My Three Dead Baby Brothers

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The story of my could've-been-older-brother baby brother and two other baby brothers I could've been a older sister to

Submitted: August 12, 2013

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Submitted: August 12, 2013



How the first had happened,well,I wasn't even born. But my older brother had told me about this.  Before my mom had him,she was gonna have another baby. It was a boy. My mom was so happy and excited. But then one day, something bad happened. I don't remember what my brother had told me but I remember good enough.  The baby wasn't gonna make it.  My mom was sad for months and cried almost every night. My dad helped seize her pain and soon she got over it.  And then she had my brother,Nico.  And then she had me,and my brother Kadar. But that wasn't the last of her sorrows,sadly.  Before she had my brother,Junior,she was gonna have another baby.  And again it was a boy.  She prayed and hoped that this time the baby will survive and make it. I was about six or seven at the time.  But... I guess having to take care of me and my brother Nico was putting her under pressure and my dad working and sometimes them arguing obviously didn't help. All I remember was my mom crying in her room and me standing in the hallway,too young for understanding what was going on. But I ran into her room and hugged her and hugged her and hugged her as many times as she needed. \"I love you,mommy.\"  I whispered. \"I love you too,Amani.\"  Her voice sounded shaky and hurt that it started to make me cry also. Nico came into the room and hugged her,too. And then when my dad came home he hugged her also.  Then a few years later my mom had my brother Junior and she was happy for once.  Real happy.  And then after deciding to have ANOTHER baby... This is the third. I was nine when it happened. My mom,Kadar,Junior,Nico,me and my dad were waiting in the waiting room in the hospital when the doctor called my mom and dad in. My dad ordered my brother to watch the younger ones. My mom allowed me to go inside with them.  The doctor checked my mom's tummy and I could see on the screen that it showed the baby in black and white. It looked really weird. I sat next to my dad the whole time. I was sleepy and had fallen asleep. When I woken up I could hear the words slip out of the doctor's mouth clearer than the sharpest pair of ears. This baby wasn't gonna make it either.  And then we exited out of the room and gathered up my brothers. Me and Nico were walking side by side when I told him. His face was indescribable.  When we were driving home I was silent. When we arrived back home I went to my room and sat on my bed. And then finally realizing what had happened,I started crying. I cried and cried as if my baby brother had been my own.  And then my mom had my brother Nasir. And then my baby brother Naji.  He's a premie. And to be honest,he struggled a lot. One time my mom was crying because had lost all of his color.  Luckily it had returned. His life in the hospital was really rough,but he made it. And then that day when he came home,I knew that he was truly blessed. I was overjoyed to know he was alive...and well. And that is the true story of my three dead baby brothers.  R.I.P brothers.  I love you. 

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