Heartbreak for a girl

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The lead-up to a breakup for a girl.

Submitted: December 06, 2009

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Submitted: December 06, 2009



Your happy with yourself, your feeling so free,
No-one else matters its all about me.
You work hard, play hard and buy what you desire,
Your life is so blissful, you are on fire.
Your phone is a magnet, there’s always an event,
Your wardrobe is full of all the money you’ve spent.
You’ve found an attraction, completely by surprise,
The skin tone, its features and the look in his eyes.
The attraction is mutual so you go on a date,
You suddenly realise your experiencing fate.
His smile, his laughter, his daily routine,
The words he whispers makes you feel like a queen.
You slumber, you shower, your never apart,
The exchanging ‘I love you’s’ grows deep in your heart.
You holiday together, memories are so sweet.
The photos, the getaways, the places you meet.
The two of you have grown into one,
There’s never a distance and your always having fun.
The families are social, the friends are intwined,
your happy and thank god for being so kind.
There are rumours of proposal but the thought fades away,
Your drinking, your fighting is getting in the way.
He suddenly tells you he wants to be free,
you think it’s a phase so you let it be.
Each night is a nighmare, you cannot sleep,
Your crying and mourning, you cannot eat.
There’s still hope in your heart, he’ll realise his mistake,
Until you hear about him sleeping with each and every date.
A few months have passed, your life is so bleak,
Its still such a shock, it feels like a week.
He hasn’t bothered to see if your okay,
Your blaming yourself for why things got this way.
He’s been on the biggest bender, involved in silly games,
Doing things you’d never imagined, he’s just not the same.
Your life has become this deep dark hole,
The guy that you loved has lost all his goals.
The time has come to pick up your feet,
Stop asking, stop weeping, and realise he’s a creep,
Don’t hate him or call him, put him in the past,
You’ve done this before, you know you can last.
Go out and enjoy, your back to being free,
Make yourself happy no-one else can let this be.
Buy your new clothes, explore your own ways,
Dig deep in yourself and give yourself praise.
Find your mark in this wonderful world,
You were put on this earth for a reason girl.

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