Far away from me

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He's so far away from me, and I just want to be with him....

Submitted: February 11, 2007

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Submitted: February 11, 2007



Your so far away from me,

I’m in a tree looking out for you.

Catch me if I fall,

If I come down, then I wont be so tall.


I want to be equal with you,

Play with me, and watch me grow.

Its time to learn what we can,

I think you happen to be that man.


Patient, loving, yet so serious,

Delirious is what I  feel when I’m around you.

Why don’t you give me a clue,

I want to be on that mountain with that view,

The wind blows the clouds away, so now I can see.


The trees, the breeze all makes sense, make me a fence,

To keep in all my love I have just for you.


Fresh roses all around, smelling so good,

I see a beautiful greenhouse that needs all that tender love.

I want to look pretty and admired at for all of above,

Pick me, smell me and water my love.


And just stand by and don’t ever let me wilt,

This is the love that I think we have built….

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