Crystal Meth introspection

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I wrote this high as fuck on Crystal Meth.

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Okay! I'm on a gram of Crystal Meth and this is my mind right now! Everyone know how all the United States money is worthless? I mean it's not backed by our gold, ergo, worthless paper!  Well that's the same fucking problem with our generation. Luckily I don't have this problem because my adoptive mom hates my living guts. She neverr gave me self-esteem boosting! It's probably why I looked at myself so low and call myself a "worthless junkie", because to me I am just that! Others view me as someone with a lot of potential and someone who's  intelligent. Most kids in our generation were given self-esteem boosting by their parents. This generations self-esteem was inflated by kind words of encouragment and based on absolutely nothing!!! Your parents mental money had no backing to it and now, you guys have money notes you can't redeem for gold. Hardly anyone lived up to their own unattainable standards that were set up by their parents. This probably has something to do with why I love tripping out so much. When I trip, I'm another version of me and it of course, takes control. Example? I'm writing this fucking Meth-ed out because that's what this version of me wants to do. It's because of the Crystal Meth-ed out Ian. The time between this version of me (drugged out Ian ) making his appearances is decreasing the time of the (sober Ian ) control time. The problem is that when (sober Ian ) has control, it's too much for my trip version. Now I must watch my two versions fight for control over my body. Thing is, I don't like the sober version. Sadly, half the people I meet are either jealous of my drug version, or find him as a junkie scumbag. I have one half wishing they were having as much fun as I, and the other half being too ignorant to realize I am in fact, most difinitely having more fun than they. This is of course, pure Crystal Meth induced fantasy in my brain. I am certain that no one wished they were having the type of fun I love most! Fuck! Why does Crystal Meth make me feel so full of myself and powerful? Ehh it's probably why most people get addicted to it; first time feeling such raw power can be hard to let go of. 


- Ian Dee 

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