"Anyway did you bring the camera ?\" \"You know I did, today try and capture the ducks and pick a momment you feel nature is speaking to you then click.\" They had been meeting in the park once a week since Yolanda her grandmother passed and he moved here for the past 5 years.She loved this oldman with all heart.She started taking photos .She felt that akward feeling of being watched. She knew it was him but she couldn't see him. She kept clicking pushing the feeling aside,she must be tired from all the back to back bookings.She rejoined Paa on the bench. \"What would you like for dinner?\"She asked as she looked at his face? \" He put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. \"Child what happened , you aint talk'n like you usually do.\" .\"Nothing\" she said listening to his heartbeat.\" Child now don't be nothin me\". Looking up at him she smiled \" You are right, well I met someone . I think I like him but I don't know,there's som..\".He cut her off with a laugh \"My baby all grown,if you like him date him and if it don't workout so what, move on. Now let's go get some steak.

They always had fun together, he understood both of his grand kids , she especially Jared was all emperical, she was free spirited.As they sat and enjoyed their meal they didn't know they were being watched.Across the street, she stood in the dim light of a streetlight.Her eyes gleaming red,she was gonna get what was coming to her she thought. The next few weeks will turn her perfect little world upside down and her poor family.Those pathetic mortals.The figure slowly stepped out of the light into the alley, there she stood in a red sleevless dress. \"Hi hottie\" called a guy from the street. \"Wonna have a party? My treat.\" He said holding up a bottle of vodka she smiled that smile that no man had resisted and nodded to his offer. They got to his apartment.Making out as they burst into the room. She threw him against the wall \" put some music on\" she said as she sat on the sofa he did so, plugging in his ipod.Kings of Leon \"Sex on fire\" filled the room, he joined her on the sofa and they began to kiss her crimson lips devouring his . She sat astride him kissing his neck and ear and smiling she spoke into it \"don't scream\" . A pair of sharp fangs revealed themselves and dug into his neck.His screams should have been heard but they were not.She closed her eyes savouring the warm taste of blood in her mouth. Aiko Jackson was next she could almost taste her blood.She was coming for her.

\"Dad I will go to college when I'm good and ready.\",she said rolling her eyes. Since she graduated from high school her father had done nothing but put undue pressure on her to continue with her education but all she wanted was to explore her life. She was only 18.\"Well it better be soon or I'm gonna throw you out.\" He said taking a seat in his very tastefully decorated study. He was a stockbroker, he believed in hardwork and proving yourself.\" I work dad\" she said. He scuffed \" you call that work? I knew we shouldn't have left you with Paa and your mother she encourages this.\" He shook his head \"where did I go wrong? You know when i wa.. \"Yeah dad i know you had prove yourself.\" She sat on the table \" I just need to figure me out dad and don't worry I do make a good living and dad don't worry you taught us well. We all work hard.\" He just put his hand in his palm \" where did I fail?\" .She always hated their agurements but before she could respond the doorbell rang. She dashed out of the study and was down the stairs ,it was the perfect excuse. She opened the door she was surprised,she couldn't even utter a word it was as though the wind had been knocked out of her lungs. \"You?\" She managed to say. \"Yes me\" he said with that charming smile of his. \"What are you doing here?\" \"I came to collect you\" smiling he leaned against the wall. \"Wait I never gave you my address,how'd you find me?\" He pulled out her purse from his pocket. She remembered she couldn't find it when she had dinner with Paa. \" What makes think I'll go anywhere with you?\" ,before he could answer her dad came down the stairs. He was a tall man broad shoulders and he had the bulk to go with it. \"Can I help you?\" He asked pushing her behind him. \"Dad\" this was so embarassing. Liam straightened up \" ah yes your daughter and I have a and I'm here for her sir\" he said with hesitation. Turning towards her \" now you bring men home , now I've had it.\" She was so annoyed the one guy she liked and this happens she run out and kissed Liam lightly on the lips.\"Dad don't wait up. \" She knew this was going to drive him up the wall. \"Sakura your daughter has gone mad\" he yelled and her mother entered with a bowl of peas in her hands. She was a petite woman with long black hair. \" Aiko whose your friend?\" She asked , smiling Aiko introduced Liam to her parents. \" Please come in and join us for dinner\" her mom said as she mixed the peas \"um mom we have plans.\" \"Yes I promised your daughter a night out\" he cut in . \"Well you 2 have fun.\" Her father was fumming , her mother held onto his arm to steady him as they watch them climb onto the bike and ride off.\" You know she did that to annoy you?. You lighten up I know you want the best for her but give her space.\". He knew she was right his little Rose, he loved her so.\". They stood infront of Lamia the cclub that was so exclusive only a select few gained access , she was impressed but wasn't about to let it show. The bouncer who just threw 2 people out of the line seemed nervous as they approached, Liam nodded at him he acknowlege him and just stared at Aiko, she swore he was trying to warn her. It was all in her head she was going to have with a cute guy. The club was active the whole place was lit with neon lights, he held her tightly and pull her to him as they squeezed passed the excited crowd . She couldn't help but feel all eues on them even in all this chaos. They head towards a booth. The occupants upon seeing them vacated their seats and the table was cleared almost immediatelty. That was strange its one thing to know the bouncer but to command this level of respect. They sat at the booth.\" I'm gonna get us a drink don't move beautiful\". The place was everything it was said to be. She nodded her head to the beat,to her surprise there was a blonde woman sitting right across her who just stared intently at her like a predator stalking its prey. She looked away trying to find Liam in the crowd. \" Hello Aiko\" came a womans voice and when she turned to see who it was , she sat next to her. \" I'm sorry to startle you\" she shouted over the music. \"Who are you and how do you know my name?\" Aiko asked the lean blonde woman with red lips. \" I'm sorry Kendra is my name and as to how I know you, let's just say a certain someone hasn't stop talking about you. Frankly I don't see what's so charming about you.\" Aiko couldn't believe he had some bringing her here then leaving her all by herself to be insulted by someone with issues. \" Don't take it personal I mean all of you humans.\" Taking her hand in hers she shook it and before Aiko Liam was back with drinks, she was relieved. She noticed a look they exchanged.She felt a sharp quick prick and she took her hand out of Kendra's . Kendra put the drop of blood in her mouth making sure that she watched slowly licking it of her nail in a suggestive manner.Aiko couldn't believe it. Who did that drink peoples blood. Kendra's attitude changed as though she had been repremanded but she still had that lost puppy look in her eyes, she should that is how she looked at her english teacher. Without thinking about it she turned to Liam and kissed him. He wasn't her 1st but somehow it felt like that as his lips parted and allowed her to evade his mouth. This was magical, he kissed her back taking her scent in before breaking it off.she turned and smiled at Kendra who looked like she had been slapped,she left .\"She likes you.\" She said turning to him,\"I know I haves eyes only for you.\" He said this a placed a kiss on her mouth and he whispered in her ear, she smiled and they went to the dance floor. There Aiko wrapped her arms around his neck and they swayed to the music. This felt so right.Kissing between movements.

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