Smashed between Your Fingers

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"I really can't do this anymore, my patience is thin, my head is sore"

Submitted: March 30, 2010

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Submitted: March 30, 2010



This can't be how it ends, sit back and lose my only friend

Pushing myself away, and afraid to see it any other way

But what do you do when sorry isn't good enough

And no one really seems to give a fuck

I really can't do this anymore

My patience is thin, my head is sore

But I can't walk away like you were some kind of whore

This isn't love, this isn't hate

something inbetween, I can't explain

The way it feels to hurt this way

I wish I could be free from her

I wish I could just hold her

I want to let her know how this feels

To tear out my heart, and hand it to her

To watch the last beat in your hands

As my feelings are smashed between your fingers

All this stuff in my head it seems to linger

We've helped each other through some tough times

And now I don't have a reason, or a rhyme

I don't want to kill myself

But I wished I could die

Cos we promised each other our lives

We were supposed to push through the bad times

And live through the good

Everthing I ever been through you've never understood

Now I just try to keep my mind busy

But all I receive is misery

Nothing left, but a broken memory

A tragedy of who we used to be

I can't eat, and I can't sleep

And this feeling in my heart

It tears me open so very deep

I've never felt so much pain, or sorrow

Even worse when I know I'll feel the same tomorrow

I have to end all of this pain

Cos it's taking my life in vain, and driving me insane

All my love

All my heart

And all my soul has been slain

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