Tango Moon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Damaria Quinol heads to Buenos Aires, Argentina to relax and to forget about the disastrous relationship that she had just gotten out of and to avoid any and all charming men. However, once there she meets a man who makes her heart beat fast and thinks about giving love another chance.

Submitted: April 29, 2015

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Submitted: April 29, 2015



One would think I would have enough sense by now not to fall for every charming man that comes my way. After the disastrous relationship that had I gotten myself into ended, I needed to get away from my ex-boyfriend, Nick who for some reason decided that he could not leave me alone. So, when my best friend, Desirea and her fiance, Armando Pardo invited me to go with Argentina with them, I decided....why not? It would get me away from all the nonsense I had just gone through.

We landed in Buenos Aires at 12:15pm and and got to our hotel at 12:27pm, Armando and Desirea had their own room, which was a very beautiful suite. My hotel room was your typically decent hotel room with a bed, TV, small sofa and other amenities. As I unpacked my luggage, I heard my smart phone chime, I rolled my eyes as I knew who it was. As soon as I picked it up and looked at it....sure enough it was Nick.

Damaria, please call me. I want to talk to you

I rolled my eyes and deleted the text. I was here to have fun, relax and forget about Nick for the duration of my vacation.

At 3:30pm, Desirea, Armando and myself arrived at Alto Palermo, which is part of the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. As we looked around at all the shops, Desirea spotted a beautiful diamond and sapphire necklace in the window of a jewelry store.

“That is beautiful” said Desirea as she got closer to the glass.

“Yes, it is” I said.

Soon Armando came up behind her and wrapped his arms around Desirea and kissed her neck.

“I can buy that for you, baby” he said

Desirea turned around and looked at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You know that I'm gonna tell you that you don't have to right?” she said.

Armando smiled at her and kissed her.

“Yes, I know” he said his stunning blue eyes staring into her hazel eyes.

Looking at Armando and Desirea brought a smile to my face. Armando stood 6'1 with a bald head, blue eyes, a finely trimmed mustache and light tanned complexion. Desirea was the same height as me, 5'6 with long black hair, a medium tan complexion and curvy body. Armando held Desirea closed and then passionately kissed her. I merely turned away and looked at the rest of the jewelry in the window.

Myself, I have shoulder-length blackish brown hair, light brown eyes, a light toffee colored complexion and like Desirea, my body was curvy, although I was slightly curvier. As I continued to look at the jewelry in the window, I felt a twinge of jealousy that Desirea had found the love of her life, while here I am single again. Oh well....if there's one thing I have learned is that love comes to us all in due time.

“Hey Dami” said Desirea

I looked up and saw that they had finally stopped kissing.

“Yes, Dee” I said

“Armando has convinced me to allow him to buy me that necklace” said Desirea

I smiled, “Lucky bitch” I said jokingly.

Desirea and Armando laughed at me.

Suddenly the sound of music caught my attention and I turned toward the direction that it was coming from. A crowd of people had gathered around as they watched a couple dancing.

“I'm gonna go see what's going on” I said.

“Alright, we'll meet you in the store” said Armando.

Armando and Desirea went into the jewelry store as I walked over to where the crowd was standing. The couple that everyone was watching were demonstrating the Tango. I had always been intrigued with the dance and at one time thought about taking a class. But like so many things I wanted to do, learning to Tango got put on the back burner. As I watched the couple danced, I started picturing myself dancing in ballroom wearing sultry blue tango dress, my hair pulled back and make-up flawless with a man who had dark hair, dark eyes, tanned complexion and dressed in a suit.

“The Tango is a very sensual dance” a male voice said.

I turned and saw a man standing next to me. He was average height, but he had dark hair, dark eyes and tanned complexion. I couldn't believe it, it was like my fantasy dance partner came to life.

“Hello” I said.

“Hello” he said as he smiled at me as he took my hand and kissed it.

I raised an eyebrow as he looked at me.

“I am assuming you are a tourist?” he asked as he continued to hold my hand

“Uh, yes and may I have my hand back?” I said.

The man chuckled as he released my hand.

“My apologies” he said.

“Apologies noted” I said with a smile.

He was dressed nicely in a thin gray sweater with a white button down shirt underneath, black slacks and brown loafers. He looked kind of nerdy but in a handsome sort of way. As I looked at him, I realized that my heart was racing. The way he smiled at me with certain sexiness nearly made me blush as I tried not to show my nervousness.

“I don't think I got your name” I said to him.

“Genaro Terrazas and yours?” he asked.

“Damaria Quinol” I said

“That is a very beautiful name, Damaria” he said smiling at me.

The way he pronounced my name with his accent made my heart race even faster. He said it slowly as if he wanted to remember it and so sexily as if he were trying to cast a spell over me. I forced myself to try and stay level-headed as one of my weaknesses has always been charming men. Such men always appealed to that side of me that liked the idea being swept off my feet and into a world passion and devotion. However, the reality always differed from the fantasy, twice I learned this the hard way...once with Angelo Sapone, an older man that I would have married if he hadn't already been married and second time was my now current ex-boyfriend, Nick Berne who used to his charm to try and sucker me into his money-making schemes, most of them highly illegal and/or unethical.

Soon the demonstration was over and the sound of applause broke me out of my trance and I remembered that Armando and Desirea were waiting for me in the jewelry store.

“Um, I have to be going. It was nice meeting you, Genaro” I said smiling as I held out my hand to shake his.

“A pleasure, perhaps we will see each other again” he said as he took my hand and kissed it once again.

Shivers went down my spine as I slowly pulled my hand away. For moment I stood there looking at him, his eyes looking into mine as if they were telling me not to leave. I finally forced myself to smile and walk away. Although I didn't look back, I knew he was watching me as I headed towards the jewelry store. A part of myself was nagging at me for walking away, but after what I had went through I reminded myself that I was here to relax and have fun, not get swept up in a romance that probably would go nowhere and once again I would be left with a broken heart.

As I made my way into the jewelry store, I saw that Desirea was trying on another necklace. This one was gold with diamonds embedded into it. I walked over and smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“What happened to the diamond and sapphire necklace?” I asked.

“She liked this one better” said Armando smiling at Desirea.

“Of course” I said.

Desirea scrunched her nose at Armando and he just smiled.

“Does Senorita approve of the necklace?” asked the salesman.

“Yes, I do” said Desirea.

“We'll take it” said Armando as he removed the necklace from around Desirea's neck and handed it back to the salesman to wrap up.

“So, who was the guy?” Desirea asked.

I looked at her strangely.

“What guy?” I asked.

“The guy that you were talking to out there” said Desirea with a smirk.

I pursed my lips, trying to hide my smile.

“Just some guy” I said.

“Are you sure about that?” she asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yes, I'm sure and you just love putting me on the spot, don't you?” I said looking at her with a small smile.

She scrunched her nose at me.

“Yes, I do” she said smiling and we both started to giggle.

It was hard to keep a straight face around Desirea, she always made me laugh. Desirea has always been straightforward with a great sense of humor. She always kept me on my toes and gave me a kick in the ass when I needed it. She and I had been best friends for a long time, we have been through a lot and have always been there for each other.

Soon Armando handed Desirea the bag containing her necklace and we soon left out of the jewelry store. We walked passed the tango couple who were giving another demonstration and Armando stopped and watched as the couple danced. Armando smiled as he looked at Desirea and wrapped his arm around her.

“How about we go dancing tonight?” he suggested.

“Sounds like a plan” said Desirea.

I looked around and saw that the man I had spoken to earlier was still there and he smiled at me. I turned my attention back to the tango couple, but felt that he was still looking at me. Finally, Armando, Desirea and I left the crowd to continue our outing, but as we walked away I turned and saw that he was still looking at me....Genaro.

I was surprised that I remembered his name and it made my heart beat fast. I was telling myself to keep my head on straight, to not lose myself in the fantasy of passion and devotion that I think I would find in Genaro. And yet, my heart was telling me not close the door so quickly.


Buenos Aires at night was electric as we arrived at a club that was owned by a friend of Armando's. Armando was dressed in a dark blue suit that was of his own design and black shoes, while Desirea was dressed in a white/gold dress that was strapless and went to her knees and her hair was styled in a simple chignon. As for myself, I was dressed in a emerald green dress with straps that criss-crossed in the back, with black heels and my hair was pulled back.

The club had a huge dance floor that was surrounded by many tables and chairs. The flashing lights of the club were in perfect syn with the house/dance music that was played. I took a seat at a table, while Desirea and Armando went out onto the dance floor. Soon waiter came over and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I opted for a glass of water as I wasn't quite comfortable ordering anything alcoholic at that moment. One of my favorite dance song, Rapture by IIO begin to play.

I watched as everyone on the dance floor danced to the music. Armando pulled Desirea close as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Once again that twinge of jealousy crept up and I sighed as I looked at them. The waiter returned with my glass of water and I paid him. As I sipped my water, I thought about all the bad luck I had with love. One of the drawbacks of me being hopeless romantic, but although I know that there's nothing wrong with that, it got me into more trouble than it was worth. As I watched Armando and Desirea dance, she suddenly grabbed Armando by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him close.

Armando smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and they begin to dance sexily. I raised an eyebrow and smirked at them. Something else about Desirea, she is very sexual and affectionate. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. I did envy her and Armando and hoped that I would find someone.

“We meet again” a male voice said behind me.

I turned and saw it was Genaro and he was dressed nicely in a black suit, a light blue shirt, black slacks and shoes. My heart started to race again as he smiled at me.

“May I sit down, Damaria?” he asked.

“Sure” I said and I watched as he sat down in the chair across from me.

“Are you here alone?” he asked.

“No, I came here with my best friend and her fiance” I said as I pointed to Armando and Desirea.

Genaro turned and saw them and smiled. And then turned his attention back to me.

“So, do you have anyone special?” he asked.

I had to swallow before I could answer, “No, I don't” I said.

“Shame, a beautiful woman like you. I would move heaven and earth to have a woman like you” he said.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You don't know anything about me” I said.

“True, but I hope that I get the chance to” he said with a smile.

Something about his smile just captivated me. A hint of mischievous charm that in turn made me smile and also made me blush as I shyly turned my head. He reached out and with his partially cupped hand, lifted my face to look at him. Those stunning dark eyes that had me hypnotized and I found myself losing myself in those eyes.

“No need to be shy” he said.

I smiled at him as my hand lightly enclosed his wrist.

Suddenly a sexy upbeat tango song begin to play. I liked the rhythm and found myself dancing a bit in my chair. Genaro noticed this and smiled.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

I had moments to answer him...

“Yes” I said.

He stood up and held out his hand for me to take as he continued to smile at me. I took his hand and stood up and he lead me out to the dance floor. I looked at him nervously as he held me close and my heart started to race once again.

“I don't know how to tango” I said to him.

“It's okay, just follow my lead and let the music guide you” he said.

I did just that as he and I danced. As we danced, the sensual touch of his hands sent shivers all over my body. I looked deep into his eyes for that moment, the world disappeared. There was no one else but me and him. The smell of his cologne, the way he looked at me with hungry and passionate eyes. I was losing myself in the moment, my logical half was completely shut out. I didn't want this moment to end, I wanted to stay in the moment forever, forever with Genaro.

He pulled me close as his hand glided down my body and he stepped back and turned me around and pulled me close to him again, my back to him. We danced sensually and I felt his lips on my shoulders and go up my neck. I softly moaned as we swayed back and forth and then he turned me around again, looking into my eyes.

“You are beautiful, Damaria. Like a sensual goddess, I would worship you” he whispered in my ear.

Those words made me melt as I turned and faced him again. I struggled with trying to stay level-headed and not fall.

“Don't say such words to me” I said in a breathy voice.

“Why?” he asked.

“Such words are like promises. Don't make them to me if you cannot keep them” I said.

Genaro looked at me as he pulled me closer to him and placed his hand on my cheek.

“That was no mere promise, Damaria. It is what I would do” he said looking deeper into my eyes as we were about to kiss when the sound of applause snapped me back to reality.

I looked up and saw that Desirea was looking at me and smirking. My attention went back to Genaro and I just looked at him and for a moment we didn't say anything as he continued to hold me in his arms. He went to kiss me, but I stopped him by placing my fingers on his lips.

“I can't, Genaro” I said and removed his arms from around my waist and as I proceeded to walk away, he lightly grabbed my wrist and I turned to look at him.

“Why? Why can't you?” he asked, his eyes searching mine for a reason.

“I just can't” I said and I slowly pulled my wrist out of his hand and walked away.

“Damaria – Mi Belleza, don't leave me” he said.

Those words, for some reason they struck at my heart and I stood there for a moment with my back still facing him. I wanted to turn back and wrap my arms around him, but I didn't. I finally walked away, but tears started to fall and I didn't know why. All I knew is that I could not stay there and so I grabbed my purse and walked out of the club. I hailed a taxi and made my way back to the hotel.

In my hotel room, I laid on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, many thoughts went through my head. One of those thoughts were asking me, “what are you afraid of?”

It was a good question and I answered myself....

I didn't want to fall, I didn't want to get swept up what would be another situation of endless passionate pleasure only to be revealed that it was all an illusion. As I thought about Genaro, I did find myself smiling and admitted to myself that I loved the way he smiled at me. And the way he touched my body as we danced, it made me feel alive. I allowed myself to admit that for the first time since I had ended things with Nick that something was stirring inside of me. It was frightening, but at the same time, it was exhilarating.

I think the question is....Could I allow myself to feel that passion that Genaro had started to awaken.


The next day, me and Desirea wanted to explore more of Buenos Aires and headed to the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires. I felt as if I were in my comfort zone as looked all the sculptures, paintings and other works of art. I love art and the feeling that it evokes. Desirea and I separated, agreeing to meet to at the entrance. As I looked at all the art works one in particular caught my attention. It was painting of a man and woman in an passionate embrace.

“Beautiful, isn't it?” a male voice asked.

I turned and saw it was an older man with a cane in his hand.

“Yes, it is” I said.

“When a man and woman look at each other like that. You can see that it is a passionate type of love. A love so strong that it threatens to burn both people and yet with that type of love, one cannot live without the other. You can see it in their eyes that they belong to each other, their very souls have bonded to each other” said the man.

“I see that. That type of passionate love is rare. Makes one wish that they could find such love” I said as I continued to stare at the photograph.

“Senorita, that kind of love finds you. You may not realize at first because it is so intense that it mirrors the feeling of lust. However, one must remember that lust is fleeting, it burns out very quickly. However, passion is enduring and like a slow burning fire will continue to burn as long as both people are willing to breath life into that passion” the older man said.

I watched as the older man walked away and then turned my attention back to the painting. The words that he said echoed in my head. As I continued to stare at the painting and I started to fantasize about myself, dressed in an alluring black dress that reached to my knees with a side slit, black stockings held up by a black lacy garter belt and black strappy pumps. My hair was slicked back and pulled into a bun. A subtle shade of red lipstick and my eyelids colored with smoky gray eyeshadow completed my look.

I was dancing alone, my body moving graceful to the music into dark room with windows that allowed the the moonlight be the only illumination. Suddenly I hear footsteps and turn look into the darkness. A shadowy form steps into the light and I see that it is Genaro. He is dressed in white long sleeve, button down shirt, black slacks and black shoes. I noticed that a few of the buttons on his shirt are unbuttoned as he sexily walks over to me and pulls me into his arms.

“I need you, Damaria – Mi Belleza” he said to me as we begin to dance.

We held each other close as we continued to dance. As he dipped me back, his lips touched my neck and then he brought me back up and we looked deep into each other's eyes.

“Genaro, I....” I said to him, my lips partially apart and my breathing ragged.

“Mi Belleza, what are you afraid of?” he asked me.

“Afraid of....I don't....”I said, the words I couldn't get them out.

As I tried to speak again, Genaro placed his finger on my lips.

“Don't think with your head, think with your heart” he said and we passionately kissed as he held me close.

“Dami!” said Desirea.

The sound of her voice snapped me out of my fantasy.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Armando just text me, he's outside waiting for us. He wants to take us somewhere” she said.

“Where to?” I asked.

“A shopping center called Patio Bullrich” said Desirea.

“Okay, let's go” I said.

Patio Bullrich is a shopping center in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires and probably one of the fanciest I've ever been in. Naturally, Armando wanted to spoil Desirea and so she allowed him. I watched as Armando bought Desirea anything she wanted. I sighed as I looked at them, all smiled and laughing. I saw that passion between them and secretly hoped that same passion would find me. As we continued shopping, I went into a store and saw a very beautiful navy blue halter asymmetrical dress. I fell in love with it and I had to buy it.

Granted it was a tad pricey, $350 pricey to be exact. But I wanted the dress and I thought I would splurge. After I left the store, I walked over to the escalator and head down to the lower level where Desirea and Armando were waiting for me. As I stepped onto the escalator heading downstairs, I saw that Genaro was on the other escalator heading up and my heart started to beat fast as I looked at him. He saw me and smiled and I smiled back as the escalator he was on went up. We looked at each other and then he spoke....

“Te necesito, mi amor. Tu eres una mitad del fuego” he said.

I stared at him as he stared back at me, logically I didn't understand what he said, but deep in my heart, I did. I wanted to rush after him and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. Alas, I didn't and soon as I stepped off the escalator, I walked over to where Desirea and Armando were standing and waiting for me. I had a sad look on my face as I walked over to them.

“Dami, are you okay?” Desirea asked

“Yeah, I'm fine. Just feeling a little tired is all” I said.

“Well, let's return to the hotel and rest up. A friend of mine who lives in Puerto Madero is having a party tonight and has invited us” said Armando as he and Desirea grabbed up their shopping bags and we headed out to our rental car. As we drove back to our hotel, I looked at the window, completely lost in thought. All I could do is think about Genaro...the look in his eyes, the way he smiled at me, the way he touched me that night we danced. The words he said to me.

I kept asking myself, why was I hesitating? Of course my logical self kept reminding me of why...

Charming Men are your Achilles' heel. Just look what happened with Angelo and Nick.

And yet at that moment, that mantra was starting to become more of a hindrance than helpful.\\


Armando's friend, Manuel Torres lived in one of the more fancier apartment buildings in Puerto Madero. In fact, Manuel's apartment was actually a two level penthouse. I was in awe of the place with it's custom leather couches and chairs, marble statues, glass tables and expensive paintings. The upper level housed the two living rooms, formal dining, large kitchen and two bedrooms.


The lower level was larger room with a gold and black marble bar, behind the bar were glass shelves that contained all kind of liquor. The sofas, loveseats and chairs were made of velor and ranged in colors from red, gold and blue. The flooring was black marble with Persian rugs that were strategically placed. Armando and Desirea were both dressed in green and black, while I was dressed in the navy blue dress that I had bought earlier. I mingled around, meeting people, saying hello and smiling. But I really wasn't having a good time, especially since the host, Manuel seemed to be intent on trying to seduce me and I wasn't interested.

The lower level of the penthouse led out to a huge swimming pool with patio table chairs and lounge chairs. I went out there to get away from the noise of people and music and sat down at one of the patio tables. I looked up at the night sky, the moon shining its beautiful soft light and the stars glittering like tiny diamonds. It was a beautiful sight and yet looking at the moon and stars made think about how lonely I feel without someone to share it with.

“Beautiful night” a male voice said.

I looked around and saw it was Manuel. I turned back around and tried not to roll my eyes. Ever since he had laid eyes on me, he had been trying to seduce me. I rested my chin on palm as I stared out the city lights. He sat in the chair next to me and smiled. He wasn't bad looking, in fact he was quite handsome with light brown eyes, a light olive complexion and dark brown hair that he streaked with blonde. He was dressed in silk maroon shirt, with black slack and leather shoes and he was clean-shaven. Handsome as he was, his arrogant personality turned me off.

“Yes, the night is beautiful” I said as I continued to look up at the moon and stars.

“A night such as this, it is nice to share it with someone” said Manuel as he moved closer to me.

“So, how long have you been friends with Armando?” I turned and asked as I moved a bit away from him.

“We've been friends for two years” he said as he raised an eyebrow.

“Any reason why you moved away from me?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked, playing dumb

“I get the feeling that I am making you uncomfortable” said Manuel.

“You're just out here holding a conversation with me” I said, playing off that indeed that he was making me uncomfortable and that I was not attracted to him.

“So, tell me about yourself, Damaria” he said as he moved closer.

“Well, there's nothing to tell, I'm a nurse in a medical clinic, I like to read and write, listen to music and you need to put some space between us. You don't know me well enough to be so close” I said noticing that Manuel had moved closer to me.

Manuel sighed as he scooted back from me.

“Thank you” I said.

“That's all you had to say” he said.

I turned my attention back to the night sky.

“Damaria, I have to tell you that I do not like being ignored” said Manuel in a pompous tone.

I turned my head to face him and raised an eyebrow as tapped my nails on the table.

“Why are you tapping your nails on the table?” he asked.

“Because I am annoyed” I said, giving him a blank look as I held off the impulse to tell him exactly what I thought about him.

“Well, the tapping of nails on glass is annoying for me. You should do something about that habit. Perhaps you should have some wine, it would ease your nervousness” Manuel said smiling.

“Are you that stupid that you are mistaking my annoyance with your tacky pretentious attitude for nervousness?” I asked in a not so nice tone.

Manuel raised an eyebrow as he sat back and just looked at me strangely. The look on his face told me that he was taken aback by my tone.

“Forgive me for me being harsh, but I will not permit anyone to talk to me in such a fashion, not even a beautiful woman such as you. This is my home, I have been known to throw people out for displaying such hostile attitudes towards me” said Manuel as a warning to me.

I got the warning loud and clear.

“Then I'll simply take my leave. Wouldn't want embarrass you with the fact that I am not attracted to you nor do I find you intriguing” I said as I grabbed my purse and stood up and walked back into the penthouse. I stomped up the stairs toward the upper level, once up there I quickly made my way to elevator and pushed the button and waited for the elevator doors to open.


I turned around and saw it was Desirea, she could tell by the look on my face that I was pissed.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Me and Mr. Torres just didn't get along is all. I'm returning to the hotel” I said as the elevator door finally opened and stepped onto the lift.

I turned and saw Desirea giving me a sad face.

“I'll be okay, Dee. I just didn't want to be hit on” I said.

“Alright,we'll see you later” said Desirea.

As I pushed the button to go down, I saw Manuel and Armando coming into the upper level of the penthouse. The elevator door quickly closed as Manuel rushed over. I sighed in relief as the elevator made it's way down to ground level. I leaned against the walls of the elevator and blew out a breath. I came here to get away from heart break and drama and yet, I run into a man to makes my heart beat fast and another who just reminded of me of why I am disenchanted with charming men. The elevator finally reached ground level of the apartment building and the doors opened and I made my way out of the apartment building.

As I stood in front of the building, I was looking for a taxi to hail.....

“Damaria?” a male voice said.

I turned and saw it was Genaro. He smiled at me as he approached me. God, he was handsome. His dark hair, dark eyes, tanned complexion perfectly matched the white long sleeve shirt, black denim pants and black shoes that he was wearing.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Leaving a party” I said.

He looked up and then looked at me.

“Here?” he asked.

“Yes, my best friend's fiance knows someone who lives in the building. Me and the gentleman didn't get along” I said.

“What happened?” he asked.

“To put it simply, his pompous attitude didn't impress me” I said.

“Ah, well, I hope you don't think I'm pompous” he said as he took my hand and looked into my eyes.

“So, where are you headed?” I asked.

“I was heading a dance club here in Puerto Madero. Would you like to be my date?” he asked me with a smile.

That smile made me melt.

“I would” I said with a smile and we walked off.

We arrived at a huge two story dance club with flashing lights and a huge dance floor. The club had a winding staircase that lead up to a upper level dance floor. The lower level had a huge platform that changed colors every fifteen seconds and stayed in sync with the house/dance music that was played. Genaro wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I turned to him and smiled and he smiled back.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

“Yes, I would actually” I said and he lead me out to the dance floor.

As soon as we got out onto the dance floor one of my favorite dance songs, “Raindrops” by Sash begin to play. Genaro looked me and smiled as we started to dance as the song picked up the beat. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me close and we started to gyrate against each other. I backed up from him and he twirled me around and then pulled me back into the arms. I lost myself in the music and his eyes as we looked each other. We gyrated again and he slightly dipped me and I felt his lips on my neck. I moaned as I ran my nails through his hair as his hands slid down my body.

We looked at each other as we continued to dance.

“What's on your mind?” he asked me.

“I'm afraid” I said.

“Of what?” he asked.

“Of falling, of losing myself and realizing that everything that I am feeling now is just a dream” I said.

Genaro held me close to him.

“Don't be afraid, Mi Belleza” he said and we kissed passionately in the middle of the dance floor.

It was now 12:59 am and Genaro offered to take me back to my hotel. As we got in his car, I got out my iPhone and text Desirea. She text back informing me that she and Armando were still at the party. With this information, I was wondering if I wanted to go back to my hotel.

“Is your friend at the hotel?” Genaro asked.

“No, she and her fiance are still at the party” I said as I kept staring at my phone.

“Damaria, do you want to go back?” he asked.

I looked up at him and sighed, “No, not really” I said.

Genaro smiled, “Then allow me to treat you to dinner” he said.

“Dinner at this hour?” I asked.

Genaro smiled, “here, we eat later, 10pm is when most people eat” he said.

I raised an eyebrow, “Quite different in America” I said.

Genaro smiled, “So, can I treat you to dinner?” he asked.

“Sure thing” I said.

Genaro started up the car and we drove off.

I sat quietly as I looked the different sights. Genaro turned on the radio to break the monotony of silence.

“How long will you be here?” Genaro asked.

“A week, this is my second day here” I said.

“Where in Buenos Aires do you live?” I asked.

“I don't live in Buenos Aires, I live in Cordoba which is seven hours from Buenos Aires” he said.

“I would like to see Cordoba” I said.

Genaro looked over at me and smiled.

“Maybe while you are here, I will show you” he said.

“I would like that” I said.

We soon arrived at a small restaurant. The place was rustic looking, but it had a European essence that I liked with it's wooden chairs, square wooden tables and three small fireplaces. We sat by the window that overlooked the river, it was beautiful sight as I looked out the window. I soon felt Genaro place his hand on mine and turned and looked him. He took my hand and kissed it again and I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“You have a beautiful smile, Damaria” he said.

“Thank you” I said as I blushed.

He reached out and caressed my face with the back of his hand.

“You have hypnotic eyes” I said

Genaro smiled, “Thank you, first time I've been told that my eyes are hypnotic” he said.

“Well, it's one of the first things I notice on someone” I said.

“Well, yours are beautiful also” he said.

“Thank you” I said.

Soon the waiter came over and we ordered our entrees.

After dinner, me and Genaro left the restaurant and walked around Puerto Madero. We stopped at a bridge to look up at the night sky. A cool breeze blew and I shivered a bit. Genaro placed his arms around me and kept me warm. I melted in his arms as rested my head rested on his shoulder.

“I don't want to leave” I said.

“Then don't, come back with me” he said.

I sighed as I continued to look up at the moon. I really did want to stay the rest of the night with him, but I knew it would probably be best to return to the hotel.

“I want to, but I think I should return to the hotel. But I am hoping that your offer of you showing me Cordoba still stands” I said as I turned and looked at him.

Genaro smiled, “Of course, Mi Belleza” he said.

“Tomorrow perhaps?” I asked.

“I don't see why not” he said as he pulled me close to him and we kissed again.

I did not want this night to end. I didn't want him to let me go. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay in his arms, to allow him to touch me, kiss me. I felt alive with him and it was killing me that I had to leave. As we returned to his car and made our way back to Buenos Aires, I was sad but I would see him tomorrow, even though part of me wanted to stay the rest of the night.

We arrived at the hotel and we got out and he walked me up to the door.

“May I have your number so I can contact you?” he asked.

“Sure” I said and we exchanged numbers.

We kissed one last time and then he walked to his car and drove off.

I stood there, my heart beating fast.

Here I go again, falling again. However, something told me that this time it would be worth the risk.


The next day seemed to go by so slow as I waited for Genaro to contact me. I was in Desirea and Armando's suite, trying to keep my mind occupied with helping Desirea plan her wedding. We sat at the table looking through bridal magazines, however, Desirea was picky and had a comment about practically every dress that we saw. Most of her comments were sassy and comical and as usual I started laughing. When we saw a wedding dress that had a huge glittery satin bow in back, covered in glitter and outrageous puffy short sleeves, I waited for her to say something.

“That would be cute if it didn't make the bride look like a white Christmas tree” she said.

I put my head down on the table and started laughing.

“What? It does. And this bow in the back is huge. Now what bride would want a huge bow on their ass as they are walking down the aisle?” she said.

I just laughed harder as I sat up and buried my face in my palm. I could see out the corner of my eye as Armando sat on the sofa shaking his head and smirking as he worked on his tablet. Armando loved Desirea's sassiness, it was one of the things that caught his attention when he first saw her at his club. Suddenly my phone chimed and I looked at it.

I'm on my way there, be ready, Mi Belleza,


“Who was that?” Desirea asked.

“Genaro” I said.

“Oh, is that the guy from last night that were you telling us about. The man who you danced the tango with our first night here?” Desirea asked with a smile.

“Yes, it is” I said.

“What does he want?” she asked.

“He's coming to get me. He's taking me to see his hometown of Cordoba” I said as I text Genaro back.

“How far is that from here?” Desirea asked.

“Seven hours. That's long drive though” said Armando.

Suddenly my phone chimed again and I jumped because it caught me off guard. I picked it up and read the text.

I am here. I have question to ask you?

Do you mind spending overnight in Cordoba. I actually arrived here by plane because it is a long drive back and we would be flying back. I have today and tomorrow off from work, I would like to spend them with you.

I smiled as I text him back.

Yes, I would love that

Desirea peeked over to read what I was texting.

“You are actually gonna stay overnight with him?” she asked.

“I don't see why not and I do have yours and Armando's number in case anything happens. And I will text you and let you know that I am okay” I said.

Desirea was also like a big sister to me. I was closer to her than I was to my own sister. Desirea smiled at me.

“Are you sure that you will be okay?” she asked.

“Yes, I'll be fine. I have a good feeling about this” I said.

“She'll be okay, baby” said Armando.

“I know, but I still look out for her” said Desirea.

“I know” said Armando smiling.

Desirea got up and walked over to the sofa and took Armando's tablet out of his hands and laid it on the coffee table and sat in his lap. I knew right away what was gonna happen.

“On that note, I'll leave you lovebirds alone” I said as I grabbed my phone and placed it back into my purse and got up to leave their suite.

“Have fun!” they said in unison

“Later” I said as I walked out the door.

As I made my way into my room, I was packing a few things when my phone chimed again. I looked at it and it was Genaro asking what room I was in. I answered him back and resumed packing a few things into a tote bag that I had brought along. As I finishing, there came a knock at the door and walked over to it.

“Who is it?” I asked through the door

“It is I, Mi Belleza” said Genaro

I smiled as I opened the door and saw him.

He was dressed in dark red long sleeve shirt, black pants and shoes. His smile was charming and warm as always as he reached out and took my hand and pulled me into his arms.

“Hello Mi Belleza” he said.

“Hello, handsome” I said.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as we briefly kissed.

“Are you ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes, just let me grab my things” I said as I invited him in.

I quickly grabbed my tote bag, jacket and purse and turned to him.

“I'm ready” I said.

Genaro smiled as we left out of my hotel room.

Suddenly Desirea and Armando poked their heads out of their suite and I smiled at them.

“Genaro, meet my best friend, Desirea Martin and her fiance, Armando Pardo” I said.

“A pleasure to meet you both” said Genaro

“Same here, we won't keep you. Just treat her good. She's a special lady” said Armando who smiled at me like a brother.

“I will” said Genaro as he pulled me close and we looked at each other.

“See you two tomorrow”I said.

“Have fun, Dami” said Desirea with a smile.

Genaro and I held hands as we walked to the elevator.

“Dami?” he said.

“My nickname, well one of them” I said as I pushed the elevator button.

“What are the others?” he asked.

“Mari and DaMari” I said.

“I like Mari” he said as the elevator door opened and we stepped onto the lift.

“Do you have any nicknames?” I asked.

“Geo or Gen” he said as he pushed the button for the elevator doors to close and pushed the button for the first floor.

“I like Geo” I said.

He pulled me into his arms once again and looked at me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing, you are just very beautiful is all” he said.

I smiled at him as I wrapped my arm around his neck and we kissed as the elevator moved. He pressed me up against the elevator wall as the kiss became more passionate. I let my purse and tote bag drop to the floor as we continued to kiss. He kissed down my neck as he pulled down the straps of my light blue dress and kissed my shoulder as I softly moaned. I ran my nails through his hair as he continued to kiss my neck and his hands touched all over my body.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispered.

“No” I said.

His hands went up my dress as he continued to kiss my neck. I felt his hands go into my panties where his fingers rubbed my clit. I moaned louder as I held him closer me and wrapped one leg around his waist. He looked up at me and once again kissed me passionately as he continued to rub my clit. My right hand slid down his chest and into his pants where I caressed his cock and he moaned while we still kissing. He removed one of his hands from my panties and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him as his other hand continued to rub my clit and I continued to caress his cock.

We soon felt the elevator stop and we quickly stopped what we were doing as the elevator doors opened. I gathered up my things and me and Genaro calmly stepped out of the elevator and walked out of the hotel. As we walked to rental car, I took his hand and he lightly squeezed it and pulling me close. Once we got to the car, he opened the passenger side door for me and helped me in and then closed the door. I smiled as I fastened my seat belt and he got into the car, putting on his seat belt. He looked over at me and took my hand and kissed it.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes” I said

And we drove off, heading to the airport.

We finally arrived in Cordoba and headed straight to his car and then left the airport. As we drove around, I looked around at the beautiful architecture.

“What do you think?” Genaro asked.

“Beautiful” I said.

Genaro smiled as we continued driving pass the buildings. We arrived in a neighborhood with small, but beautiful Spanish style houses. And soon pulled into the driveway of one of the houses. I had a good guess that this was Genaro's home.

“Here we are. Home sweet home” he said.

I smiled as we got out of the car and made our way into the house.

The house was one-story, but the inside of it is what impressed me. Ceramic tile flooring with beautiful rugs, a medium size brown sofa with cherry wood end tables on each side. A beautiful brick fireplace faced the sofa, while off to the right a small, but functional and beautiful kitchen. A small dining table with chair stood right by the back door. A huge square shaped clock hung on the wall as two movie framed movie posters hung on each side of it. Underneath the clock was a brown wall table with pictures of Genaro and other people, I assumed they were either friends and/or family.

Genaro came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and held me close. Once again he started to kiss my neck and I moaned and rested my head on his left shoulder as his resumed caressing my body.

“Oh Genaro, we need to stop before we overheat” I said.

He chuckled as he continued to kiss my neck and caress my body.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

“Yes, I am” I said in a breathy voice.

He removed his arms from around my waist, took me by the hand and turned me around to face him. God, I love looking into his eyes.

“So, what now?” I asked.

“You can put your things away and I'll show you rest of Cordoba” he said.

“Alright” I said.

He showed me to his bedroom where I placed my tote bag. His bedroom was quite simple, a full size bed with frame, but no headboard. A few paintings, dresser and a desk. The bathroom was a decent size with toilet, shower and sink. After freshening up, I grabbed my purse and exited out the bedroom and saw that Genaro was waiting for me at the door.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes” I said.

He held out his hand for me to take and I took his hand and we left out of the house and got back into his car and drove into the city.

The first place that Genaro took me was Las Tejas Park. It was a huge and beautiful park, we held hands and walked around as we talked about different things. We soon came upon a large crowd of people dancing as a group of musicians were playing music. Hearing the music, I started to dance a little, Genaro turned to me and smiled.

“Would you like to dance, Damaria?” he asked.

“Of course” I said and we walked over and joined the crowd in dancing.

Genaro and smiled at each other as we danced.

Genaro impressed me as he kept in sync with me. He swung me out and back into his arms with my back to him. I realized that everyone was watching us dance and for a moment it made me self-conscious. However, looking at Genaro, my self-consciousness disappeared and we continued dancing. I felt alive as Genaro and smiled at each other.

The music soon came to an end and everyone applauded. I smiled as I blushed and Genaro held me in his arm and looked at me. He pulled me into his arms and we passionately kissed. We soon broke the kiss and just stood there in each other arms and looked at each other's eyes. I was definitely losing myself in his eyes as I felt him caress my face with hand.

“We probably should move along, people are staring at us” I said softly.

“Yes, we should” he said and he took my hand and we walked on, leaving the crowd behind.

Genaro slightly tighten his grip on my hand and I did the same as I moved closer to him. We soon came upon a woman selling roses and Genaro walked over to her and bought one and came back over to me and handed to me. I smiled as I took it and we kissed again and we resumed our walk around the park. We soon headed back to his car, taking our leave of Las Tejas Park. As Genaro showed me more of Cordoba and told me about all the buildings, the thought of having to eventually leaving Argentina entered my mind and I started to feel a little sad.

I pushed the thought out of my mind as we arrived at a restaurant.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“It's called Capuchinos, I sometimes come here when I want to treat myself” he said as we got out the car.

“Is this place pricey?” I asked.

“Well, depends on what you order” he said smiling.

“Why do I get the feeling that you are trying to spoil me?” I said.

Genaro just smirked and I smiled at him as we entered the restaurant.

After a wonderful day of walking in the park and lunch, me and Genaro returned back his house. As soon as we got into the house I removed my shoes and went into the bedroom and put them away. Genaro came into the bedroom and pulled me into his arms.

“Yes, Genaro?” I said.

“Just want to hold you close to me and look into your eyes” he said..

I leaned in close and smiled at him as we stood there in silence, just looking into each other's eyes.

“Why are you afraid?” he asked.

“What?” I said.

“You told me that you are afraid of falling. What happened to you that are you are afraid?” Genaro asked.

I simply sighed

“I've had my heart broken twice. The men who broke my heart were like you in that they were charming. They knew all the right things to say to sweep me off my feet. I allowed myself to get caught up in what I thought was passion, only find out that it was just an illusion. I won't lie, I am afraid right now, but something in my heart is telling me to take a chance this time. To not close the door so quickly” I said.

Genaro pulled me closer to him as his hand caressed my face.

“I am afraid too, Mi Belleza. I have not ever pursued a woman the way I have with you. From the moment I saw you, my heart stopped. And the night we danced, I did not want to let you go. There is something between us, Mi Belleza and I cannot and will not allow fear to hinder it” said Genaro as he looked deep into my eyes.

My heart was beating fast as we slowly brought our lips together and kissed. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. It seemed like forever that we kissed and then we finally stopped at looked at each other. I tightly grasped onto his shirt as he held me so close. As we stood there looking at each other, we couldn't let each other go.

“What do you want Mi Belleza?”he asked.

“Don't let me fall” I said.

“I won't” he said and we kissed again.


Later that night, I was in the shower while Genaro was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Many thoughts were going through my head such as what would happen once I returned to the states. I realize that I was falling in love with Genaro and I didn't know if I could leave him. I finished my shower and stepped out as I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I took my hair down as I had it up during my shower and walked into the bedroom and finished drying myself off.

I was about to remove the towel when I turned around and saw that Genaro was standing there in the doorway looking at me. I stood there in silence as I kept the towel around me, a reaction that had more to do with modesty than fear. Genaro walked over to me and pulled me into his arms and I simply let the towel drop,no need to be modest with him. He pulled me closer and kissed my neck and I wrapped my arms around his neck. As he continued to kiss my neck and caress my body, I moaned and ran my nails through his hair. He brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply and I returned the kiss.

“I want you, Damaria” said Genaro as he resumed kissing my neck.

“Oh Genaro” I moaned.

We fell on the bed and continued to kiss, when I suddenly remembered that Genaro had been cooking.

“Gen, baby. The food is going to burn” I said.

Genaro looked at me and smiled and I smiled back.

“I got carried away” he said

“I think we both did, babe” I said with a smile.

He kissed me again and then got up and went back into the kitchen.

I stood up and walked over to my tote bag and took out a white floral print sleeveless dress and slipped it on. I didn't bother putting on any underwear as I got out my brush and fixed my hair. Looking presentable, I placed my brush back into my bag and walked out of the bedroom. As I walked into the living room, the savory smell of what Genaro was cooking led me into the kitchen. I stood there and I watched as he took two lamb chops out of the oven. He looked over at me and motioned for me to join him in the kitchen.

“Do you need help with anything?” I asked.

“No, dinner is almost done. Would you like to have some wine?” he asked.

“Yes, white wine” I said.

Genaro smiled at me as he got two wine glasses from the cabinet and set them on the counter. He walked over to the fridge and took out a bottle of white wine, uncorked it and pour it into the two wine glasses. He handed one to me and I smiled and thanked him as I took the glass. I sipped the wine as he corked the wine and put it back into the fridge. He took his glass and walked over to me and kissed my hand once again and he smiled at me.

“So, Mi Belleza, what would you like to do tomorrow?” he asked.

“I have no idea” I said.

“How about I take you to see Villa Carlos Paz and maybe some shopping at Patio Olmos?” he suggested.

“Alright. I leave myself in your capable hands” I said.

Genaro smiled as he pulled me into his arms while we held our glasses of wine. We looked into each other's eyes and just stood in silence.

“I think maybe we should eat now” I said.

“Yeah” he said and he finally walked over and sat his glass down on the counter and I let out a breath that I didn't know that I was holding. I walked over to the dining table with my glass of wine and sat down as I watched Genaro put the food on the plates and walk over to the table. He smiled as he sat my plate down in front of me and then sat his plate down. He walked back over to the counter and carefully picked up his glass of wine and came back to the table.

“This looks good” I said.

“I cooked the lamb medium well. I wasn't sure how you liked it” he said.

“Medium well is fine” I said as I unrolled the napkin and took out the fork and knife.

What Genaro had made smelled and looked delicious. Lamb with string beans, cream sauce with angel hair pasta. As we ate, Genaro and I talked about our childhoods, our likes and dislikes. He cracked a few jokes that made me laugh, even though he thought they were bad. Just everything about him made me smile and feel good. I felt relaxed in his presence and the way he smiled, it made me smile and it was also a turn on. After dinner was done, Genaro took our plates and rinsed them off in the sink and put them in the dish washer and then he turned at looked at me.

“Have you ever had Dulce de Leche?” he asked.

“Yeah, usually over cheesecake when I've eaten at restaurants in America” I said.

“Well, my version might be slightly different and I serve it over vanilla ice cream” he said as he walked over to the freezer and got out a tub of vanilla ice cream.

“Would you like for me to help?” I asked.

Genaro turned and smiled at me, “Sure” he said.

I got up from the table and walked over to the counter and stood next to him. He opened the cupboard and got out two bowls and set them down on the counter and then opened the drawer and took out two spoons along with an ice cream scoop. He handed me the ice cream scoop and smiled at me.

“Would you like to do the honors?” he asked as he handed me the ice cream scoop.

“Yes” I said smiling and I took the ice cream scoop and scooped three scoops of ice cream into both bowls.

Genaro then reached for jar of a thick light brown substance and unscrewed the top and placed it in the microwave for a few seconds. Once the microwave went off, Genaro took the jar out of the microwave and took one of the spoons and stirred it around and drizzled it on the ice cream.

“This homemade Dulce de Leche” he said.

“Smells good, very sweet” I said.

“Taste it, I guarantee it's better than anything you've had in a restaurant” said Genaro as he handed me the spoon which had some of the sauce still on it.

I took the spoon and slowly licked the sauce off. Genaro's eyes widened as he stood there watching me.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you always lick spoons like that?” he asked

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like how you just did” Genaro said.

“You mean like this” I said and again I slowly licked the sauce off the spoon.

Genaro quickly pulled me into his arms and held me close.

“I like the way you do that” he said.

I raised an eyebrow and smirked at him.

“The ice cream is going to melt, babe” I said

Genaro let me go and we grabbed our bowls and walked back over to the table and ate our ice cream. However, he kept staring at me as we ate and I kept telling him to eat his ice cream. We finished our ice cream and we got up and took our empty bowls over to the sink and placed them in it. Genaro watched in awe as I licked the last reminiscence of the ice cream and Dulce de Leche off the spoon and then placed it in the sink with the bowls.

“What?” I asked

“You still have some on your lips” said Genaro

Knowing it would drive him crazy, I slowly licked the remaining Dulce de Leche off my lips as I stared at him. Genaro pulled me into arms again and this time he passionately kissed me as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“You did that on purpose” he said.

“So, I did” I said with a mischievous smile on my face.

We resumed our passionate kiss as Genaro pressed me up against the counter and his hands went up my dress where he discovered that I wasn't wearing any underwear. His fingers entered my vagina and I moaned in pleasure as we continued kiss.

“I want you, Damaria” Genaro growled

“Take me” I said.

Genaro took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom, turning off the kitchen and living room lights along the way.

Inside the bedroom, we resumed our passionate kiss as we fell on the bed, with Genaro on top. I couldn't get his shirt off fast enough, I was tempted to rip it open as I unbuttoned it. I finally got to the last button and quickly slid it off of him and ran my nails down his chest as our kiss turned more passionate and I put Genaro on his back. He sat up and lifted my dress up and over my head and threw it aside and then kissed my neck and suck my nipples as I reached down and unfastened his belt and pants and put my hand down his pants and caressed his cock.

Genaro moaned and then finally removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear and got on top of me. I opened my legs and he slowly entered me and moaned in pleasure as I could feel how large he is. He started off slowly thrusting inside me and I kept pace with him. He soon begin to thrust into me faster and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as my vagina muscles tightened on his cock. His cock went deeper into me and I screamed in pleasure as he pounded into me harder and faster. Finally he and I reached our climax and he collapsed on me and we passionately kiss again.

“Mi Belleza, you are so sensual and beautiful” he said as he looked into my eyes.

I smiled at him as ran my nails through his hair.

“And you are very handsome and romantic” I said.

He smiled at me and we kissed again.

We slipped underneath the sheets and I laid my hea

© Copyright 2020 Diana Kaye. All rights reserved.

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