Can He Be Loved

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Love Poem

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



Can He Be Loved


Can he be loved?

Can he love me?

Can it be me and you?

Can a spiritual vibe be found in our hearts?

For this my love, we must begin a brand new start

In a sense of leaving every old memory behind

Can we fall in love just one more time?

Can love make you look past imperfections?

Can love set a person free?

Free from lies and hurtfulness

So tell me, what I can do so you may feel right

Believe me I want to love you every night

Can I love you, you know I can

Can we walk together hand and hand?

To have a bond so strong no one could ever break

Be honest to yourself our love is at stake

Make no promises you will not fulfill

I am not playing games I am keeping it real

I’ve been real to you and myself

Believe I do not want anyone else

I know how I feel

I feel hurt and betrayed

But for some reason or the other, I decided to stay

So I ask

Can you love me?

Can you be honest?

Can you accept my imperfections?

Can you love just me?

I am a beautiful person can’t you see

Try and see past this outside beauty

It’s what is inside that count

I know this love has taken me a different route

I thought it was headed in the right path

It is not adding up

So tell me the truth, what’s up

What are your desires?

What are your dreams?

What makes you run away from me?

The only crime I have committed, is loving you

So if that’s it, why am I being punished?

Why does it hurt so bad?

Can I cry honestly I feel sad?

Can you see me in your life?

Can you see me as your future wife?

If this is so

Stop being selfish

Stop playing games

My love for you is deeper it seems

I guess true love for me will be just a dream

If you’re moved at all

Let’s get close

Open that shield you have protecting your heart

It’s ok to love

It’s ok to hurt

It is not ok to play games with another person and their emotions

So stop it

Stop it all

Remember there can be a connection between two

The question is can it be me and you.






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